Update: Where I’ve Been All Week

Last week was by far one of the more productive weeks on the blog in recent times. I managed to get a good few posts out and, barring one post which is still in the works, I got everything that I wanted to get out published.

But then this week, unfortunately, I haven’t posted at all.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll already know, but for those who don’t know, the reason I haven’t posted all week is that I’m currently in the process of moving house.

Unfortunately much of my free time has been spent packing boxes of stuff and transporting it from my old place to my new place, and afterwards I’ve wanted to do nothing but curl up and sleep because carrying heavy things takes a toll on my body.

As a result of the move, I’ve barely had the time to even read other peoples posts or check Twitter for updates in the community let alone write my own posts. I haven’t even watched any Anime this week outside of a single Boruto episode!

However, by Sunday night I’ll have finished moving and should be settled into my new residence and will be ready to return to regular posting, starting with a post on my Overall First Impressions of the current Anime Season. It’s a little late, but hopefully the wait will be worth it!

Furthermore, a week ago, I recorded my first ever podcast with fellow blogger JuJu where we talk about the first 2 episodes of Netsuzou TRap. It was a very fun discussion due to our contrasting opinions on the show, so much so, that we’ve planned to turn it into a weekly podcast where we discuss the most recent episode each week. We also plan to eventually branch into other topics when the show finishes airing.

I’d really appreciate it if you guys checked it out. You can find the first episode here. Unfortunately JuJu forgot to plug in his good microphone and accidentally recorded his audio with a not-so-great built-in microphone, so the audio may have some issues. The later episodes should have both of us sounding better. Also my voice is terrible. Sorry.

And of course, I encourage you all to subscribe to JuJu’s channel and follow his blog. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it.

Any how, that’s all from me for now. I’ll be back to actively posting on Monday.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support!

4 thoughts on “Update: Where I’ve Been All Week

  1. Hope you get settled in your new place soon enough. Moving countries was enough for me oh god lol and you DID A PODCAST!! This makes me so excited I will so listen to it. Doing it weekly surely will listen as well this has been so great to see ani bloggers branching out !!

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    1. Most of the stuff has more or less already been moved over barring some essentials, so tomorrow should go really smoothly!

      And thank you! I hope you enjoy it!

      I’m hoping to eventually set up my own channel and do my own stuff too, but I’ll need to get a new laptop and some equipment for that first, so it’s a way off. But I hope to branch out soon!

      Thank you!

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  2. Hope the move has gone well. I still haven’t opened the last box from the last time I moved and that was quite a few years ago now. I kind of feel at this point if I unpack that box it will be time to move again.

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  3. I am currently searching for a new place myself, haven’t found it yet, but certainly I know that once the time comes upon me it will be a very busy time. Hope all has gone well, and things are going to slow down for you now. Moving can certainly be stressful thst is fir sure 😊 Good luck, and looking forward to your upcoming posts 😊


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