The Listless List: 5 Worst Anime of Summer 2017

Disclaimer: Due to things being pretty busy these last few months, I didn’t get the chance to watch absolutely everything this season, meaning some shows that could have made this list may not have. Furthermore, I’ve yet to finish a few of these entries, meaning this list is based on how I feel at this current moment in time.

It’s that time of the season where once again I pick out the shows I thought were the baddest apples of the bunch.

As per usual, these are simply my own personal picks and I’d love to hear your own. Feel free to share yours in the comments!

5. 18if


It seems that almost every season there’s at least one show I really look forward to that winds up falling ridiculously short of my initial expectations. And it seems that this season, 18if is that show.

really wanted to life 18if. I really wanted to get behind this show, just like I wanted to get behind Sakurada Reset from last season.

It had an interesting and unique premise, an interesting and intriguing setting and one of the most striking, whimsical and fantastic looking visual styles I’ve seen from Anime in the longest time.

But the content of the show itself is just so uninteresting to me. Despite taking place in a fantastical dream world setting, the show does almost nothing fun or interesting with it at all aside from making things look trippy and colourful. And that’s all fine and dandy, but I wanted more than that.

The whole series felt like a humongous waste of potential, and I’m extremely disappointed with how it turned out overall.

18if isn’t bad, but it’s incredibly disappointing and unfortunately it made this list as a result.

But I won’t deny that it looks absolutely incredible. Those visuals are just… Fantastic. If you’re an appreciator of visual eye candy, you’ll be absolutely spoiled with this one.

4. New Game!!


I know this is going to be a controversial, and maybe even unfair, pick but hear me out.

I didn’t like the first season of New Game. I also don’t like this season of New game. I don’t like New Game. At all. And I’ve tried to, oh I’ve tried to.

Being someone with a passion for the games industry, I’ve wanted to get into New Game for the longest time, but I just can’t because… It’s nothing more than a really boring iyashikei show with the games industry as its choice of backdrop to have cute girls be cute and do cute things, and maybe sometimes, on occasion, make video games. Maybe. Sometimes. Perhaps.

And that would be completely fine if the characters were individuals who’s antics I enjoy watching unfold on-screen, but they aren’t. They’re just cute girls. Who sometimes make video games. I still can’t remember their names.

However, I will give this second season credit where it’s due. Unlike the first season, which had nothing of interest happen whatsoever, this season did have some developments which were fairly interesting. It’s just unfortunate that it wasn’t enough to catapult the series out of the realm of mediocrity.

God I wish someone would make a real game development Anime already.

3. Knight’s and Magic


From the moment I saw that unnecessary apostrophe in the title, I knew this show wasn’t going to win me over.

…But in all seriousness, Knight’s and Magic just isn’t anything special. At all. It’s a weird combination of medieval fantasy and mecha, which is cool on paper, but has been executed far better by countless shows before it.

And the story itself just isn’t all that interesting.

Much like 18if, it’s not even that bad a show, it’s just really, really boring and as a result, it was a real struggle to get through the episodes I did watch. And I still need to finish it.

But the robots are cool at least.

2. Dive!!


I knew this was going to make the list.

I just knew it.

When I started watching Dive!!, the PTSD I received from watching Free! Iwatobi Swim Club back in 2014 immediately kicked in and I was absolutely terrified.

Free! is my least favourite Anime of all time. The show has next to no redeeming qualities at all and Dive!!, is more or less the same thing as Free!, only far less bland and uninteresting. But it’s still pretty bad.

The characters aren’t entertaining, the plot is barely worth mentioning at all and the amount of man-service is just unbearable for me.

This could have been a really cool show about diving, but it’s anything but a cool show about diving. It’s just Free! again, only it’s about diving instead of swimming and, personally, I could do with one less Free! clone in my life. HELP.

But the diving scenes are nice.

1. Fate/Apocrypha


If you read my First Impressions post for Fate/Apocrypha, you’ll likely remember me saying that I don’t like Fate very much and that, while I get what everyone else see’s in the franchise, I find it all kinda boring.

And unfortunately Fate/Apocrypha did very little to change that. In fact, if anything, it served as a fine reminder of why I can’t stand this overblown cash cow of a franchise and further reinforced my belief that I should stay as far away from anything even remotely related to Fate as possible.

