My plans for 2020

With 2020 already in full swing, I figured what better way to start this year of writing and content creation with the most low effort kind of post imaginable: an update post! Yay!

This’ll be pretty short and sweet, but I figured I should let everyone know what my plans are for the blog going forward and what the few dedicated readers I still have left after I made the dumb decision to talk about nothing Dahvie Vanity’s stupid music for 2 months can look forward to in 2020.

So yeah. On that subject. It’s kind of my priority to get that Blood on the Dance Floor Retrospective wrapped up first and foremost. I know the vast majority of people who follow me don’t really care about it and just want my Anime opinions, and that’s totally fine, but this project has meant a lot to me and I feel it’s some of the best work I’ve ever written so… I owe to myself to see this through to the end. I’ve started way too many projects in the past only to abandon them out of either laziness or a lack of passion. Sometimes both. But I’ve gotten really far into the Blood on the Dance Floor Retrospective, and the end is almost in sight, so we’re going to see this one through to the finale. And hopefully it’ll be a grand one.

Speaking of abandoned projects, remember when I was supposed to watch those 40 “Terrible” Anime that were recommended to me and write a blog post detailing my experience with each one? Well apparently I didn’t remember, because after doing the first 3 I suddenly stopped and never went back to it. And there’s a reason for that.

The next show I had to write about was Kenja no Mago, a show I was told was absolutely terrible, and it wound up being the best show of 2019 for me. It was my Anime of the Year. And writing about your Anime of the Year is hard, so hard in fact that I decided to not bother. But now that 2019 has ended, I’m ready to jump back into this project again, starting with my thoughts on Kenja no Mago. I’ll then be picking things up where I left off, and will aim to have all 40 shows in the list watched and written about by the end of the year. …Hopefully. I know a lot of my longtime readers and friends have been wanting to see more of these, so I’ll do my best to get these all out.

As for other plans, there’s a lot in the works. Anime wise I’ll be continuing the usual seasonal coverage because it’s fun, it’s easy and I like doing it. I’ve got a pretty late “Top 20 Anime of the 2010’s” list in the works that’ll be out soon. Probably. I also have a late Seasonal thing I was meant to do the other day for the currently airing season but I forgot to do it because I’m stupid and now it’s going to be late whoops oh no sorry.

There’s a few other posts that I want to write up that haven’t been announced yet, and… I’ll be keeping it that way for now until I’m ready to talk about them. But there’s a lot of Anime things coming. Hopefully!

In terms of video game shit, I’m hoping to write more about video games this year going forward. While I’ve always been an Anime-centric blog first and foremost, gaming has always been a huge part of my life and my best few posts from last year were about games. I’d like to try and randomly discuss games I’ve played, old and new, in a big, Retrospective type post. Kind of like how I did for Celeste and Majora’s Mask a few months ago. I’ve also got a humongous guide to the Tales of series in the works too, which I’m really looking forward to getting out. So yeah, expect lots of video game things too I guess.

And then there’s the big announcement. Oh boy. This is a doozy.

I’ve thought of making a YouTube channel for a very long time. A good couple of years in fact. And I’ve never really had the courage to go through with it due to a lack of confidence in my speech and worrying that I won’t have anything interesting to say or to bring to the community. But 2019 was a good year for me, where I became very close friends with a lot of content creators, who all continuously tell me I have a very unique voice and always make interesting posts. Their feedback and confidence in me has inspired me to not only continue writing for this blog, but to make the move to YouTube as well.

Does this mean I’ll be abandoning the blog? Definitely not. Blogging is where I started, and it’s where I’ll be continuing to post most of my online content, but there’s a lot of content I’ve always wanted to do that simply isn’t possible, or isn’t as effective, unless it’s in video form. And I’d like to make that content, specifically because no one else seems to be doing it.

And this all brings me to my final piece of news. The one everyone has been waiting for. The one people can’t wait to see come out. The Sword Art Online Retrospective.

It’s coming folks. It’s still in progress. I haven’t abandoned it. I just haven’t had a lot of time recently to work on it. It’s currently at over 10,000 words and I’ve barely gotten into Aincrad yet. This is a huge project and it’s going to take a very, very long time for me to finish writing it. But it’ll be worth it. I’m sure. I hope. Especially because I hope to make it into a video for YouTube now. I want this to be the definitive, positive perspective for Sword Art Online on the internet, so I need to get everything right. I do hope you all look forward to it when it’s finally out. I’ll even try to get it out by Summer. You all know why.

And… That’s about it really. I won’t make any promises that I’ll be posting more frequently or that any of the stuff I’ve mentioned in this post will even get made or be released, because anyone who’s followed me for a considerable amount of time should already know that I’m terrible at keeping promises when it comes to my content.

