Overall First Impressions + What I’ll Be Watching – Summer 2019

Wow, I’m actually not late with this one this time around. I was very late with my impressions for Winter and I completely skipped Spring for some reason, but here I am with Summer. On time. I guess I’m finally getting the hang of this whole blogging thing again. It feels good.

Anyway… The current Anime season has officially kicked off, and the premiere episodes for every show, barring one exception, have all aired. So here’s my overall thoughts on the season so far, and what I intend to be watching!


*pastes in template*

As per usual, I’ll be splitting everything into tiers, which are described below (and these remain the same despite this post being later than usual). I also haven’t had much of a chance to watch as much Anime as I normally do, so the list of “I haven’t watched this” shows will be longer than usual. Sorry.

And no, I’m not really watching anything weekly because I kind of hate doing that.

So without further delay, here are the tiers:

The Tiers:

  • Incredible – Will Most Definitely Watch: Shows listed under this tier will be shows that I’ll most definitely be watching as soon as possible. These are the shows that currently have me the most invested, that keep me glued to my monitor and that will likely have me filled with excitement and suspense from beginning to end, every episode. Shows in here all have the potential to become a member of my favourites (although anything can change over time).
  • Looks Interesting – Will Watch: Shows in this tier will be shows that I’ll be watching at some point because they seem like they could go in interesting directions and I’m looking forward to seeing where they will end up. These are shows that, while they had some issues or didn’t have me fully invested, are still engaging enough to warrant further watching.
  • Decent – Will Carry On With It: Shows that had a lot of issues or didn’t really grab me will be under this tier. I’ll be watching these and enjoying them, but there’s a high chance I’ll be stopping and starting these frequently and taking my time with them.
  • Meh – Will Watch Begrudgingly: Shows that are just pretty darn terrible but I feel I should watch for whatever insane or ridiculous reason will be listed here. Watching these shows will no doubt be painful, but I need to persevere for whatever excuse that I’ll no doubt forget upon reaching the halfway point. Of course, things can improve over time. Maybe these will?
  • Not Feeling It – Will Stall For Now: I never drop shows permanently, because my goal is to watch every Anime ever. I’ll never manage to do that in my lifetime, but I’d love to get as close to doing so as possible. However, these shows made me feel nothing, were completely yawn inducing or just had nothing going for me so I’ve put them to the side for god knows how long. I may pick them up again, but it’ll be unlikely to be any time soon.
  • I have Little To Say – The Rest: This is mostly reserved for stuff I generally have no comment on, shows I didn’t check out or second seasons to shows I haven’t seen/have yet to finish.

So let’s break these shows down!

Incredible – Will Most Definitely Watch:


Dr. Stone – So yeah, it’s probably no surprise to anyone who knows me, but Dr. Stone is one of my favourite shows of the season so far. As the latest big Shonen Jump adaptation, it hasn’t disappointed me so far and has kept much of the spirit of the original Manga intact.

It’s still very early days, and the story has yet to reach the much better and more interesting parts of the Manga, but knowing what I know, and given how well the adaptation has been handled so far, I’m honestly not worried. I can safely say that this is one of the best things to come out this year.

It’s definitely not a show for everyone, but if you love Shonen stuff give it a go. You won’t be disappointed.

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon? Season 2 – It’s been like 4 years since the first season of Danmachi aired, and like many other fans of the series I’d given up hope that we’d ever get a continuation. But here we are. We’ve finally got it, and it was so worth the wait!

It’s like the show never left. It’s just as entertaining, exciting and charming as ever and it’s great to see Bell, Hestia, Ais and everyone else again, and I hope that if we get another season after this one that the wait doesn’t take nearly as long.

Fire Force – I was completely blown away by the first episode of Fire Force. So much so that I chose to get out of my lazy habit of deciding to no longer write First Impressions for individual shows and actually went ahead and wrote one!

And everything I said in that post still stands. The show is incredible. It has a fantastic cast of characters, and interesting setting, an intriguing narrative and some of the best visuals to ever come out of David Production. And it only gets better from here.

You can find my more detailed First Impressions for Fire Force here.

Vinland Saga – Holy shit. This show has been incredible so far. And what’s even better is that unlike everything else that aired, it had it’s first three episodes come out on the same day! We were truly spoiled that day!