I rarely say this about any Anime, but I seriously hate this show. I don’t enjoy it. I get nothing out of it when I watch it. It’s boring. It’s full of technobabbly nonsense that takes an entire episode to explain in place of the really cool fights that should be there instead. When characters do fight it lasts 20 seconds before getting interrupted by more exposition or some other kind of ridiculous form of divine intervention, and it’s a show about a death tournament. The episodes are ridiculously slow and the series has absolutely no business being 25 episodes long. The characters aren’t fun or interesting individuals at all. Even the production values, which are normally the biggest strength of this franchise, fall short because A-1 Pictures. And this is coming from someone who believes that the “everything A-1 Pictures makes is terrible because Sword Art Online is a 1/10” meme is nonsense and needs to die.

I wanted this to be the Fate series that won me over. But it wasn’t. It was arguably the worst one yet, and I thought this franchise could only get better.

I’m not looking forward to the Heavens Feel movies.

Just make Fate/Prototype a full length Anime already.

Share your worst:

What were your worst shows from the Summer 2017 Anime Season? Feel free to share yours in the comments!

18 thoughts on “The Listless List: 5 Worst Anime of Summer 2017

  1. Yeah, these picks make sense to me. I like 18if but can see why people wouldn’t. Fate is maybe the only “questionable” pick but I haven’t watched it so no comment. I am a fool who wants to watch all of the Fate franchise but it keeps growing at a crazy pace! Thanks for your thoughts on the season too 🙂


  2. For me it had to be Elegant Yokai Apartment Life. It was staying above Knight’s and Magic on my list most of the season and then I realised it wasn’t finishing and realised how horrible the thought of the show continuing was. Serioulsy, I should be overjoyed that a show I was watching has more episodes, not utterly crushed that I’ll have to hit play again next week. The protagonist is dull, the story goes nowhere, and for a show that is my absolute favourite type of show I cannot believe how much I ended up disliking it.
    Though, Knight’s & Magic ended up being a pretty hard show to finish this season.


  3. I actually like 18if and Dive!!, also if you didn’t finish Sakurada Reset you missed out on an incredibly intelligent and well planned out anime. A lot of people don’t like anime like Sakurada Reset because they don’t want to “think” when they watch a show. It is definitely a slow burner anime. The only one that I was really disappointed in (out of the ones I chose to watch) was Gamers. I dropped that at the second to last episode. I was over all the misunderstandings and confusion in that series lol


  4. Welcome to the Ballroom for me. Damn, there are some many things that are off like virtually no animated dancing scenes, it’s this bizarre macho fest, the music doesn’t sync up to dancing stuff, and I can keep going on and on and on…


  5. I’m sorry, but you totally missed the point on New Game and Knights and Magic.

    For New Game you say say make video games sometimes, but that’s not even true. They make games. ALL THE TIME. How do you think their new titles Fairies 3 and Peco came out? They even focused on Peco and show how they were making it. You also said they were just cute girls, but that’s a disservice to their character. They are more than cute girls. They struggle and help each other out with work. They socialize and connect via their hobbies and pasts. Hifumi wanted to improve her social anxiety, which is a major step of progression for her. Aoba nearly went toe-to-toe with Kou for lead character designer. Yun & Hajime revealed their insecurities and dealt with it by opening up. The new girls and their deal is a whole discussion on its own.

    Knights & Magic isn’t anything deep, but it sets out what it want to be: A fun action show with plenty of homages to its genres. This is 7/10 material because of how fun it is. Shows like these reminds me of shows with fun concepts that roll 110% full throttle to keep up the entertainment. There was cool mechs, fun magic attacks, exciting battles. and a straightforward enough plot to carry on all of that through to the end. If you wanted something deep, you’re looking in the wrong place.

    Also, I feel you not finishing some of these shows gives me major red flags on your takes. But, completing things is something I personally do before analytically posting something, so that’s all on me if anything else.


  6. Well, I haven’t seen any of these shows yet (and I know with me that isn’t a real surprise), but I will lower my expectations for these series. Though I think that for both Dive! And New Game I’m not going to watch them anyway as they are both not my cup of tea 😊 Great post as always!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you really like beautiful visuals, I’d still recommend giving 18if a shot, as it’s very nice to look at, and you may find the story more interesting than I did.

      I have a feeling you’ll also really enjoy Knight’s and Magic, given your love for old Sci-Fi series.

      Thank you for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. “I knew this was going to make the list.

    I just knew it.

    When I started watching Dive!!, the PTSD I received from watching Free! Iwatobi Swim Club back in 2014 immediately kicked in and I was absolutely terrified.”

    I was laughing so hard at this portion of your post. Honestly, just out-loud-until-I-started-coughing at the “absolutely terrified” bit. I haven’t seen Free!, but I know a great deal of people who love it, and I’m debating watching it for knowledge purposes. I was curious about Dive!!, and I’m still curious about Dive!!, but at least I now know if I am indeed going in that I’ve heard at least one negative review… so… thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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