I’ll do my best to blog and produce content as much as I can, but the last year has been hard for me in a lot of ways too. I almost gave up blogging entirely at one point, and only continued because a few new friends inspired me to keep going. I was diagnosed with both depression and social anxiety and while I’m in recovery, I have my moments where I just can’t deal with the stress and writing is the last thing I want to do. I finally left my fucking terrible job that I was stuck in for the last year, and am moving to something that’s hopefully better suited for me and a lot more exciting.

It’s a busy and hectic time for me, and I’m also lazy. But I’ll do my best this year to write some good shit for you guys, hopefully make some cool videos on my new channel and just… Be more active in general.

Here’s to the next year folks.

And before I go, I’d like to shout out some fellow bloggers and content creators who inspired me to keep going in the last year:

  • Alice (AKA Logy, formerly known as The Alchemist of Blogging): My best friend and my biggest inspiration as a content creator, she’s been a huge help to me over the last year and her blog has been a huge reason why I’m still doing what I do. I’m glad we became best friends. Thanks Alice.
  • Velarix (AKA Athena): Another one of my best friends and a huge supporter of my content, Vel is one of my favourite content creators on the internet and is someone who really believes in what I do and what I have to say. Being an Anituber herself, she also convinced me to dive into YouTube. I wouldn’t be trying that out were it not for her support. Thank you Vel.
  • MoeGamer (AKA Pete Davison): A longtime supporter of the blog since the early days, and one of my favourite people in the community, Pete is always very active in my comments section and always does his best to promote my posts. And he writes some great stuff and is a genuinely awesome dude. 2019 was the year where we finally started chatting a lot more and became very good friends, and I’m glad it happened. Keep doing your thing and spreading that positivity, Pete.
  • JonSpencerReviews: Another longtime supporter of the blog and a fantastic content creator in his own right, Jon has always been one of my most active commenters and has become a great friend in the last year, frequently bringing great discussions to the table and just being a wholesome and supportive dude overall. Thanks Jon.
  • Selcouth: Really funny and cool dude who writes a wide variety of good shit and who’s always willing to share other people’s work regardless of the subject. He even reads my shitty Blood on the Dance Floor posts with enthusiasm! And he’s a super funny and nice dude. Thanks kitty cat, keep being wholesome. Also give his blog a follow, he deserves way more.
  • Nerd Rambles (Megan Peoples): My fellow Scot, Megan is a super nice chick who’s been a big supporter of the blog in the last year and she’s really awesome and super friendly. And she writes some really good stuff too. And agrees that Irn Bru is awesome. Hope to meet at comic con this year pal!
  • Tippy (AKA BlazinHopez): Tippy is a commentary YouTuber, which is a community I’m not super familiar with, but she makes interesting content and she’s always been really supportive of my opinions and my own content, while also being a really nice chick and good friend in general, so… Give her a follow! Thanks Tippy!
  • Zephy (AKA VenZep): A wholesome dude who’s always been a good voice of reason in my circle of friends in the last year, Zephy is a great guy and you should check out his channel.
  • Mel (Melinanimeland): Again another longtime supporter, but 2019 was when we really started talking a lot more. You’re a cool chick Mel and I always appreciate the shoutouts and positive comments!
  • Nabe-chan (AKA Geeknabe): A new blogger on the block, I helped welcome Nabe into the community towards the end of the year, and she’s been such a lovely addition to aniblogging! Super supportive, really wholesome and writes great stuff. Give her a follow!
  • LiteratureFuckBoi (AKA FuckBoiOpinions): One of my more vocal supporters and a pretty great writer in his right, Lit is a cool dude who writes some great stuff. Give the dude a follow, he’s earned it.
  • Shoujo Thoughts: One of the first friends I ever made in the community, Shoujo has continued to be super supportive and just lovely overall in the past year, and I’m glad we’re still good friends. Hope we can make content together again at some point!
  • Ruby Duck: Another new, and young, blogger on the block, Ruby is an entertaining kid with a great sense of humour who writes some really cool stuff and deserves your attention. And he’s a good friend. Please give him a follow!

And everyone else in my Discord Server, content creator or otherwise. You’re all awesome and you’ve been a great source of support in the last year. Thank you all of you. I love you all.

Here’s to the next year! See ya’ll around!

10 thoughts on “My plans for 2020

  1. Plenty of solid plans there! Good luck with them all. You’ve been sounding inspired lately, so don’t apologise for anything you’ve written — even if you find yourself wondering if anyone will read it 🙂 I’ve found the Blood on the Dance Floor stuff really interesting, as it’s not a band I’d ever heard about before — plus that whole project very obviously helped you get your writing mojo back, so it’s a great thing from that perspective too.

    And you’re off to a strong start on YouTube; looking forward to seeing more on that front too.

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