Overall “Mid-Season” Impressions + What I’ll be watching – Winter 2018

I’m late. Very late.

Normally I’d have done one of these posts a couple of weeks into the season, but I’ve been very swamped as of late, and haven’t had a lot of time to watch anything, let alone write about the entire season. Laziness may have also had something to do with it…

I am very sorry

But I’m finally here to share my thoughts on the season so far, even though it’s now midway through the season and the time for First Impressions has long passed. But hopefully my “Mid-Season” Impressions will be of interest to some of you.

As per usual, I’ll be splitting everything into tiers, which are described below (and these remain the same despite this being a “Mid-Season Impressions” post).

And I’m not watching anything weekly because I kind of hate doing that.

So without further delay, here are the tiers:

The Tiers:

  • Incredible – Will Most Definitely Watch: Shows listed under this tier will be shows that I’ll most definitely be watching as soon as possible. These are the shows that currently have me the most invested, that keep me glued to my monitor and that have me literally filled with excitement and suspense from beginning to end, every episode. Shows in here all have the potential to become a member of my favourites (although anything can change over time).
  • Looks Interesting – Will Watch: Shows in this tier will be shows that I’ll be watching at some point because they seem like they could go in interesting directions and I’m looking forward to seeing where they will end up. These are shows that, while they had some issues or didn’t have me fully invested, are still engaging enough to warrant further watching.
  • Decent – Will Carry On With It: Shows that had a lot of issues or didn’t really grab me will be under this tier. I’ll be watching these and enjoying them, but there’s a high chance I’ll be stopping and starting these frequently and taking my time with them.
  • Meh – Will Watch Begrudgingly: Shows that are just pretty darn terrible but I feel I should watch for whatever insane or ridiculous reason will be listed here. Watching these shows will no doubt be painful, but I need to persevere for whatever excuse that I’ll no doubt forget upon reaching the halfway point. Of course, things can improve over time. Maybe these will?
  • Not Feeling It – Will Stall For Now: I never drop shows permanently, because my goal is to watch every Anime ever. I’ll never manage to do that in my lifetime, but I’d love to get as close to doing so as possible. However, these shows made me feel nothing, were completely yawn inducing or just had nothing going for me so I’ve put them to the side for god knows how long. I may pick them up again, but it’ll be unlikely to be any time soon.
  • I have Little To Say – The Rest: This is mostly reserved for stuff I generally have no comment on, shows I didn’t check out or second seasons to shows I haven’t seen/have yet to finish.

So let’s break these shows down!

Incredible – Will Most Definitely Watch:


Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 – The original season of Seven Deadly Sins was one of my favourite shows of 2014, with some incredibly fascinating world building, an awesome cast of characters with very emotionally engaging backstories and insanely well animated, high stakes, out of this world battles that packed a ton of heavy punches. This second season, so far, has been everything I could have ever wanted from a follow-up, and so much more, and has taken the stakes to even higher heights than before, and seems to be finally answering some of the more pressing questions that were hardly addressed back in Season 1. I’m not sure how much longer this will run for, or how far into the currently ongoing Manga it will get, but for now, it’s one of the best shows of the season, and I can’t wait to see how this one unfolds. Do yourself a favour and pirate it if you must, this is not a show you should miss out on because of Netflix.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc – I was initially very worried about this classic series getting a follow-up after all these years, but Clear Card Arc has broken all my expectations and is more than a worthy sequel to the original series that deserves all of the praise it’s being showered with. Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc has done an excellent job of reminding me why the original series was as amazing and as influential as it was all those years ago, and this is honestly just… Brilliant. I still want that Tsubasa re-adaptation though. How about it, Madhouse?

Koi wa Ameagari no You ni – Yup. This made it to the top tier, as you all probably expected. Thankfully, much like Scum’s Wish, this show has been handling its “taboo” subject matter in a very mature and sensitive way, doing everything it can to avoid falling into trashy territory, while also being beautiful on the visual side of things. There’s a chance this could end up disappointing, given how these kinds of stories tend to go towards the end, but I have very high hopes that this will remain a compelling watch all the way until the end. Absolutely fantastic.

