Announcing the Innominate Anime Podcast

It’s time for a super important, and slightly late, announcement!

You may have already heard about this from the various others involved, but I started a podcast with some fellow anibloggers, and you can go watch the first episode on YouTube as we speak!

The Innominate Anime Podcast, the single greatest podcast in the universe, are a small group of anibloggers who have decided to get together on a biweekly basis to discuss various Anime related topics for your listening pleasure.

As for who we are, you all know me, the laziest Anime fan in existence (and supposedly the groups resident bishie. I’m not sure when or why this was decided but I’m just running with it…) but you may not know the rest of the groups members, so allow me to formally introduce them!

Shoujo: Our fearless leader, and the one who initially approached me with the idea of starting this whole thing in the first place, Shoujo is the groups resident shipper and, naturally, a fan of all things Shoujo. She writes all kinds of great things, including anime related ramblings and her Fan-fiction Friday series

Scott: The science fiction and mecha expert of the group, Scott runs the blog Mechanical Anime Reviews where he posts full series reviews of both seasonal and non-seasonal Anime along with more broad discussion focused posts.

Hazelyn: The “mom” of the group with a love of architecture. She runs the blog Arch-Anime which has a unique focus on Anime and architecture, as well as full series reviews, Man Crush Monday and all kinds of other great posts!

Irina: The groups heavy drinker and the one with the accent who isn’t me. She runs drunkenanimeblog where she posts in depth reviews of Anime series and editorial pieces, all while drinking. I imagine.

Remy: The one who stays up late and lover of all things Yuri, Remy runs the Lily Garden where he writes all manner of Anime related things, but with a heavy focus on the Yuri genre.

And then there’s me. The lazy one.

As for the podcast itself, we’d really appreciate it if you subscribed to our YouTube channel which you can find here.

If you want to know what you’re getting into, you can check out the first episode here. Please excuse our awkwardness. We’ll get better. Any feedback is welcomed!

You can also follow our podcasts Twitter: @InnominateCast for updates and other podcast related things!

I’ll also be promoting any episodes we do in a post on the blog when they are released.

Thank you for checking us out and enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Announcing the Innominate Anime Podcast

  1. I listened to the 1st podcast Wednesday and I really enjoyed it. I don’t usually listen to podcast but I will definitely listen to yours guy. Even if you were a little bit awkward it was still fun to listen to you.

    You really all did a great job!! Can’t wait for the next one 😀

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  2. I’m not really into podcasts myself (I honestly have to say in between my blog, my dayjob, reading other blogs and commenting on them, as well as watching anime, watching movies/tv series, reading books and playing boardgames I really don’t know how I could fit it in).
    That said, I still think it is really amazing that you guys are all doing this and I really wish you all the best. I just know from your blogs, that this will be another success! 😀

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