Pre-Airing Impressions: Summer 2018 Anime Season

Spring has sprung and the Spring Anime Season of 2018 has come to a close, with the Summer Season now on the horizon. And with it, a whole new boatload of shows are on their way.

So as usual, here’s my Pre-Airing thoughts on the upcoming season. Let’s dive in!

Note: As usual, I’m not covering movies or specials in this post. There’s a couple of OVA’s being listed this time around (like Dragon Ball Heroes), but most of those also won’t be included. This list is going to be long enough without them.

Attack on Titan Season 3 – While I’m definitely in the camp of people who think that Attack on Titan’s second season was a major disappointment and that the story went very downhill due to a much slower pace, a halved episode count and a less exciting plot overall, I am still quite excited for this latest season.

As someone who has read the Manga chapters that this new season will likely be adapting, there’s a lot to be excited for, and if the staff at Wit Studio manage to get their act together and sort out the pacing issues and animation dips, this could wind up being something great. Let’s hope that season 2 was just a weaker act of a much greater story.

Really looking forward to this one.

Overlord III – Apparently Overlord is really popular? It never seemed all that great to me, and I still haven’t finished Season 1 or Season 2, so I’ll probably leave this alone for now. Still, with three seasons and apparently many fans, there’s probably something interesting here. Guess I’ll get to it eventually!

FLCL Progressive – It’s really strange to see that FLCL is actually getting the second season that fans have been wanting to see for literally over a decade. That being said, I’ve always been a bit of a hipster when it comes to this show, and I’ve never really understood what the big deal was.

Perhaps it’s because I missed out on the show when it first aired on Adult Swim and am therefore missing some kind of historical context. Perhaps it’s because I’ve never considered Gainax to be as god-tier a studio as everyone else seems to. Or perhaps it’s just because I’m an idiot. But I don’t get it.

FLCL was alright and kinda funny. And it had good music. But meh. I’ll watch it, but it’ll really need to impress me to be anywhere near close to Anime of the Season.

Angel of Massacre – This one looks like fun! A psychological horror Anime following a young girl and a guy with a big scythe in a mysterious building. I imagine the guy will kill lots of things with this scythe. Seems like it could be pretty great, especially if it delivers on the “horror” tag it has on MAL.

But it’s also based on a game. So I won’t get my hopes up.

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord – Hurr durr! It’s another Isekai show! They’re all terrible! Hurr durr!

You guys know I love the Isekai genre despite how “oversaturated” it’s supposedly become (it hasn’t been for a while) and this show actually looks like it could be a pretty good time with yet another wacky twist on the genre.

Does it seem a little derivative? Sure. Does it seem like it’ll also be a good time? Definitely. Learn how to have fun, people.


It’s a bit of a meme now, but Free! is my least favourite Anime of all time, and I am very afraid of this new season because unlike most continuing seasons, I can actually watch this one. And I don’t like it very much. Sorry Zel!

But I always try to go into everything positively. Maybe this one will be better…? AAAAAAA!

Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san – Another show about a guy who can see spirits, only this time there’s a bunch of attractive girls who live with him and it’ll be focusing on a cute loli girl ghost. And it’s by Xebec, so I’m sure there’ll be plenty of fan-service and Ecchi goodness. This probably isn’t for me.

Tenrou: Sirius the Jaegar – A vampire hunting show by… P.A Works…? What the hell? This could be really interesting of an absolute disaster, but I’m hoping for the former. P.A Works have always been a studio who’s work I’ve struggled to get into, so the thought of them branching out into this kind of show really interests me. Really looking forward to this one.

Grand Blue – This one looks like it could be a really mature Slice of Life type story about a young mans early adulthood. Apparently the Manga is very popular and really well loved by its fans, so I’m expecting some good things here.

Island – It’s a Visual Novel, so I’m expecting this one to be the usual mess of “we only adapted 1 out of 50 routes because Visual Novels” instead of just being a good story on its own. That may seem dismissive, but meh. I hope to be proven wrong, because this otherwise seems interesting.

The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar – That’s a wordy title. This looks like another fun Isekai, but seems to be very similar to Isekai Smartphone based on the premise. I’ll definitely be giving this one a shot, but I hope it manages to craft an identity of its own. I guess we’ll see!

