Pre-Airing Impressions: Autumn 2019 Anime Season

Yes, I’m well aware that the season has already started and many of the shows I’ll be talking about here have already had their first episodes released. What can I say? I’m lazy and I’m late. But for those who are interested, here are my (incredibly late) “Pre-Airing” thoughts of the Autumn Anime season.

Note: As usual, I’m not covering movies or specials in this post. Aside from one or two notable exceptions that are sequels to existing shows. This list is going to be long enough without them.

My Hero Academia 4th Season – Wow, My Hero Academia is back already? It feels like the third season just wrapped up, even though it was actually a year ago. Time really does fly by.

And do I really need to say anything else? It’s My Hero Academia! It’ll be amazing, just like it always has been, and given how strong the arcs that this season will likely be adapting were in the Manga, I have very high hopes for this new season.

And let’s hope we get a fifth season announced after this one. I’m sure we will.

Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld – I haven’t been this hyped for a new season of a series in years. The first half of the Alicization arc was absolutely incredible in the Anime, and was by far the best arc in the entire series for me thus far.

And War of Underworld is going to be absolutely incredible. I’ve read the original Light Novels, and trust me when I say this, if you thought Alicization was intense, ya’ll ain’t seen nothing yet. Not only does this arc do a lot of bold and interesting things for Sword Art Online, it also explores Kirito’s character in a way the series has never truly done before. And Asuna finally jumps back into the fray as well. It’s a very dark and emotional arc for the series, and I’m really excited to see how A-1 Pictures adapts it.

Hopefully it being split cour allows the series to shine like never before on the production side of things as well.

And yes. It’s Anime of the Summer. Even though it’s Autumn. Summer is forever. #SAOanimeofthesummer

The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods – Y’know, a lot of people shit on The Seven Deadly Sins, whether it be for the excessive fan-service or the narrative decisions made in the second season, but I personally really love this series and genuinely feel that the bashing is a little unwarranted.

It’s not the best written Shounen series out there, but the cast of characters and insanely epic battles more than make up for its shortcomings. It’s a fantasy cheesefest of magic and superpowers in the spirit of the original Dragon Ball. I can’t hate this. And I’m excited to see how the story concludes.

My only concern is that DEEN are handling this final season instead of A-1 Pictures. DEEN. Please don’t fuck this up.

Food Wars! The Fourth Plate – I still haven’t seen any of Food Wars! beyond the first episode of Season 1, so I won’t be watching this any time soon. Still, I’m glad to see this is continuing to get new seasons. It seems like a very fun and enjoyable Shounen cooking series.

Psycho-Pass 3 – After the absolute disaster that was the second season of Psycho-Pass I’m honestly surprised that a third season is even being made, let alone that people are excited for it. Didn’t everyone hate Season 2? Unless this is some kind of retcon or reboot that has 3 in the title? Fuck knows.

I personally wasn’t even all that big on the original Psycho-Pass either. It’s good. Nothing I’d consider amazing or in desperate need of a sequel. And I haven’t seen the aforementioned second season either, so I won’t be watching this either until I see that.

And 8 episodes? Apparently they’re going to be an hour each as well? That’s interesting. I’ll be interested to see where this goes and how it’s received.

Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious – What a fucking title.

This one sounds like a lot of fun though. It’s an isekai about an overpowered protagonist who’s oddly cautious and refuses to take risks, so will only fight low level monsters. This sounds like a hilarious parody series. Looking forward to checking this one out.

ORESUKI Are you the only one who loves me? – Mrs. Leth wants to watch this one with me because she likes the character design of the glasses girl.

Seems like a fun romantic comedy series. Will check it out for sure.

Assassin’s Pride – This looks like an edgy show about assassins, but honestly if it has cool action scenes and nice art I’ll be all for it. I’ve seem some good things about this on Twitter, so I’m looking forward to it.

Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front – Babylonia – It’s Fate. I don’t care. I’m sorry.

BokuBen Season 2 – I haven’t finished the first season of BokuBen yet, but I’ve really enjoyed that I’ve seen of it so far and I’m sure this second season will be just as good as it’s always been. Looking forward to getting around to this one.

Azur Lane – I’ve seen some friends sharing screenshots of the first episode of this on Twitter and it seems like something I’d enjoy based purely on the fan-service alone.

But it also seems like a fun show about battleship girls. Looking forward to it.

CHOYOYU!: High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World! – I found it. This is the current seasonal isekai punching bag, even though just like Arifureta from last season, it seems like a very fun and unique take on the genre.

It seems that every time a show is an isekai, it gets a bad reception right off the bat, with people ignoring the fact that execution is everything. There may be a lot of shows in the genre coming out every season, but the genre is also a wellspring of creative and inventive ideas and I honestly don’t think it’s gotten tired yet.

This one sounds enjoyable. A bunch of geniuses and prodigies being sent to another world? Count me in. And keep hating.

No Guns Life – A show about a cyborg who’s head has been replaced with a giant gun. Sounds bizarre and kind of funny, but I’m sure it won’t be given the tags and serious plot description on MAL.

He has a gun for a head. That’s really fucking weird. And funny. I’m sorry.

Kemono Michi: Rise Up – A professional wrestler gets isekai’d and decides to run a “monster pet shop”. This sounds hilarious.

Beastars – A drama about anthropomorphic animals. The furries are going to love this one. I’ve actually heard really good things about this one, but I don’t think it’s my cup of tea. I’ll still check it out though.

Kabukichou Sherlock – Seems like a mystery series. There’s not a lot of info on this one.

