Thoughts on Nintendo’s E3 2019 Presentation

So E3 2019 has come and went and oh man, what an E3 it was. There’s been this kind of dumb idea being spread around recently that E3 is “dying” and is slowly losing relevance in the gaming world, and I think this years showing did an excellent job showing why the show is here to stay and is as relevant as ever.

Considering I’m not their biggest fan, Microsoft did pretty great this year and showed some genuinely interesting games. Of course there was no sign of a new Banjo-Kazooie or anything remotely interesting from Rareware, but hey, they have some good looking exclusives in the pipeline. And their new console sounds… Interesting I guess, if a bit early.

Square Enix also showed some great stuff, including the Final Fantasy VII Remake which we finally got some juicy details about and, more importantly in my opinion, we finally got an announcement for a Final Fantasy VIII remaster! After all these years, the meme is dead, and we’ll finally get to play Final Fantasy VIII again!

But of course, we’re here to talk about Nintendo’s E3, because Nintendo are the company I’m the most invested in and the one who I always feel I have the most to talk about.

So anyone with any kind of maturity knows that the whole discussion around who “won” E3 is childish, stupid and achieves nothing.

So with that said, Nintendo won E3 this year. By a landslide. They really pulled out all the stops and showed a whole bunch of surprises as expected. They didn’t show quite a few things I wished they had, like a new Golden Sun game (FUCKING AHGHDHHDFHGJFDKSHJ), but they did show a lot of pleasant surprises, many of which I didn’t even know I wanted until now.

So I’m just going to do what I usually do for these kinds of things and I’m going to run through every single announcement that was made at the show in order and I’ll talk about them.

And yes, I know I’m like 2 weeks late with this one. I got sucked into a void of terrible Anime and then I went on vacation to Belgium to celebrate my wife and I’s first wedding anniversary. Hopefully these thoughts will still be of interest to some of you in spite of that.

So anyhow, lets-a-go!

Smash Bros DLC Character – The Hero

So this was kind of an unexpected announcement for me, and despite the fact there were quite a lot of rumours talking about us getting a Dragon Quest fighter in Ultimate, I didn’t expect them to actually do it.

Still, in spite of all the leaks and rumours, I’m glad that it still managed to be a surprise by not being specifically Erdrick and just being all of the most famous Dragon Quest protagonists rolled into one character.

The trailer itself was pretty hype and the character looks a lot more fun to play than I’d have expected. I still think “The Hero” is a bit of a daft name and while I do like Dragon Quest quite a bit, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bummed out that this is the Square Enix rep and not Sora from Kingdom Hearts, who I genuinely feel is more relevant in modern video game culture and would be a more interesting addition to the roster. But hey, that’s neither here nor there.

Still a great way to start out the Direct and a great reveal trailer. I look forward to playing as The Hero when he’s officially released. Let’s hope Square Enix aren’t as stingy with the music and spirits like they have been for Cloud and Final Fantasy.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition S

And immediately after The Hero is announced for Smash Ultimate, we get another trailer for the upcoming port of Dragon Quest XI coming to the Switch.

I haven’t played Dragon Quest XI yet, since I knew this port was coming before it was announced to the public for… No reason in particular. Honest. And I decided I’d hold out on getting it until this port was released.

And yeah, Dragon Quest is alright. It’s a fun JRPG series, and while I don’t think it’s necessarily the best, or even the most memorable, franchise in the genre, the games are always pretty fun. And I’ve heard some really good things about this latest instalment, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. I look forward to getting my hands on this one when it launches.

And that 16-bit mode looks dope as hell.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

So much to my surprise, we didn’t actually get a finalised release date for Luigi’s Mansion 3, although it’s still apparently going to be a 2019 release. Despite that though, we got a lot of new details about the game, all of which have me very excited to get my hands on it.

Not only has the combat been given a ton of additional tweaks to make it even more fun and engaging than the previous games, but the structure of the game is going back to that of the original! This is exactly what I wanted from this game.

As much as I loved Luigi’s Mansion 2, the mission based structure kind of killed the exploration and pacing for me. I much preferred being stuck exploring one gigantic mansion at my own pace, figuring out how to progress on my own without a checklist of things I need to do.

There’s also a new mechanic in the form of “Gooigi”, a Luigi made out of goo who can access exclusive areas but who also comes with his own weaknesses and limitations. It looks like a lot of the exploration and secrets are going to be tied to Luigi and his gooey self working together. Gooigi can also be controlled be a second player, which means I’ll definitely by having my wife run through the game with me at some point as well.