Gintama: Silver Soul Arc 2 – Apparently the previous season wasn’t the final season of Gintama and was just “Part 1” of the final season. This is Part 2. Will there be a Part 3? Will Gintama finally end so I can watch it all?

Banana Fish – This looks and sounds like a Yaoi. Is it a Yaoi? It’s labelled a “Shoujo”. What are you Banana Fish?! HELP ME SHOUJO!

Back Street Girls: Gokudolls – Backstreets back, alright! …Sorry. This one is apparently about three Yakuza guys being sent to Thailand to be transformed into female sex idols as punishment for failing their bosses. This could either be absolutely hilarious or incredibly offensive. Possibly both!

Shichisei no Subaru – really like the sound of this one. It’s an MMO based series that sounds like it’ll be full of feels, romance and possibly a hint of mystery. Looking forward to this.

Chio’s School World – Apparently this one is literally a show about a girl going to school and encountering all kinds of weird and wacky stuff as she makes her way there. This sounds insane! I hope the whole show is just one big wacky journey to school. That’d be great.

Happy Sugar Life – There’s not a lot of information on this one, but it looks like it’s about a psychotic girl who is in a relationship with another girl that’s probably really broken and fucked up. This is most definitely going to be my kind of show. I can’t wait to learn more about it.

High Score Girl – I love the sound of this one! It’s a romance show set in the early 90s with a focus on arcades and apparently Street Fighter II! This is totally my thing! Sign me up!

Hanebado! – Badminton: The Anime. Cool!

Harukana Receive – Volleyball: The Anime + Hot Anime Girls. Cool!

Jashin-chan Dropkick – A loli girl and demon girl with a snake tail apparently live together. …What…?

Cells at Work – Apparently this is an Anime that literally tells a story through explaining how the cells in your body work. What the fuck David Production? This is an insanely weird, yet super interesting idea for an Anime.

And I thought David could never adapt anything weirder than Jojo.

Miss caretaker of Sunohara-sou – A guy who is often mistaken for a girl moves in 4 girls. This isn’t my thing, but could be kinda funny. Maybe.

Middle Manager Tonegawa – I’m really surprised that this Manga is getting an Anime adaptation! Remember Kaiji? That wacky gambling Anime that had the guys with pointy noses and lots of “ZAWA ZAWA” sound effects? Remember Tonegawa? The Yakuza guy who served as the antagonist for a large portion of the series?

Well, he his own Manga, and it’s getting an Anime, and it’s going to be sweet! This has the potential to be one of the best shows of the season and I’m really looking forward to it.

One Room 2nd Season – I actually watched One Room.  It was awful. And creepy. Very creepy. I will happily watch One Room 2nd Season as well. And I’m sure it’ll be just as awful and creepy. Why do I do this to myself?

Holmes at Kyoto Teramachi Sanjo – This show sounds very similar to Tsukomodo Antique Shop, a series of Light Novels that has never gotten an Anime because apparently we live in an unfair world. I kind of wish that series was getting an Anime instead, but hey, I’ll take this I guess. Sounds like it’ll be good.

Muhyo to Rouji no Mahouritsu Soudan Jimusho – Another ghost hunting series. Maybe I’ll actually watch this one.

Lord of Vermilion: Guren no Ou – Apparently this is based on a card game, but it sounds really interesting, so I’ll be giving this a shot for sure.

Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki – Apparently an “original take” on a historical story told in Anime form. Neat.

Asobi Asobase – A surreal school based comedy focusing on two girls or something. Ehh.

Phantom in the Twilight – This seems like my kind of show. A world where shadow creatures are born from human anxiety? I just hope it doesn’t focus too much on the pretty boys. Please no.

Yama no Susume: Third Season – I didn’t watch the last two seasons.

Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight – A show about a song and dance troupe? By Kinema Citrus? Count me in!

Yume Oukoku to Nemureru 100 Nin no Ouji-sama – A girl has to save the Dream World for the “Dream Eaters”. This sounds like a cool idea, but I’m not sure if it’s my thing.

Senjuushi – A series focusing on a war between “ancient” guns and “contemporary” guns? I like the sound of this!

