About me:

I’m an otaku, gamer and underground music fan who consumes way too much media and loves to write about his thoughts on it analyse it to annoyingly stupid lengths. I’m also really sleepy all the time and I reflect this often in my writing, which may be a good or bad thing.

I identify as an Endogenic Plural System, meaning I am two people who share the same body. My name is “Leth” and I am the original host of the body. My alter, who sometimes fronts, is a girl named Yuki. Yuki has her own personality, preferences and is generally her own person with her own autonomy. She won’t too active on here, but she does like to include her own thoughts in my posts from time to time. These will be marked with “Yuki’s Note”.

If you’re interested in what this all means, I wrote a coming out post on being a System here!

My backstory:

Before starting up Lethargic Ramblings, I used to be a very active and fairly well known Anime Reviewer on the websites MyAnimeList and Anime-Planet. But as time went by, I began to become dissatisfied with the restrictive nature of reviews. I wanted to do more than just give things a score and follow a rigid guideline put in place by a scoring system I was never keen on. I wanted to expand my horizons and create more diverse content than simple reviews. I wanted to do actual analysis and talk about broader topics with an audience who were willing to listen and who I could encourage to do the same.

I was also a fairly controversial figure in my early reviewing days and had developed a persona that no longer reflects who I am today. I was a pretty forward and nasty person with a distasteful and elitist attitude. It was a stigma I was never really able to shake off and who I was no longer reflected the values I hold now and the person that I am today. Although I still seem to some how cause controversy with some of my more contrarian opinions…

And thus, after a long period away from writing content online I started up Lethargic Ramblings because I was bored one weekend. I made it so I could have my own little corner on the internet where I would be able to express myself in ways I never could before. It’s a place where I can make the content I want to make with no restrictions, and it’s turned out far better than I could ever have hoped.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I do writing them. Thank you for supporting me.

Current Series:

I run several different series which I update as much as possible.

  • Lethargic Rambles – My most in depth content, focusing on a broad variety of subjects relating to Anime and its community. From in depth analysis of particular shows, to opinion based pieces about the medium, to rants about all things Anime, this series aims to cover as many different things as possible and mostly tries to be an analytical series. I also sometimes talk about video games and other things that have nothing to do with Anime as well.
  • The Listless List – A list article series where I post top lists relating to different Anime, Manga and video game related things. The content of these lists will be just about anything I can think of that relates to these topics. In some cases there will also be Special Editions where I will feature a guest writer or some other weird quirk.
  • First Impressions – A series that focuses on my first impressions of a series after watching its initial episode. This will mostly cover new Anime that airs at the start of the current season, but may sometimes cover my impressions of older titles as well. I’ll also sometimes do the odd video game as well.
  • Superior Source – A series where I look at Anime adaptations that just didn’t hold up when compared to their original Manga. I analyse what went wrong and what could have been done to improve these adaptations as well as why the original was better.
  • Let’s Talk About – A series where I discuss recent events or behaviours in the Anime community, normally relating to a specific series.
  • 30 Day Anime Challenge – A series of Challenges across 30 days where I answer various Anime related questions. I only write these when I feel like it. I promise I’ll finish this one day.

Planned Series:

  • Scenes I Didn’t Sleep Through – A series focusing on specific scenes from different Anime series that I found exciting or emotively engaging and looking at what they did well to provide such a reaction.
  • My Anime Journey – This series will focus on my journey as an Anime fan and the various stages throughout my life that facilitated my growth into the rabid consumer of the medium I am today.
  • Monthly Manga – A monthly series where I summarise my experience with a Manga that I intend to read each month.

Former/Cancelled Series:

  • Readers Recommendation – A series where I would ask my readers to vote which show I should watch next based on a few I’ve picked out. Afterwards, I’d write a post summarsing my thoughts on it and the experience I had while watching it. I stopped this because I lost interest.
  • Weekly Watch – This was a series where I would discuss currently airing shows as they came out and would do episode reviews for each of them. I lost interest fairly quickly as I wasn’t able to keep up with the weekly schedule and just kind of kept repeating myself every week. Plus, I hate watching shows weekly anyway.

About my content:

All of my content is based primarily on my own subjective opinions and personal preferences. I do not try approach things objectively because I simply don’t believe that it’s possible to do so. As such, much of what I say will be reflective of my own feelings and beliefs.

I also tend to focus on my own personal experiences when it comes to my writing and I am not aiming to share of chase facts, because doing so doesn’t really interest me. I write mostly for myself and the entertainment of others and in a very casual and rambly fashion. There are plenty of other bloggers and creators out there who are way more knowledgeable than myself who dedicate their creative endeavours to getting to the heart of Anime and it’s production. I am not one of those.