Even the online looks fun, with you and your friends going ghost hunting together!

All in all, Luigi’s Mansion 3 looks absolutely fantastic, so much so that it might even manage to top the original. I really can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics

My reaction to this game was really fucking funny actually. I had no idea what was going on when the trailer started up and just kept glancing over at my wife who was watching the Direct with me and going “what the fuck is this?!”

Then I saw the Netflix logo and thought “oh? Are we finally getting Netflix on the Switch?” But nah, it turns out it’s some weird, tactics focused, Dark Crystal tie in game that’s being produced by Netflix or something? I have no fucking clue.

I’ve never seen The Dark Crystal, and the game itself looks like it’s plagued with slowdown issues and just doesn’t look all that fun or interesting to me, so I wasn’t too keen on this at all. Maybe there’s something in here for fans of the movie though?

Regardless, this was really jarring and kind of funny. I’m not all that interested.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Link’s Awakening is one of the best, and most underrated, Zelda games and to see it get a remake on the Switch is really awesome. And we finally have a release date too!

I honestly don’t have an awful lot to say about this one that I didn’t already say in my Pre-E3 post, other than it looks like it’ll be a very faithful remake with a very nice graphical touch up from the original. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of new content, outside of some kind of dungeon creator thing, but I don’t really mind that too much. I’ll gladly pay full price for a from-the-ground remake of a fantastic game.

People keep dunking on the art style, but I don’t see the problem. Link’s Awakening was always a pretty cheery and laid back adventure and this cute, chibi art style embodies that perfectly. It looks fantastic and I can’t wait to get my hands on this when it launches.

Trials of Mana

I’ll be honest, I have almost zero experience with the Mana series. I played Children of Mana on the DS because my wife got me it as a random surprise around the time we first started dating, and I own Secret of Mana too, but I’ve never actually gotten around to playing the damn game.

So… Yeah. I’m not sure what to make of this… Apparent remake? I have no idea if it’s faithful to the original game or if it’s closer to the Secret of Mana remake that apparently fans didn’t like very much.

If anything, this just served as a reminder that I should probably go back and play all of the Mana games. Which is now more convenient than ever because…

Collection of Mana

this was announced immediately after. A collection containing digital downloads of Final Fantasy Adventure, Secret of Mana and the original Trials of Mana, the third which has never before been released outside of Japan.

Like I said, I’ve had little to no experience with this series before, but with this collection, I now have a means to play every game in the original trilogy. On a modern console!

My only complaint is that I feel the bundle is a little pricey. £35.99 for three games that over a 20 years old feels like a bit much to me, especially when one of them is a Gameboy game and the other is already easily available on the SNES Classic. But hey, maybe I’ll get it on a sale or I’ll save for it.

Regardless, the collection is already out. So I look forward to getting it. Eventually…

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

I’ve been quite the Fire Emblem cynic over the years. From its characters being over represented in Smash Bros. to the games themselves being dumbed down mechanically, I just haven’t been all that keen on the series since Shadow DragonFire Emblem used to be one of my favourite series, and The Sacred Stones in particular is one of my favourite RPG’s of all time, but I’m just really tired of the series at this point.

Yet Three Houses has me some what interested. Not only is it the first console title in almost 10 years, barring Warriors which is a spin-off, but it also seems to be doing things a little different with both it’s setting and it’s storyline, which I really appreciate.

The game also looks beautiful, although the frame rate looks… Very laggy… I’m not sure if this was just a result of the stream or my video player, but the cutscenes look like they’re moving at 5 frames per second. I hope this isn’t the case in the final game.

But yeah, Three Houses looks pretty good, which is more than I can say for… Just about any Fire Emblem game after the Radiant Dawn.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition


I’m really not the biggest fan of these big, open world, western RPG’s. I still think Skyrim is a terrible game and Fallout just doesn’t appeal to me, but I’ve always really wanted to get into The Witcher because I’ve been told time and time again that it’s practically unparalleled when it comes to storytelling and worldbuilding in the gaming world.

I actually own this game on the PS4 already, and my wife gave it a shot and had a decent time with the small amount she played, but I myself never tried it out. It did seem like an alright time, even if the UI was the usual WRPG clusterfuck and the combat looked… Kinda slow… But the world and story looked interesting enough to make these flaws something I’d be willing to get over.

But that’s not the point. How in the fuck is this running on the Switch? With all the DLC too! How?!

I assume they’ve compressed the shit out of the games assets, but that doesn’t really matter to me at all. You can play a game as big and ambitious and demanding as The Witcher 3 on a handheld. You can play this game anywhere!