And yeah, it’s a great show. The style of the original Manga has been kept as intact as it possibly can be thanks to Wit Studio’s incredible production work. And the narrative, while still in it’s early stages, is an intriguing revenge story that’s immediately gripping and is definitely going to some interesting places.

I’m still concerned that it won’t get far enough into the Manga, but given the approach Wit Studio took when adapting Attack on Titan into multiple seasons, if Vinland Saga does well, I’m confident that they’ll give the series the same treatment. It deserves it, and if you haven’t watched this one yet, do yourself a favour and get to it. It’s fantastic!

Looks Interesting – Will Watch:


Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest – This one’s looking like it’s already become everyone’s seasonal isekai punching bag, but honestly it’s… Not even that bad in my opinion.

Yeah, it’s another isekai show (herpdy derp!), but the core idea surrounding the show is unique and interesting enough that I honestly don’t see what the big deal is. It’s actually really entertaining, and I really don’t see what the problem is.

But hey, I’m also enjoying the hell of last season’s Kenja no Mago right now, which had similar complaints thrown at it, so what the hell do I know?

Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? – Y’know, of all the shows airing this season, I honestly didn’t think I’d care much for this one at all. It’s a slice of life series about hot Anime chicks going to the gym to work out and… It’s actually really entertaining, interesting and motivating to watch.

My interest in the series definitely coincides with the fact that 2 weeks ago I decided to completely overhaul my diet and lifestyle in a very successful effort to lose weight, which unsurprisingly includes going to the gym a couple of times a week, so… That’s probably why I’m enjoying this one quite a bit.

The episodes are also just the right length too. They never seem to overstay their welcome, which makes this an easy, but entertaining watch. I highly recommend this one!

Do You Like Your Mom? Her Normal Attack is Two Attacks at Full Power – Again, I didn’t see myself caring for this one too much but… It’s surprisingly entertaining and really funny.

A lot of people seem to be turned off by the… Questionably explicit fan-service in this one… There’s a scene where the Mom character gets covered in slime and it looks like… Something else…

But… You know me… And that fan-service shit. I’m not complaining.

The show is good.

Magical Senpai – There’s not an awful lot to really say about Magical Senpai, but for what it is the show is fantastic. The main girl is really entertaining, and watching her try to do magic and fail in comical ways just brings such a smile to my face. The episodes are also only 12 minutes each, which is the perfect runtime for a show like this. It’s a very streamlined watching experience and I appreciate it!

And I guess it also helps that the girl is totally my type. She’s so cute and is a top tier waifu for sure.

Are You Lost? – I never expected that a show about cute girls being trapped on a deserted island would be this entertaining, but I guess I was proven horribly wrong. This show is great and it’s very entertaining.

I guess I’m really starting to warm up to these kinds of shows. It’s nice to enjoy these sorts of things.

Decent – Will Carry On With It:

A Certain Scientific Accelerator – It’s unfortunate, but sometimes you get those adaptations that you’ve been waiting a long time for that just don’t quite deliver. And A Certain Scientific Accelerator looks like it’s going to be one of them.

Now obviously we aren’t that far into the series yet, and things can definitely change over time, but I’d be lying if I said that this has lived up my expectations so far. For a show focusing on one of the better characters in the Index universe, it just feels weird that the show hasn’t been anywhere near as interesting or entertaining as the character himself.

That, and the show just isn’t the greatest production wise either. And while I’m not going to jump on board the whole “J.C Staff are lazy and bad” meme, because it comes from a huge misunderstanding of how Anime production actually works, yeah… It’s not looking too great. It’s nothing horrible, but for a show about fucking Accelerator I’d have expected more. Much more.

It’s still a decent time, and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen of the series so far, but it’s a little disappointing and I hope the later episodes change that. I’ll remain optimistic for now. Don’t let me down Accelerator.

Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note – Hey, you know what? I’m actually on board with this one. Some what. More than I thought I’d be anyway.

So as you all know, I don’t really like Fate. I’ve never really been a fan at all, outside of what I’ve seen of Heaven’s Feel so far, Prototype and a few cool moments in Zero. So given that this is a direct sequel to Zero, I didn’t expect to care for this at all. And… Yeah. It’s not amazing or anything, but it’s decent. Good even. Good enough that I don’t feel like it’s going to be a chore to get through, and that’s more than I can say for the majority of Fate related media that I’ve seen.

