Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS Collaboration – Episode 3 (With Jon Spencer Reviews & Ayano Kitsune)

And we’re back with another Episode review of Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS!

For those who don’t know, or maybe missed the previous posts in this collaboration, myself, Jon Spencer Reviews and Ayano Kitsune are all huge WIXOSS fans, and thought it’d be super neat to collaborate and share our collective thoughts on each episode as they come out.

It’s my turn to host this time around, where we’ll be tackling Episode 3! If you missed the previous two posts you can find our thoughts on Episode 1 here and Episode 2 here.

So without further delay, let’s get into our thoughts!

Leth: I guess I should start my thoughts by addressing the most important thing first. AKI-LUCKY IS BACK. She’s best WIXOSS girl, and I am so glad she’s back in all her bitchy glory. It was great getting to see her battle Kiyoi as well, especially given their history together. That was a real treat.

Beyond being an awesome spectacle of pure fan-service, the battle between these two also provided us with some nifty exposition relating to the new rules of this latest batch of Selector battles, and there’s some key differences this time around. The most notable of these being that if you lose the game, you also lose your LRIG. Which is bound to become the core of plenty of emotional and heartbreaking scenes that the series is no doubt going to be throwing at us later in the series. As for how this will impact the game itself, that’s a little unclear as of now, but I’m sure it’ll be interesting from a mechanical standpoint as well. Of course, the biggest strength of WIXOSS has always been its use of the card game as a narrative device that allows the show to explore the emotional state of the characters, so as long as this new rules delivers on that front, I’m all for it.

Outside of Akira, we also got to see other members of the original Selector cast, who’ve all been dragged into the Selector battles once again. Seeing all of these familiar faces was a real treat, and I’m looking forward to seeing what roles they’ll be playing this time around.

Overall, this episode was by far the best one yet. The main narrative is finally starting to pick up and move forward, the cast members are falling into place, new rules and mechanics have been introduced to keep things fresh and best girl Aki-Lucky is back! What more could a WIXOSS fan ask for?

Jon: Episode 3 was an exciting episode for me. Good ol’ Aki made her official debut and battled Kiyoi. Not only was this just awesome, it introduced the new mechanics of how these battles are going to work for this season. That being said, in true WIXOSS fashion, things are still pretty unclear regarding how the game works. Now, when you lose, you also lose your LRIG. I’m not sure exactly how this is going to work or impact the game, but I know it will be negative for most of the characters.

We still had a little more flash-back and setup to do but the narrative is finally ready to go full steam ahead. There was a glimpse of Tama and Ruuko in here but the primary focus (outside of the battle of course) was on the other members of season one’s cast as they get caught in the game once again. They decide it is best to leave Ruuko out of it, but I have the feeling that by doing so they are going to inevitably bring her back in

In all, another solid episode. Aki is crazy, plot is moving nicely, and I’m having a blast with contemplating just exactly what will happen next. Eagerly await next week’s episode!

Ayano: Can I just say holy crap! Things are getting progressively more intense as each episode airs. I am LIVING for the drama though. I am so glad Ruuko, Hitoe, and Yuzuki have made more of an appearance this episode. I was disappointed that Yuzuki was trying to play dumb with Hana when Hana was asking her questions. Like…girl! Help Hana-chan out! She just wants to know what is going on. She’s trying to gather information as best as she can and you are just hindering her progress. Tsk. I thought Yuzuki was cooler than that. Oh well. Seeing human Tama made up for this fact.

Yes! Aki-lucky is back and she has gone full beast-mode. I find it quite amusing that she can switch her yandere on and off. She was like a damn light switch this episode. Also…can we talk about how cute Anonymous-chan was?! Her playing all coy with Hana was too freaking adorable!

I think the concept of the key card was rather compelling. Not everyone has these key cards (because Aki couldn’t bet one against Kiyoi when they battled). So if you lose against someone with a key card it captures your LRIG inside. I wonder if the people with the key cards will be able to substitute other LRIG’s in battle now or if they just keep them for the sake of keeping them? I guess we will find out in the future episodes. AND THAT ENDING! I knew cliffhanger-kun was gonna come out to play but HOT DAMN! Carnival making her appearance in front of Kiyoi was everything I wanted and more! Carnival is one sadistic bitch and I love it. I hope they don’t defeat her too quickly because I want to see more of her.

And that’s our thoughts on this one. As always it’s been a pleasure to work with both Jon and Ayano, and we hope you had fun reading our thoughts.

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7 thoughts on “Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS Collaboration – Episode 3 (With Jon Spencer Reviews & Ayano Kitsune)

  1. Anonymous-Chan is one of my favourite LRIG’s and I’m glad she’s back. She was never particularly concerned with pretending to be helpful. Then again, she did get name Anonymous so I guess that wasn’t exactly asking for her to be the most upfront.
    Glad to read this again and I’m glad the three of you are having fun watching and covering this. Looking forward to the fourth instalment.

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