Ongaku Shoujo – Cute girls being cute idols. Again!

Tsukumogami Kashimasu – That poster looks terrifying!

Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai! 2 – I didn’t watch, not have I ever heard of, Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai! 1. So I will probably not watch this.

Planet With – No synopsis. Looks like a Mecha. We could use more of those in today’s Anime climate.

Yami Shibai 6 – More Yami Shibai. I’ll take it!

BanG Dream! Garupa☆Pico – More BanG Dream! I know nothing about BanG Dream! so I probably won’t watch this. Seems cute though.

Zoids Wild – No synopsis. Was Zoids ever a thing before this? It sounds familiar.

Cinderella Girls 3rd Season – It’s got 3 seasons now?! I should probably check this out at some point.

Aguu: Tensai Ningyou – A genius goes missing and a big mystery happens. Ooooo.

Hataraku Onii-san! No 2! – No synopsis. Did not watch Hataraku Onii-san! No 1!

Joshiochi!: 2-kai kara Onnanoko ga… Futtekita!? – This looks like porn. Is this porn? Oh boy!

Future Card Shin Buddyfight – More Card Buddyfights in the future or something.

Shinya! Tensai Bakabon – The poster for this looks like a psychedelic nightmare.

Okojo to Yamane – This looks sooooo cute!

Oshiete Fairilu: Mahou no Pendulum – No synopsis.

Space Bug – No synopsis. Looks like Bee Movie.

Dragon Ball Heroes – Apparently this is a “promotional Anime” for the card game Dragon Ball Heroes. I’m not so sure about this but more Dragon Ball until the eventual continuation of Super sounds good to me!

Tales of the Rays (2018) – I’m a huge Tales fan and it’s probably my favourite JRPG series ever, so this’ll no doubt be a nice piece of fan-service for me. Looking forward to it.

And that’s everything. I’m sure. I’m positive. 99% certain. Let me know if I missed anything and I’ll add it here. This season looks like it’ll be a fine one, although it does seem a little weak for a Summer Season in my opinion. Still, there’s plenty of quality shows that I’m looking forward to.

As always, I look forward to seeing how things go this season and what ends up coming out on top for me.

And stay tuned for some First Impressions posts for any of the shows I decide to write about as well as an overall First Impressions post once the season is fully underway.

As for last season, I’ve got a Top 5 and Worst 5 list coming shortly. Stay tuned for that also!

Yay! Summer!

What are you looking forward to this upcoming season?

8 thoughts on “Pre-Airing Impressions: Summer 2018 Anime Season

  1. I haven’t yet decided what I am going to watch yet. But Attack on Titan is pretty much a no brainer, and I have to admit that the Angel of Massacre sounds pretty interesting as well. Hopefully we will get some fun shows! And of course enjoy watching them 😊


  2. Room Mate was kind creepy and really pointless (in the one episode I saw, I didn’t know if the guys were looking at me or over my shoulder), so I don’t know who would like two seasons of One Room.

    That aside, currently my hype list is down to Cells at Work! and Muhyo and Roji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation. The former I haven’t dealt with the source material but have heard good things about, the latter I’ve read all the source material for, but it finished years ago so I don’t remember much (plus the anime starts in August, so it’s a waiting game). Oh well, I have My Hero Academia and Nobunaga no Shinobi to tide me over, so it’s not too bad.

    Yume Oukoku to Nemureru 100 Nin no Ouji-sama (just call it “Yume 100”) and Senjuushi are just shows based on mobile games about pretty boys, so I don’t think you’d be particularly interested in either…


  3. Angel of Massacre sounds like something I’d enjoy, if it nails that horror tag, as you mentioned. I’m pretty sure Banana Fish is Yaoi. One of my friends is obsessed with the manga and she mentioned that they were making an anime out of it and that it’s yaoi. AoTS3 is pretty much a no brainer for me too, although I hope that it will be MUCH better than season two, because wow, that was a disappointment. Looks like you’re going to be very busy this season!

    Also, congrats on levelling up to husbando status! 🙂 Wishing y’all a lifetime of happiness.


  4. Completely agree with you on FLCL and Free XD. Love the last gif btw! I’m probably only gonna watch AoT this time around


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