Blood on the Dance Floor Retrospective: Introduction and Disclaimer

Alrighty then…

So we’re actually doing this. We’re actually going to undertake this ridiculous idea I had for a big project because… I’ve apparently lost my fucking mind… And I just love sharing my controversial opinions on the internet. Here goes nothing…

I’ve decided to do a Retrospective focusing on the discography of what’s generally considered to be one of the worst bands in existence: Blood on the Dance Floor. From the perspective of someone who actually enjoys their music. And who is capable of separating the art from the artist when discussing their music.

Unthinkable, I know!

I briefly mentioned that I enjoy the bands music before when I defended Crunkcore as a whole a good while back, but I didn’t really let on how big of a fan I actually am, and for good reason. Their fashion sense is disastrous, their music is critically panned by literally everyone and the reputation of their lead singer is in absolute tatters due to a string of sexual assault allegations that if true, make R. Kelly’s crimes look tame by comparison.

Yet, none of that changes the fact that I really like this bands music. In fact, a good chunk of their discography are among my favourite albums of all time. And I feel it’s time that someone on the internet, with a decently sized platform, actually try to evaluate their music. From a more positive and “fair” perspective. One that isn’t just “my ears are bleeding!” and “Dahvie Vanity is a bad man!”


But before I get into this, I feel I need to make a few things clear first, starting with what should probably be obvious to anyone, but should also still be said nonetheless…

If you’ve heard of Blood on the Dance Floor before, then chances are you’ve also heard of their lead singer, Jesus David Torres, otherwise known as Dahvie Vanity. And that he’s been accused of over 20 accounts of sexual assault over the last decade, with many of the accusers claiming to be underage at the time. And while Dahvie himself has addressed a few of these allegations twice on the bands official YouTube channel, he hasn’t addressed everything, and has been pretty silent on the matter since 2016, refusing to speak to the media and threatening to call the police if they didn’t leave his property. He also left Twitter and all other social media platforms besides Instagram after the Huffington Post published an article detailing the allegations, with named accusers.

Update: Since publishing this disclaimer post, Dahvie has supposedly removed the response videos from the bands YouTube channel.

Is any of this actually true? I can’t say for certain, since it’s never been taken to trial, nor has it ever even been formally investigated by the authorities, but given the sheer number of accusations over the years, yeah… It doesn’t look good for him. Or maybe not. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time a relatively niche musician was accused of similar misconduct, only to eventually prove their innocence by themselves.

But I’m starting to go on a bit of a tangent here…

The point I want to make here is that I like Blood on the Dance Floor’s music. I like it a lot. That doesn’t mean I support the alleged actions of Dahvie Vanity. I am more than capable of separating the art from the artist, and I’d hope that anyone reading this is also capable of doing the same. Or at the very least are able to understand why I’m able to do so. I think I should be able to discuss what I think is some genuinely fun, interesting and dare I say, good music without being told I’m a rape apologist or that I actively support a terrible human being. For my more detailed thoughts on this topic you can also read this.

I won’t be mentioning the allegations often in this series of posts, unless it’s relevant to the material being discussed (Bad Blood in particular is an album with a song that directly challenges the allegations for example), so if you’re expecting a bunch of “Dahvie is bad” remarks, you’ll be severely let down.


Secondly, I’d also like to say that I’m no music expert. Outside of some very basic guitar that I learned over 10 years ago, I can’t play an instrument or write music to save my life. I can play Guitar Hero on Expert, but that’s about as much musical talent as you’ll get from me. I also know very little about music composition and all that shit. I’m not a music critic, which is probably why I have such “terrible” music opinions like the ones that are no doubt going to be expressed in this series of blog posts.

So if you’re expecting some guru of musical knowledge to show up and deeply analyse Blood on the Dance Floor with music theory or whatever the fuck, you’re going to be severely disappointed. I’m not here to do that. I just want to talk about why I think the music is pretty damn good a lot of the time and what it means to me. That’s what I’ve always done here when talking about media on this blog, and it’s what I’m going to do here.

And finally, I’m aiming to cover absolutely everything that this band has released over the 13 years they were together. I’ll be doing every album, every EP and I’ll even tackle Dahvie Vanity’s two side projects, Master of Death and Sinners are Winners. Fuck it, I’ll even touch on his current projects Kawaii Monster and The Most Vivid Nightmares because they’re pretty cool too.

To give you an idea of how much shit is going to be covered, here’s the discography (along with links to the posts for each album once I write them):

Spoilers: It’s big!

Studio Albums:

Extended Plays:

Master of Death:

Sinners are Winners:

Kawaii Monster:

  • Poison Love – EP (2019)
  • Love From Hell (2019)
  • The Balance (2020)

The Most Vivid Nightmares:

  • Incarnation (TBA)

So yeah… There’s a lot to cover here! I’ll be doing a separate post for each album, with a few exceptions where I might combine some of the shorter releases into one post because there’s not a lot to discuss. We’ll play it by ear. I’ll also be doing these in order of release date, so expect me to jump around between albums, EP’s and side projects often.

So, now that that’s all out of the way…

Stay tuned for my thoughts on Blood on the Dance Floor’s debut album: Let’s Start a Riot!

I’ve fucking lost it…

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  1. It’s really impressive that you are covering all this music O.o I’m glad you feel so passionately about it, this comes through even in this post 🙂 Personally, as you know, this doesn’t particularly interest me but it is still really awesome! Keep it up man 😀

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