Looks Interesting – Will Watch:


Citrus – This show has, unsurprisingly, been the subject of a lot of negative backlash, and while I can definitely see why, I feel that a lot of people are kicking up a fuss over literally nothing. Given the premise, what the heck were people expecting? That, and as the series has progressed, it has actually started to develop into a more emotionally engaging and dramatic story, with less of an emphasis on non-consensual sexual advances, and more of a focus on a genuine, blossoming romance between the two main characters. This is a little thing known as development, and Citrus has grown into a very interesting and compelling story, that has become a perfect example of how things can get better over time. Here’s hoping it stays that way.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Season 2 – It’s more Saiki K, and I don’t have much else to say other than it continues to be absolutely hilarious and a very enjoyable watch. I’m glad we’re getting more.

A Place Further Than the Universe – While I’ve not been feeling this one as much as everyone else, it’s still a very good series that, unlike most of its peers, has actually been doing something with it’s “cute girls doing cute x” premise. Tons of positive feelings, a cliche, but nevertheless charming, cast of characters and stunning visuals have made this a very worthwhile watch, even for someone like me who struggles to get into these shows. Definitely worth checking out so far.

Kokkoku – So far, this is a very unique and interesting series that has managed to remain a very engaging watch. Plenty of drama, a strong cast and a compelling mystery have made this one of my favourites of the season so far.

Decent – Will Carry On With It:

Death March to the Parallel Rhapsody – Nowhere near as bad as everyone is making it out to be. It’s fairly unoriginal, and has some questionable moments, but is otherwise an enjoyable and fairly average isekai series with some decent humour and the potential to be something worthwhile in the end. I’m having a decent time with it.

Darling in the FranXX – Considering we don’t get an awful lot of Mecha Anime these days, I expected a little more from Darling in the FranXX. It’s not bad but it’s nothing spectacular so far, and it’s a bit of a shame, because I was hoping for so much more than what we currently have. However, the visuals are incredible, and bring out the best A-1 Pictures and Trigger have to offer in the aesthetics department. There’s plenty of room for improvement, but there’s still time for this to become something really special in the end. Regardless, I hope we can see more studios collaborate similarly in the future.

Grancrest Senki – There’s nothing all that special about this one, and it’s just your typical fantasy series. That being said, it’s not done anything terrible, so I can’t dislike it. And it’s nice to see a fantasy series.

Killing Bites – As expected from LIDENFILMS, this one is a fun little violent romp with some cool fights and plenty of gore. There’s nothing outstanding here, but I like it.

How to Keep a Mummy – This one is super cute, and far cuter than I expected given it’s about a mummy. It’s weird, but it works.

Gakuen Babysitters – Nothing spectacular, but it’s cute and charming enough for me to continue enjoying myself despite that. I like it more than I thought I would. Give it a shot.

Meh – Will Watch Begrudgingly:

Violet Evergarden – I know my opinion on this show is fairly controversial, given that this is by far the most popular and highly regarded show of the season, but I’m just not feeling it. At all. I even rewatched the first episode with my fiance to see if I missed something, and even she didn’t care for it all that much. I can definitely see the appeal of this series, given that the visuals are absolutely phenomenal, and that the story is one of those feelsy, tragic, KyoAni things, but I just don’t “get” it. It’s not for me, and it fails to grab my interest. I’ll be finishing it though. You can find my more detailed First Impressions for Violet Evergarden here.

Beatless – I expected more from Diomedea, given that they’ve done some interesting things in the past, but alas this is not one of those things. Still, it could improve. Maybe.

Yuru Camp△ – Outside of the cute little triangle that represents a tent in the title, this show has nothing else going for it, really. Just cute girls going cute camping. I really don’t care. Sorry…

Pop Team Epic – I guess I don’t find “absurdist comedy” all that funny. Watching for the memes I guess.

Toji no Miko – Cute girls being cute exorcists. Don’t care.

Not Feeling It – Will Stall For Now:

Fate/Extra Last Encore – Remember when I said this could maybe be the Fate series that I end up enjoying? Nope.

The Seven Heavenly Virtues – As I predicted, this is on the complete opposite end of the scale when compared to The Seven Deadly Sins. This doesn’t appeal to me at all.

I Have Little To Say – The Rest:

Dagashi Kashi Season 2 – I did not watch Dagashi Kashi Season 1. Therefore, I did not watch Dagashi Kashi Season 2.

Skilled Teaser Takagi-san – I forgot to watch this. Whoops. I’ll probably like it.

Ito Junji: Collection – See above.

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens – This is not about ramen.

Gintama: Silver Soul Arc – still haven’t watched the last 50 seasons of Gintama, so I haven’t watched this.

Gin no Guardian Season 2 – Did not watch Season 1.

Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles – Me too.

The Ryou’s Work is Never Done! – Neither is mine (I didn’t watch this).