So the next time I see a publisher or developer claim that a Switch port “can’t be done” I’ll point them to this. If this can be done and still look this good, then anything can be done.

And yes. I might just buy this port. Especially because it comes with all of the DLC.

Resident Evil 5 & Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil is another series I’ve yet to properly sink my teeth into. I’ve played the original, it’s remake, the third one and bits and piece of 4 and 5, but otherwise I’m very behind. Surprise, surprise.

From what I’ve seen and heard, both of these games are considered to be the weakest in the series, so I’m a little surprised that Capcom chose to put these on the Switch instead of the more recently released, and more well received, Resident Evil 7 or the Resident Evil 2 Remake, but hey… I haven’t played an awful lot 5 and I haven’t even touched 6 so… Maybe I’ll get them both…

…Unless they’re like £30. Like that Devil May Cry port. There’s no excuse for that Capcom, and if you do that again you can go fuck yourselves.

No More Heroes 3


FINALLY! It’s been so long since No More Heroes 2 launched on the Wii and I’ve been dying for a third instalment ever since.

The original No More Heroes is one of the greatest, most unique and enjoyable gaming experiences I’ve ever had and the sequel, while not quite as great, is still one of the best games on the Wii. I’ve had an absolute blast with both of these games and I’m so damn happy that we’re getting a third game, even though the series has never quite reached the popularity that its developers have expected of it.

The trailer was fucking awesome and hilarious by the way. Travis for Smash please?

Which reminds me… I should probably pick up Travis Strikes Again in the meantime.

Contra: Rogue Corps

A new Contra game I guess? I don’t really care.

Pokemon Sword & Shield

We got to see just a little bit more of Sword and Shield, and while I’m glad we got to see more of the game, and it looks great, I’m also very happy that they spent very little time on this one. We just had a Pokemon Direct a week before this E3, so it’d have been really unfair if we got several minutes of Pokemon after that.

And yeah, it looks great if I’m honest. I haven’t been interested in a Pokemon game for years now, but this one looks like it’s going back to what matters most: going on an adventure and catching ’em all.

There’s been a lot of controversy over how the game looks and the lack of a National Pokedex but… Neither of those bother me all that much. The game isn’t the best looking thing on the Switch, but the art style and environments are both far better than what any other entry in the franchise has given us. And the National Pokedex? I could give a fuck less. Catching all the Pokemon across all the games has never been fun and it’s been a cumbersome and tedious mess. Even if some of my favourites from past gens get removed as a result, then so be it. I want new adventures. With new Pokemon. In a new world. With new mechanics.

Pokemon is finally evolving. And that’s a good thing.

Daemon x Machina

As I expected we finally got a release date for Daemon x Machina and it looks just as awesome and interesting as ever.

Nintendo seem to be really pushing this one on people and I really hope it gets the attention it deserves. It looks really cool.

People are always saying they want new IPs from Nintendo. And here we have one. So let’s show them there’s demand for this kind of stuff!

Panzer Dragoon

So apparently this is a remake of Panzer Dragoon, a series that I’ve definitely heard the name of before but I’ve neither played it, nor seen any gameplay from it.

It looks… Kinda cool? I’m not really a big fan of these sorts of on-rail shooters, but I might pick this up if I hear some good things.

Astral Chain

With an August release date it was pretty much guaranteed that we’d be seeing more of Astral Chain at this year’s presentation, and oh man, am I sold now.

We got to see a lot more of the games combat, level design and storyline, and it basically looks like it’s going to be the next Nier: Automata. The music also sounds kickass.

I just hope the game is lengthy as well and provides a decent hack and slash challenge. Do all of this, and it could potentially be my Game of the Year.

Empire of Sin

I’m not sure what it is about Empire of Sin that reminds of boring ass MOBA games but… It reminds me of boring ass MOBA games.

This doesn’t look like my cup of tea at all. Sorry.

Cadence of Hyrule

I still haven’t beaten it because I’m a massive scrub, but I absolutely adore Crypt of the Nercodancer. It’s one of my favourite indie games on the Switch, and to see it get a crossover with one of my favourite franchises, Zelda, is really, really awesome.

The game is already available, but I haven’t had the chance to buy it yet. Still, it looks absolutely fantastic and I hope that Nintendo is willing to do similar partnerships with other indie developers in the future.

Perhaps we can get an Enter the Gungeon crossover next?

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

I kind of expected that this would happen at some point, and as a fan of the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series, I’m glad this is coming to the Switch, as it’s a perfect fit for the console in my opinion.