Ahiru no Sora – Another basketball Anime. Seems like it’ll focus heavily on a character learning to love the sport again. Might be a good time if that’s the case.

Chihayafuru 3 – This is yet another franchise I’ve seen so much praise for, yet have never found the time to check out myself for whatever reason. So I won’t be watching this until I’m caught up.

It’s nice that it’s getting another season though. I’m happy for the fans.

Babylon – A mystery series. There’s not a lot on this one, but it’s already aired its first episode and I’ve heard good things about it. Will definitely check this out.

Granblue Fantasy The Animation Season 2 – I haven’t gotten around to finishing the first season of Granblue Fantasy, but I rather enjoyed the episodes I watched, so seeing that it’s gotten a continuation is nice. It’s not the best series in the world, but it’s fun and the art is really nice.

Looking forward to this when I get around to it.

Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! – A girl with extraordinary abilities dies and is resurrected, but asks upon her resurrection that she be granted an “average” life. Once she reaches the age of 10 in her new life, she regains her memories of her past life and now struggles to maintain her average, normal life.

Sounds wacky, but I kinda like the sound of it.

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun – A demon school Shounen series. I’m down with this, although I’ve also never heard of this series, so I’m not sure what to expect. Looking forward to finding out though.

High Score Girl II – I never watched season 1 of High Score Girl, but one of my online friends has highly praised the series in the past, and we have similar taste in shows, so I’m sure I’d be on board with it. Very happy a more niche show managed to get a second season. Looking forward to this.

Ascendance of a Bookworm – A bookworm dies in an earthquake and is reincarnated into a world with no books. So she decides to make it her life’s goal to bring books the world and become a librarian.

That’s one heck of a unique premise.

Radiant 2nd Season – I completely forgot that Radiant was getting a second season! This is fantastic!

Radiant was one of the more underappreciated shows of last year, and is a very good Shounen series that deserves far more praise than it currently gets in my opinion, so seeing it get a second season makes me really happy. I’m looking forward to this! Please check out Radiant if you haven’t already!

Kono Oto Tomare!: Sounds of Life Season 2 – I don’t remember ever seeing a first season for this so… Yeah…

Val x Love – An Ecchi series where the main character must save the world alongside 9 valkyries who all look hot as shit. Yes. Yes. All my yes. I will watch this.

Fairy Gone 2nd Season – How was Fairy Gone’s first season? I never watched it.

Hoshiai no Sora – Another tennis series. I’m not sure if I’ll give this one a watch unless I hear really good things, as it’s not really my sport.

Houkago Saikoro Club – Cute girls playing cute board games after a cute day of cute high school. I like board games. So yes.

Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy – A show about chuunibyou that isn’t Kyoto Animation’s Chuunibyou. Looking forward to it.

XL Joushi. – This looks like seasonal porn. Sure, I’ll watch it I guess. Chick looks hot.

Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth – Narcotics Control Department: The Anime.

Rifle Is Beautiful – …And so are the girls. I’ll watch it.

Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle – More Phantasy Star Online 2 Anime? Neat! I like Phantasy Star Online, so I’ll check this out for sure.

Kandagawa Jet Girls – Cute girls going cute jet skiing.

Africa no Salaryman (TV) – African animals live lives as office workers in a capitalist society…? What the fuck?! This sounds insane.

Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai! 3 – “Third season o-”

I haven’t seen this before. So I won’t watch this.

Z/X: Code Reunion – This is a sequel to a show I’ve had on my watch list for some time. I’ll get around to it at some point I guess.

Tenka Hyakken: Meiji-kan e Youkoso! – Not-so-cute ancient swords become cute maidens. Interesting…

Shin Chuuka Ichiban! – “The underground cooking society has already begun to move…”


Urashimasakatasen no Nichijou – A real world four member male vocal unit appear as Anime high school students in a series of shorts. I don’t know this group, but I’m sure this’ll be fine.

Aikatsu on Parade! – The seasonal idol show. Looks cute.

Zoids Wild Zero – Zoids Wild of all things got a sequel. Did anyone even watch Zoids Wild?

Dorufuro: Iyashi-hen – “Mini-series based on the Chinese app.” Anime of the season right here folks.

Taeko no Nichijou – A show about a “patient office worker”.

Eily wa Ou-sama! – No synopsis. Girls have nothing but underwear on. Okay.

And that’s everything. I’m sure. I’m positive. 99% certain. Let me know if I missed anything and I’ll add it here.

This season looks like it’ll be yet another fantastic one for me. There’s some sequels to some of my favourites, and a ton of new an exciting original shows as well that seem really interesting! It’s looking like the year is going to go out with a bang. But anything can happen!

As always, I look forward to seeing how things go this season and what ends up coming out on top for me.

Expect an overall First Impressions post once the season is fully underway. Keep an eye out for that!

And enjoy the season!


What are you looking forward to this season? Let me know down below!

6 thoughts on “Pre-Airing Impressions: Autumn 2019 Anime Season

  1. That looks like a bizarre set of shows.

    No Guns Life looked really weird. I mean, it could be good, but I can’t get over the fact the main character literally has a gun for a head. I haven’t seen an odd usage as a weapon for a head since the final boss of Vectorman which was a robot with an atomic bomb for a head.

    Beastars: Totally looks like furry bait. I’ll pass.

    Ascendance of a Bookworm: That has a unique synopsis and I think it could be great if done right. I certainly haven’t thought of any storylines like that, but we’ll see.

    Africa no Salaryman: Sounds like a wet dream of furries and racists who want to depopulate the continent. Sorry, I’m passionate when it comes to Africa and not just because of half of my heritage. This looks like a big sack of no.


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