Basilisk: The Ninja Scrolls – Apparently Basilisk fans do not like this show. I have no idea if I do because I haven’t seen it yet.

Zoku Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru – I didn’t watch this either, and I have no joke to make. Sorry.

Yowamushi Pedal: Glory Line – I have never seen a single episode of this 100000 season franchise, so I did not watch this. I’ve heard it’s good though.

Fairy Tale Girls – Unfortunately, this is not those Fairy Tail girls, and is instead the much less interesting and appealing Fairy Tale girls.

Takunomi. – I didn’t watch this.

Hakumei to Mikochi – Cute girls being cute tiny people.

Slow Start – I was slow to start this one, and as a result, I haven’t watched it yet. …I’ll see myself out.

Mitsuboshi Colours – Cute girls being cute colours?

250-sai no Joshikousei – It’s a fucking hentai.

Sanrio Danshi – Cute boys loving cute characters.

IDOLiSH7 – Nah ur still alrite m8.

Hakkyu Houshin Engi – I forgot to watch this.

Dame x Prince Anime Caravan – ANIME CARAVAN.

Hug tto! Precure – People keep telling me I should care about Precure. I don’t. It’s too long. There’s too much of it to watch and it doesn’t seem like it’ll appeal to me. Ever.

Kaijuu Girls Ultra Kaijuu Gijinka Keikaku Season 2 – That title is a mouthful. Also did not watch.

Hataraku Onii-san! – Is it even surprising that I didn’t watch this?

gdMen – not very gd.

Mameneko – I’m not sure if this still has no synopsis and a blurry thumbnail, but it probably does.

Inazma Delivery: Dougyousha Attack-hen – I still haven’t heard of the original series this is supposedly a sequel to. Didn’t watch.

Annnnnd that’s a wrap! Whew.

If I missed anything, feel free to flag it up, but I’m pretty positive that’s everything…

As always, I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts, even if they were a little later than usual this time (sorry about that!)

Overall, this season is pretty great so far. It’s still nowhere near as close to the best season for me, but it’s a huge improvement over last season, and there’s plenty of fantastic shows for me to sink my teeth into, with plenty of other, average shows that have a lot of potential to become outstanding as they develop over time. I’m excited for what’s to come!

What are your impressions of the season so far and what shows are you currently watching? Let me know down below!

18 thoughts on “Overall “Mid-Season” Impressions + What I’ll be watching – Winter 2018

  1. Well..I kind of understand what you meant with your thoughts on Violet Evergarden. I do still enjoy it..but I am getting to the point where I am beginning to wonder if the storyline is going somewhere. Last week we had a cliffhanger where I thought we might finally get a change..but then this week that was completely ignored and we just move on with another story. I’m sure they are going to go back to it…but I don’t know. Still the visuals are beautiful and I do like the character of Violet.
    My show of this season is Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens. I just love that one (can’t help it 😊)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry for the late reply but… How is Evergarden going now? Did it end up going places since then? 😀

      But yes, the visuals are great! I can’t disagree there!

      Very interesting pick for your best show of the season! I’ll need to check it out!

      Thanks for reading!


  2. I think my real issue with Death March is it was more interesting to read, and I stopped reading at the third volume because it didn’t really have much in the way of a plot. When it comes to an anime, aimless is something that drives me crazy and even some of the moments I enjoyed reading aren’t particularly interesting. I have wondered if I’d like it more or less without reading the books but to be honest, I think I would have stopped watching it because some episodes almost nothing is happening.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the season. Like Raistlin, my favourite anime this season is Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens (outside of March Comes in Like a Lion).

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Haha oh loved reading your impressions. They are always so amusing to me i liked how you went through every show oh my god. Lol cardcaptor Sakura I was afraid with but it’s just blown me away for sure haha. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Well, I guess that’s one way of being thorough…

    The 6 series I’m watching this season are Gakuen Babysitters, Idolish7, Zoku Touken Ranbu Hanamaru, Ancient Magus’ Bride, YuruCamp and gd men (gd men’s the show I get most excited about, which really says something about my questionable tastes). I almost had Dame x Pri, but HiDive is annoying about what shows they have on offer for free.

    By the way, the “gd” is read “guda”, which when repeated means “languid(ly)”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m always thorough with these because… I’m insane apparently…

      Some interesting choices you have there!

      And oh, really? I had no idea… That’s interesting! 😀

      Thank you for reading and keep enjoying the season!


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