I’ve fallen a little bit behind the series in recent years, the last one I played was the first Winter Games game on the Wii, but it looks like the series is still throwing out some great ideas for minigames and challenges. If this is decently priced, I might pick this up to have some fun with the wife locally.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

There we go. Can we all finally stop crying for Animal Crossing in the chat? Thanks.

But in all seriousness, I’m really happy that Nintendo finally showed some gameplay from the new Animal Crossing game. The series has never looked this pretty and the new island setting and customisable town makes this newest entry look like it’s going to be a very fresh and exciting take on the series’ formula.

I’m going to lose hours of my life to this game. And so is my wife who is still demanding that we buy this on launch.

…Which brings me to the one piece of sour news regarding the game. While it was originally announced to be coming out this year, it has unfortunately been delayed until 2020 due to the developers wanting to make the game the best it can possibly be and Nintendo not wanting to force the team to work crunch time to ensure the game is released earlier. And while that does suck, I’m totally cool with it. It’s great that Nintendo actually value their developers and don’t want to overwork them. Unlike Rockstar.

I’d rather the game be the best Animal Crossing it can be. And if I need to wait another year for that, then so be it.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

I like Marvel as much as the next guy, but I seriously don’t understand why this game keeps getting pushed so bloody hard during every single Nintendo Direct.

It just doesn’t look fun or interesting at all and looks like shovelware that’s practically going to be dead on arrival. I don’t care and I don’t think anybody does.

Dead by Daylight

I never expected to see this on the Switch. Neat.

Stranger Things 3: The Game

love Stranger Things, but this game doesn’t look all that great in my opinion.

Spyro: Reignited Trilogy

Considering that the Switch version was leaked on the official website for this game literally a year ago, this should be no surprise to anyone.

I’m glad it’s finally here, but I’m also a little disappointed that it took this long to get officially announced and released. I’ve already played and 100%’d Reignited Trilogy on PS4 and I really can’t afford to buy the game again just to play it on my preferred console.

Hopefully if we ever get a new Spyro game, it comes to the Switch at the same time as the other consoles.

Just Dance 2020

They’re still making Just Dance and yes, it’s still on the Wii as well as the Switch. But what’s even funnier is that it’s not coming to the Wii U.


New Super Lucky’s Tale

This was quickly shown for like a few seconds, but I completely lost my shit when I saw it.

Super Lucky’s Tale is one of the few worthwhile exclusives on the Xbox One, and it’s a game that I’ve wanted to have on the Switch for the longest time, because it’s a collectathon platformer.

And here we are. Like Cuphead before it, it’s finally coming to the Switch. Where all collectathons belong. I’ll be getting this as soon as I can.

Minecraft Dungeons

I don’t really give a shit about Minecraft, but Minecraft Dungeons looks fun as hell and I was really interested in it when it was shown off during the Xbox Presentation. I’m glad it’s coming to the Switch as well. It looks like a great time sink, although I’m unsure if I’ll actually buy it.

Ni No Kuni Remake: Wrath of the White Witch

I unfortunately never got around to playing Ni No Kuni, so once again I’m glad it’s getting a remake on the Switch. Supposedly, the Switch version is less technically impressive than the other versions coming to PS4 and Xbox One, but I don’t really care.

I get to play a legendary RPG like this on a handheld. I’m not sure if it’ll live up to the hype, but I’ll definitely be getting this when I can.

Now, how about we get the sequel on Switch as well?


As a former game design student, I’ve played and studied enough Catan to never want to touch the fucking game ever again.

No thanks.

The Sinking City

I’m really not sure what to make of this one, but I dig the aesthetic.

Alien: Isolation

I also missed out on Alien: Isolation despite the immense hype that surrounded the game when it first launched a few years ago. I did get the opportunity to play it for a little while for one of my friends university experiments that was analysing emotional responses when playing games, but aside from that, I haven’t touched this game at all.

If this launches with a good price, I might pick it up. I could use something like this on my Switch.

Hollow Knight: Silksong

I own Hollow Knight on Switch, but I’ve actually yet to beat the game. For no particular reason, I’ve just never gotten round to it.

I’m really happy this game is getting a sequel though, and that it’s coming to the Switch as well. I’m sure it’ll be just as difficult, engaging and enjoyable as the original.

I guess I should get around to beating Hollow Knight then.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition

I love me some Final Fantasy and Crystal Chronicles is a game that I have a very strong personal connection with.