But regardless, I hope you all enjoy my content. All feedback and criticism is greatly appreciated and discussion in the comments is heavily encouraged. I like to discuss my opinions and thoughts with others. Don’t be mean though. Negativity is tiresome.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why is the blog called “Lethargic Ramblings?

A: I suffer from a serious case of lethargy, meaning I am always sleepy. You could say I have a very acute, undiagnosed, self-proclaimed case of chronic fatigue syndrome. I’ve been known to fall asleep in the most ridiculous situations such as during dinner, while actively playing video games and during instances of casual conversation. I also love to ramble about things a lot. Put these together, and you have “Lethargic Ramblings”!

Q: How long have you been watching Anime?

A: I first began watching Anime when I was a kid in the 90’s through shows like Dragon Ball Z and Yu-Gi-Oh! which aired on TV back then. However, back then, I didn’t know that Anime was Anime. So really, I’ve been actively watching and collecting Anime since 2005 and have been addicted ever since.

Q: What’s your all-time favourite Anime?

A: My favourite Anime is a tie between Magical Girl Site, World Trigger and Hunter x Hunter (2011).

Q: What is your favourite genre of Anime?

A: I don’t particularly have a favourite genre, but I tend to favour battle Shounen shows with high stakes and giant arcs with tons of conflict and character drama. I love my shows to be character driven, with tons of raw emotion and plot twists. But generally, I’m willing to give everything a shot.

Q: Do you collect Anime?

A: I did for the longest time. In my teenage years I used to go mad with money and spend a fortune on DVD’s, Manga, figures and everything else Anime and Manga related. I have about 4 shelves worth of DVD’s and a collection of around 30 figures. My spare room back home is essentially a shrine to my inner Anime fan. Unfortunately, due to living on the road, I no longer add to this collection, since I have no space to put it anywhere. I’m living out a backpack after all!

Q: Do you read Manga?

A: I used to read Manga very sparingly, but nowadays I’m really into it, although if there’s an Anime adaptation, I’ll tend to watch that instead. Most of the Manga that I read is stuff that hasn’t been adapted into Anime and probably never will. I also have a very small Manga collection, which is made up of my favourite Manga series.

Q: What are your favourite hobbies besides watching Anime?

A: I love spending time with my wife, travelling, writing, listening to music (loudly), playing video games and sleeping. I also really enjoy eating out at restaurants and going shopping with Mrs Leth. Especially in the Winter when it’s really cold.

Q: You mentioned above that you used to have a MyAnimeList account, can I take a look?

A: No. I’ve left the account intact solely as a trove of memories and to remind myself of my evolution as a writer. I’m not comfortable sharing my old persona with people. However, I do have a new MyAnimeList account which I’ve began using under my new persona. It’s not completely updated and it’s missing about 200 shows or so, but feel free to take a look if you’re curious about my scores for a specific show: https://myanimelist.net/animelist/AlwaysLethargic

Q: How can I contact you?

A: I have a Twitter: @SystemLethargic. Don’t follow me, I post some really dumb things on there. I also have a Discord account, but it’s inactive at the moment for personal reasons.

Q: Where are you from?

A: I’m from Scotland, specifically the countryside outside the city of Glasgow. I have a really annoying accent and I can’t speak properly.

Q: What’s your real name?

A: I’m not comfortable giving out my real name, except to close friends, so call me “Leth”. My alter however is named Yuki and it’s her real name.

Q: Have you ever considered starting a YouTube channel?

A: I have one. You can find it here, although I upload fairly irregularly.

Q: Can I recommend X show to you?

A: Fire away. I’m always up for recommendations!

Q: You mentioned above that you’re married. How long have you and your wife been together?

A: We’ve been together since 18/07/09 and met when we were teenagers. We got married on 23/06/18. She’s amazing and I love her to bits ❤

Q: What are some of your favourite Western TV shows?

A: I’ve seen a lot of Western TV, for better or for worse, so I have quite a lot of favourites. My absolute all-time favourites are Angel, Boy Meets World, Roswell, Breaking Bad, Power, Dexter and This is Us.

Q: What kind of music do you listen to?

A: I try to keep an open mind to anything, but I generally lean towards rock, metal, horrorcore hip hop and crunkcore music. Some of my favourite groups include: Coheed and Cambria, Insane Clown Posse, BrokeNCYDE, Blood on the Dance Floor, Starset, My Darkest Days, Five Starcle Men, Cement Tea, Ouija Macc, Boondox, Dark Lotus and Sinners Are Winners.

Got any more questions that weren’t listed here? Feel free to ask and I’ll answer the best I can.

Where to find me:

Twitter: @SystemLethargic

YouTube: Leth

MyAnimeList: AlwaysLethargic

Patreon: AlwaysLethargic

Ko-Fi: AlwaysLethargic