The strength of using anecdotes in your writing

Disclaimer: This is yet another post where I share some random blogging advice related to my approach to content creation that I think may be of use to some of my fellow bloggers. Hopefully this will be of some use to some of you!

There’s nothing more entertaining than a good story, and there’s nothing more enjoyable to me than writing my content on my own blog.

So naturally, putting a story, an anecdote, into my content whenever possible, is a combination that makes a lot of sense to me.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I always strive to achieve the balance between getting personal in my writing, while also trying to be relatable to the people that are reading and following my blog. And I feel that one of the best ways to do that outside of general wording, is through the use of anecdotes: Short, true stories that are relevant to the subject of the post.

Whenever I talk about a particular Anime series, video game or whatever, I always feel it’s important to give some context behind the subject matter being discussed. Every Anime I feel is worthy of an in depth blog post has some kind of story behind that relates to me and my own experiences. Experiences that are relatable to, and resonate with, many other Anime fans.

The example of this, not my own, that made me come to this realisation of how impactful anecdotes can be in conveying a point to one’s audience on a personal level, is that of World Nate a renowned travel blogger who makes a living travelling the world, full time. In one of his posts, describing his travels, he recalls a story where he went scuba diving, and came across a sunken toilet seat under the sea. Prior to his travels, Nate was a plumber full-time, and found it amusing that in the time between quitting his job and embarking on his travels, he had progressed from fixing toilets to finding them under the sea. This short anecdote, sums up the ethos of his blog and career perfectly, and along with many others, allows his content to resonate with his audience.

In terms of my own blog, my go to example, would always be that of the face of this blog, Tanaka-kun. There’s a reason why he’s all over my content and why his show is such an impactful series to me. Because when I look at Tanaka, and see his laid back, lazy and chilled out attitude towards everything, I see myself. I see my story: That of a sleepy, always lethargic guy who expends as little energy as possible in every situation. It’s the basis of my online persona and the content I produce.

And that’s just a couple of examples.

These short anecdotes, while personal, are also ones that can be relatable to one’s audience, and as a result, I always try to include my own whenever I can.


I personally feel that a well placed anecdote can make all the difference when it comes to quality and relatability of my posts, and I’m always interested when I see them included in the posts of other’s as well.

Of course, as always, you do you and what works for your content, but I hope this could be of use to some of you!

8 thoughts on “The strength of using anecdotes in your writing

  1. Adding anecdotes is something that I do quite often too. Couldn’t recommend doing it enough, because it’s nice to get to know the writer as well as the material they write about.

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  2. Whenever I can I always try to do this as well. It’s always fun to use some fun anecdotes in some way. It’s not possible to use it in every post, but when you do it makes the post more personal as well as more relatable. Great post as always,and of course Merry Christmas 😊

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