Let’s Talk About: Nintendo’s E3 Spotlight Presentation

E3 this year was pretty fantastic.

For the last couple of years, I’d shown a severe lack of interest in the event. There were few game announcements I cared about, lots of filler during each companies conferences and just a baffling lack of energy and excitement.

But this year, each of the big three industry giants, Sony, Nintendo, and even Microsoft, each did a fantastic job at showcasing their latest games and hardware.

I saw more games that I immediately feel compelled to own at this years E3 than I have from any of the previous years.

But of course, the company that I had my eye on more than any other was Nintendo. They’re my favourite gaming company, they haven’t been doing too well the last few years and with the Nintendo Switch proving to be a breakout success, I was very keen to see just what kind of surprises they’d have in store for us.

Would they deliver? Would they give us the games we’ve been asking for? Are they finally going to show that they’re listening?

That last one in particular was the one I found myself constantly asking, because with the Switch it seems Nintendo has been listening to some degree. No region locking. A better online account system. The return to a tradition control scheme. All these things had me wondering if they would continue to do so at this years E3.

And boy did they give us an answer.

Which is yes. They are listening.

So without further delay, I’m simply going to run through each segment of the Spotlight Presentation and give some general thoughts.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2


Xenoblade Chronicles is one of the greatest Japanese RPG’s ever created. With it’s incredibly vast world, engaging battle system and solid storyline, it reminded us all, back in 2010, that the genre still had some bloody life to it. It was just packed full of things to do, and it was incredibly fun.

But it was on the Wii, which limited it some what. The game didn’t look all that great and the controls felt weird because Wiimotes. Luckily much of this was fixed in the spiritual successor for the Wii U, Xenoblade Chronicles X, which looked both amazing and played even better, but unfortunately it suffered in the story department and had some new issues of its own.

While we haven’t seen too much gameplay from this sequel yet, it looks just as vast as the previous games and seems as fun as ever. On top of that, the storyline looks like it’ll be a lot more interesting than that of Xenoblade X. And there’s a whole new, Anime-inspired aesthetic to the game which of course I’m in favour of. It reminds me of the Tales games, and since Namco aren’t making good Tales games any more, this will feel like a nice substitute.

And it’s supposedly going to be out by the end of 2017 too. I’ll believe that when I see it, but I hope that’s the case, because this game is going to be incredible.

Kirby Switch


Remember when I said Kirby 64 was one of the most memorable games from my childhood as well as my favourite Kirby game because it had that awesome power combining mechanic that we haven’t seen since?

Well, not only are we getting a new 2.5D Kirby game for the Switch, but we’re also getting one with the power combining mechanic from Kirby 64! Something we’ve been asking for and haven’t seen since.

This whole game looks like a spiritual successor to Kirby 64, which I consider to be one of the greatest games of all time. As such, I’m looking forward to getting this when it comes out and experimenting with all those combinations once again just like my childhood self did back in the day.

They’ve also brought partner characters back too, which is another thing I’m glad to see the return of.

And it looks lovely.

Honestly, I didn’t expect to see this at all. Considering Kirby just recently got a bunch of 3DS games, I figured he wouldn’t be getting a home on the Switch for quite some time. I’m glad I was wrong.

Pokken Tournament DX


We already learned about this from the Pokemon Direct the other day, but we got to see a little more of this Pokemon meets Tekken fighting game and it looks like a lot of fun.

It’s a re-release of the Wii U game that came out a while back, but I never got a chance to play the original, so this is ideal for me.

I’m still not too sure if I’ll get it, since I’m not that into fighting games or Pokemon, but maybe I’ll grab it at some point.

Regardless, it looks like a lot of fun.

Core Pokemon RPG for the Switch


A lot of Nintendo fans were disappointed when a mainline Pokemon game for the Switch wasn’t announced during the Pokemon Direct. But in a shocking turn of events, they briefly revealed that a core Pokemon RPG is being developed for the Switch to be released at a later date.