Not only was it one of the RPG’s that defined the genre on the GameCube, it’s also a game I have very fond memories with. When I was a kid, my best friend and I used to play the game on multiplayer all the time. Almost every weekend. And while we never beat it, I remember loving it to death. It was such an amazing experience that defined my childhood and helped me fall in love with JRPG’s.

So of course I’m going to buy a remaster of the game on the Switch. Maybe I’ll even convince my Final Fantasy obsessed wife to pick up a joy-con and take my old friend’s place by my side as we conquer the game together!



Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Pretty awesome that we’re getting the latest Wolfenstein game on a Nintendo console. It’s never been my thing, but I still think it’s great that it’s coming.

DOOM Eternal

And yeah, we’re also getting DOOM Eternal. At the same time as everyone else. Third parties really are back on Nintendo, and I still can’t fucking believe it.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

I never thought that The Elder Scrolls could ever look less appealing to me than it already did.

I was wrong.

Smash Bros DLC Character – Banjo-Kazooie


This is the moment I completely lost my shit.

I honestly still can’t believe that this happened. Not just because I now have to watch 40 terrible Anime series, but also because what should have been impossible has happened.

When this reveal happened, I literally screamed. I was shaking. I was so overcome with emotion that I actually started crying like a little boy. In front of my wife. Who thought it was really adorable. Because Banjo is something I’ve wanted in Smash Bros since Melee.

Banjo-Kazooie is more than just a video game to me. Yes, it’s one of my favourite games of all time, that I replay constantly, but it’s also a game that made me fall in love with video games in the first place. It was a huge part of my childhood, more so than just about any other game I’ve ever played or grew up with. And the series has been abandoned by Microsoft for so long that I’d given up hope of ever seeing the iconic duo ever again.

Yet, here we are. Despite being owned by Microsoft, a rival company, Banjo and Kazooie are coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as DLC. This year. We even have a remix of the iconic Spiral Mountain theme composed by none other than Grant Kirkhope himself!

Just… I can’t believe it. I can’t freaking believe that these two are on a Nintendo console again. They’re back where they belong. They’re home.

Now give us Rare Replay, or a new Banjo game, on the Switch and I’ll never ask for anything ever again.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel

And just when I thought that this Direct had nothing big left to surprise me with, they go ahead and announce this.

A sequel to Breath of the Wild! I expected a Super Mario Odyssey sequel, but Breath of the Wild?! That’s insane!

Unfortunately we didn’t get an awful lot of details about the game outside of a brief trailer showing a cutscene, but holy shit am I excited for this. The trailer is giving some serious Majora’s Mask vibes, and given that this sequel seems to be being developed on the same engine as Breath of the Wild I suspect that this sequel might actually mirror the development cycle of Majora some what.

Majora wound up being one of the most memorable and fantastic Zelda experiences because of its constrained development cycle, so are Nintendo trying to emulate this with a Breath of the Wild sequel? Perhaps I’m reading way too deep into all of this, but I’d love for another darker, more atmospheric take on Zelda again. Applied to Breath of the Wild’s open world design. That’d be incredible.

I also hope that if they decide to stick to the open world formula that Breath of the Wild established, that Nintendo learn from the few mistakes they made as well. Maybe some traditional story dungeons this time? Some more items? A more engaging story?

I honestly have no idea what to expect here, but I’m very excited. Breath of the Wild is one of the greatest games I’ve played in the last 10 years, and a sequel is just… The most exciting thing I could imagine for.

I look forward to seeing Nintendo redefine adventure games again with this one. And also, short-haired Zelda is top tier waifu.

Annnnnnd, that’s everything. I think.

Again, I know this is very late, but I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts on Nintendo’s E3 regardless! Until next time everyone!

6 thoughts on “Thoughts on Nintendo’s E3 2019 Presentation

      1. Yeah exactly. I think I am going to be sticking with playing with my switch more than my PS4. I really like how Nintendo is getting more 3rd party games. I never played the Witcher 3, but I hear it’s really good.

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  1. They announced SO many great things that I can barely keep up with it lol. No More Heroes 3 and Link’s Awakening are definitely the ones that speak to me most. Also, stoked for Luigi’s Mansion 3. I love Luigi and I’m always happy when he gets his own spotlight.

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  2. I’m not even super into games, but I also think it’s funny how Just Dance is still being made for the Wii as well as the Switch but skipping over Wii U entirely.
    Also, I’M HAPPY YOU’RE SO EXCITED! 😀 (And I’m also happy you have to watch the terrible anime okay byeeeeee…)

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