Perhaps it’s because the series is focusing on one of the few characters I actually cared about in this mess of a franchise, but I’m actually kind of invested. And I look forward to seeing where things go with this one.

So yeah. It’s alright.

Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasu ka? – This one is alright. It’s a decent ecchi comedy that, while nothing special, is a some what fun time.

I don’t have much else to say. The jokes are funny, the girls are cute. It’s fine. And I’ll probably finish it at some point.

Kanata no Astra – Much like Accelerator, I kind of expected a lot more from this one if I’m honest. The premise was really interesting and it seemed like this would be a nice lighthearted show about an adventure in space. And while that is the case, the show also has this really weird dark tone that… Feels out of place and kind of forced. And I love dark stuff, but… This feels unnecessary… And wrong.

I’ve also heard from Manga readers that the Manga was never like this and was pretty lighthearted all the way through, so this seems to be a case of the adaptation deciding to take it’s own spin on things. Which is fine, but maybe that explains this feeling I had when watching the premiere?

It’s not bad, it’s just not what I expected I guess. Hopefully it improves as it goes on!

Meh – Will Watch Begrudgingly:


Given – Every time we get one of these music Anime, I always hope that this will be the one to win me over and get me really invested. But alas, Given was not the one.

I don’t even think the show is necessarily “bad” or anything. It looks really nice and from what I’ve seen a lot of people are really enjoying it so far. But it’s just not for me because these kinds of shows generally tend not to be for me. I’ll probably finish it once it’s wrapped up, but I’ll probably take my time with it.

Not Feeling It – Will Stall For Now:

Maou-sama, Retry! – I think for the first time when it comes to an isekai series, I actually agree with the consensus. Because this show just isn’t all that great. Really, it’s not.

It’s the usual overpowered character in an MMO setting fare. But unlike most of these kinds of shows, which all had some entertainment value in spite of their flaws, Maou-sama just takes the concept way too far.

Because this time, the overpowered protagonist is literally the fucking admin of the game. He can pretty much do anything. And while that would probably make for a really hilarious satire of these kinds of shows, Maou-sama doesn’t appear to be a parody. It’s a serious show, and it has absolutely no self-awareness and seems to be playing things straight. And it just makes for a really boring series with absolutely zero stakes and no reason for me to get invested whatsoever.

If the show manages to actually bring some meaningful stakes into the story later on, with the main character actually having to face a genuine threat, then maybe this could become something half decent. But I’m not going to get my hopes up, because that’s probably not going to happen.

Kochouki: Wakaki Nobunaga – I don’t even remember this. But I definitely watched it. That should tell you everything you need to know.

I Have Little To Say – The Rest:

Isekai Cheat Magician – I forgot to watch this one. Whoops! Was it any good?

Skilled Teaser Takagi-san 2nd Season – I didn’t watch the first season. Should I?

If It’s for My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord – I actually forgot to watch this one as well, which really annoys me because it seems like I’d love this one.

Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo. – Cute girls talking about and exploring not-so-cute sex. My impressions remain the same.

To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts – FUCKING EDGY GORE AND SHIT (It was fine, but I don’t have much to say other than it had lots of gore and it was kinda cool).

Cop Craft – Whoop whoop whoop that’s the sound of tha police!

Nakanohito Genome [Jikkyouchuu] – I forgot to watch this one. I let all the gamers down.

Bem – I also forgot to watch this one.

Wasteful Days of High School Girls – still feel like I’ve seen this title before…

Granbelm – Was this good? It seems like my thing.

Ensemble Stars! – There are two David Production shows this season. One of them is worth watching. The other is Ensemble Stars.

Machikado Mazoku – It was cute.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV – I haven’t seen the previous 500 seasons of Symphogear so I didn’t watch this. I won’t be catching up any time soon.

Try Knights – This is the one show that hasn’t aired yet, so I have nothing to say.

Starmyu 3rd Season – I haven’t seen the previous two seasons.

Yami Shibai 7 – More Yami Shibai goodness. It’s the usual creepy, unsettling stuff you’d expect and it’s still good.

Yubisaki kara no Honki no Netsujou: Osananajimi wa Shouboushi – No.

Re:Stage! Dream Days♪ – I want to watch this exclusively for the cute character designs, but I haven’t done so yet.