We know nothing about the game as of right now. It could be a whole new game, or maybe an enhanced port of Sun and Moon. I’m personally hoping for a new entry in the Coliseum/Gale of Darkness series. That’d be sweet.

This was a nice surprise, even if we know next to nothing at this point.

Metroid Prime 4

When this game was announced I completely lost it.

I, and many other Nintendo fans, have been begging for a new entry in the Metroid franchise for almost a decade. Considering the last game we got wasn’t exactly great, and Nintendo’s lack of anything Metroid, I’d began to lose hope of ever seeing another entry in the series let alone at this years E3.
Yet, not only are we getting a new Metroid game for the Switch, we’re getting a new Metroid Prime game for the Switch. I figured that with Prime 3’s conclusion we’d seen the last of that incredible series of Metroid games, but apparently not.

We’ve seen nothing of the game yet, the trailer was literally just the awesome looking logo accompanied by the original Metroid Prime title screen theme music.

Judging from that, it’s safe to say we won’t be seeing any footage for a while. But it’s in development and that’s all I need.

Nintendo listened and are making a new Prime game. This is incredible.

Time to go replay the first three Prime games to celebrate while I wait.

Yoshi Switch

maxresdefault (7).jpg

Much like Kirby I wasn’t expecting this one either, since we’ve just recently had Yoshi’s Wooly World and New Yoshi’s Island.

This game looks really fun. It’s a standard Yoshi game, but with the added twist of a papercraft aesthetic, the ability to throw eggs at any angle, including another plane in the background and some kind of mechanic that allows to flip the world.

It also looks like there’s mulitplayer which means my girlfriend, a big Yoshi fan, will get to play with me too! We’re gonna have lots of fun with this one!

Fire Emblem Warriors


This is one we learned about a while back when the first few Switch titles got announced, and I was already pretty hyped from the 10 seconds of gameplay we saw back then, but now I’m more or less sold on this one.

This trailer didn’t show any new gameplay, but it gave us a lot more information about the games story, along with some nicely animated cutscenes from the game, which are also fully voiced.

It seems we’ll getting a semi-decent narrative with Fire Emblem Warriors and if the gameplay turns out to be anywhere near the level of Hyrule Warriors, this will be a very solid game.



I’ll  be brutally honest here: I didn’t like Skyrim. I personally found it to be a broken, messy and fairly dull game that just didn’t appeal to my tastes at all. I recall getting stuck in an infinite death loop within the first 40 minutes of the game and having to restart the entire game from the beginning because autosaving! Fans told me I “should have made a back up”. I shouldn’t have to.

*breathes in*

However, that was a long time ago, and I’m a lot more open to things these days, so if I get a chance to play this on the Switch and find myself enjoying it more, maybe I’ll get this.

I like Kyoto Animation now. Anything’s possible.

Also, that Zelda stuff looks cool.

Breath of the Wild DLC Packs


Breath of the Wild is getting DLC. A lot of people seem mad about this for some reason. I think it’s fine. After all, Breath of the Wild is a gigantic game on its own, we’re getting more stuff added to it and it’s a reasonable price? What’s there to complain about? Sounds good to me.

That being said, I’m not sure if I’ll be getting this any time soon. I still haven’t beaten Breath of the Wild and I’ve clocked in over 100 hours at this point. Perhaps after I beat the game, sure, I’ll consider it.

As for what’s offered, yeah it seems cool. The Trial of the Sword looks like it’ll be fun. The new armor and costumes are neat. The new original story that’s shrouded in mystery seems intriguing. But Hard mode as DLC? That’s weird.

We’re also getting more amiibo, one for each of the four guardians in the game. I like amiibo and all, but I probably won’t bother because my wallet is already going to be drained by all this stuff coming to the Switch. But hey, that’s cool I guess.