Business Fish – Still the scariest looking thing this season.

Hakata Mentai! Pirikarako-chan – This wasn’t on the seasonal chart when I did my Pre-Airing Impressions, so I just found out about this right now. So no, I haven’t seen it.

SD Gundam World: Sangoku Souketsuden – I need to watch more fucking Gundam.

Waresho! Warera! Shodobutsu Aigo Iinkai – Bunny girl is cute.

Annnnnd that’s a wrap! Whew.

If I missed anything, feel free to flag it up, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss anything.

As always, I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts. And they weren’t late this time!

Overall, this is the strongest start to a season we’ve had this year. We’ve got some top tier shows like Fire Force, Vinland Saga and Dr. Stone, and a bunch of really enjoyable shows from a variety of genres that are sure to satisfy just about everyone on some level. Even the mediocre shows aren’t too bad, and there’s a surprising lack of terrible stuff too, which is always nice. I’m looking forward to seeing how everything turns out in the end.

What are your impressions of the season so far and what shows are you currently watching? Let me know down below!

6 thoughts on “Overall First Impressions + What I’ll Be Watching – Summer 2019

  1. Skilled Teaser Takagi-san 2nd Season – I didn’t watch the first season. Should I?

    YES!!!! Especially since it got more.

    If It’s for My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord – I actually forgot to watch this one as well, which really annoys me because it seems like I’d love this one.

    Oh yeah man, you gotta get on it. Loving it!

    Cop Craft – Whoop whoop whoop that’s the sound of tha police!

    I actually think you would like this, if you didn’t watch? It needs more episodes though, but it has the nugget of greatness in there.

    Granbelm – Was this good? It seems like my thing.

    I mentioned this in my writing, like all of these actually, but it is too early to tell on this one. It could be really good, but it could also go badly. It’s a wait and see kind of deal at the moment. The second episode had some real high points though.

    Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV – I haven’t seen the previous 500 seasons of Symphogear so I didn’t watch this. I won’t be catching up any time soon.

    Same, though I have a buddy who has and he assures me that it is exactly my kind of thing. So in turn, I suspect you would probably like it a lot too.


  2. I’m only watching Cop Craft so far. It’s following the standard cop show formula so far, which I find a bit boring, but I like the two main characters and their relationship so far. And alien girl cop is cute, which I admit is one of the only reasons I picked it up. Hopefully it picks up soon.

    I’ve heard great things about Fire Force and Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo, though I can see how the latter would be a turn-off because of the subject matter. I might check it out.


  3. Could not agree with you more on Fire Force! I started watching that this week, and like you was blown away by that first episode. Can’t wait to see more of that show, that’s for sure! 😊


  4. Isekai Cheat Magician is very similar in feeling to Kenja no Mago (or at least that is the vibe I’m getting from it so far) and as such while it isn’t great it has so far been a fun standard isekai and I’m looking forward to more of it.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I thought I was going to have a shonen overload this season so I had to balance it out. That left me with Astra, Cop Craft, Given and Dr Stone, alongside the continuing Demon Slayer (which is non-negotiable, due to an ongoing collab) and Fruits Basket.

    I did love the first episode of Fire Force, but things I’ve seen the manga for always win out (this season was an anomaly in that I’d read some of Dr Stone, Astra and Demon Slayer and finished Fruits Basket before their anime began – it’s no surprise all the shonen comes from the Viz Shonen Jump imprint). It was tough to cut something, especially because I was quite on board with To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts despite the cliches and edginess, but as I said – shonen overload (Sacred Beasts apparently runs in a shonen magazine) and in the case of Fire Force, the stuff at KyoAni studio 1 created a second reason for me to put it aside.

    From the first 2 episodes of Astra, I can tell you it hasn’t majorly strayed from what I remember of the manga at all, except for the scene where the girls are suiting up in episode 1 (which may have been either a fanservice ploy or a chance to throw in interstitial material…or even both).

    As someone who watches entire shows based on their bishonen, I’m of two minds when it comes to Ensemble Stars, based on its 1st episode. What really bugs me is how I think the characters look younger than they really are unless they’re a teacher – it’s probably a quirk of the character design (which was translated perfectly from the game, since I did hear of this game and see visuals of two of the idol groups before the anime began), but it makes me feel vaguely like how you feel with Cop Craft.


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