Mario x Rabbids: Kingdom Battle


I never liked those Rabbids, they killed 3D Rayman, but this game genuinely looks like it’ll be really fun. It’s a crossover I never thought I’d see, and it shouldn’t work, but it kind of… does.

It’s essentially XCOM with Mario and the Rabbids. That’s it. I can’t complain. I’ll probably buy this. Shame on me.

Rocket League


Despite owning a PS4, I never got the chance to play Rocket League. But now it’s coming to Switch, complete with exclusive items and stuff.

And the game supports local multiplayer and cross platform play meaning I can play people who have this game on other platforms (except PS4 because Sony).

So yeah. Consider me sold. This looks great.

Super Mario Odyssey


You know when you watch a game trailer for the first time and you just find yourself grinning like an idiot and trying so damn hard to not laugh out loud because you’re so overcome with happiness that something so amazing can exist?

That’s what happened to me when I watched the E3 trailer for Mario Odyssey.

I knew this game was going to be special back it was first announced in January. But I had no idea it was going to be this. By “this” I mean what looks to be the wackiest, most insane, most over the top and most awesome Super Mario game I’ve ever seen.

I love Mario. Many of his adventures are among my favourite video games of all time. But for a while, ever since Galaxy 2, Mario’s gotten a little tired. With 3D Land, 3D World and countless spin-offs, I was beginning to feel that Mario had lost his magical presence as the mascot of Nintendo and video games as a whole.

Then this game shatters all doubts I had by reinventing Mario, and platformers in general, all over again.

It’s a return to the old collectathon style of Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine, something fans have been begging for since Galaxy made the games more linear. But this time around mario has a magical cap that he can throw at enemies, and when the cap hits certain enemies it allows Mario to inhabit their body allowing for truly insane possibilities. Mario can become just about anything in this game. A goomba, a cheep cheep, a taxi, a freaking dinosaur.

This honestly looks like it’ll be the greatest Mario game of all time. This trailer blew me away. It was just… Incredible. I can’t believe this game is real.

And that theme song is hell of a catchy.

I haven’t been this excited for a game in a long while.

To sum it all up, Nintendo not only had their best E3 presentation in years, but they also delivered in just about every way possible. There’s a lot of exciting stuff coming to the Switch, and a lot of longtime requests are finally being considered. Nintendo is finally listening to their fans, and it’s working brilliantly in their favour.

I’ve already said this, but I’ll say it again:

Welcome back, Nintendo. I missed you.

…But seriously. We’re getting a new Prime game? AHHHHHHHHHHH!

*composes self*

4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About: Nintendo’s E3 Spotlight Presentation

  1. I have been planning on writing up a E3 post, however since am a lazy bugger and been tired as well (my sleeping pattern is just awful). MS did have some games, however; only a handful were console exclusive the rest were timed exclusives. And even then they were underwhelming. Sony were just dry and out right dire. The game I highly recommend:
    Ori (give this game a damn look Leth) if you like artistic, metroidvania games with gorgeous visuals, art and music this is one serious under rated game. The studio behind it are inspired by Ghibli and Disney.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You definitely should write your own post if you find the motivation! I’d be interested in reading it!

      I honestly thought all three did pretty good. The Xbox One X isn’t something I’ll buy, but I’m sure it’s made a lot of Microsoft fans happy with its PC levels of power. Sony was decent, but I agree that they lacked their usual presence this year, especially compared to Nintendo’s presentation.

      Oh Ori! I’ve actually played the original game before. It was really neat! My girlfriend even had dinner with the artists at the BAFTA awards one time, which encouraged me to check it out. The art style is beautiful!

      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s ridiculously long, probably around 100 hours minimum D:

      I definitely would have rathered the 3DS one myself, since the Wii doesn’t look the best on an HDTV either and the small scale of the 3DS screen would easily circumvent that.

      Ah well. They’re both excellent games though!

      Liked by 1 person

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