200 Followers! + Updates

So today marks a very special day for the blog!


I managed to reach 200 Followers! I just wanted to extend a huge thanks to each and every one of you for deciding to follow my blog and take the time to read my rambles. I’m really grateful for the support and am honored be a part of such an awesome and fun community.

You’re all fantastic bloggers in your own right and this blog would be nothing were it not for the support of all of you.

So once again, thank you!

I’d also like to use this an opportunity to provide some updates:

Where I’ve Been:

I know I haven’t been posting much in the last week. Sorry about that. For the majority of this last week, I decided to take a step back from blogging for a few days to focus on other things, since writing a post usually takes up the majority of my night after work. I just kind of wanted to chill with my girlfriend after work this week because she’s been super stressed out with her University deadlines, which I’ve also been helping her with. I’ve also just generally had a lot going on, and I wanted to shift my focus to things outside of the blog for a little while, mostly as a way to clear my head, get some rest and brainstorm some ideas for new content.

That being said, I’ve more or less managed to do all of those things and I’m already prepared to return to regular posting. I’ll be back into the swing of things sometime next week. Likely tomorrow or Tuesday. So fear not! I’m not going away any time soon, if ever.

Upcoming Posts:

I have quite a few posts in the works, coming soon:

  • The usual Lethargic Ramble pieces will be continuing, obviously. I’ve got a few of these half-written already, so they should be out pretty soon.
  • I’ve got two Listless List posts in the works. Both were inspired by fellow Blogger, Kapodaco over at Criticism and Thoughts who did a fantastic post a while back on his personal 10 Most Impactful Games from his childhood, which you should definitely check out. I’m considering doing two similar posts of my own focusing on the same idea, one for my own impactful games and one for Anime.
  • The first “My Anime Journey” post will be up sometime soon as well. For those who may not know, it’s a series I’ve been planning for a while that describes my journey and evolution as an Anime fan in great detail.
  • I have a couple of Superior Source posts in the works. One for Tsubasa Chronicle and another for Nozoki Ana.
  • I have a Readers Recommendation post for AnoHana scheduled to come out next week. On top of that, I’ve already started watching the next recommendation: Kill La Kill, which I should be finishing and posting about relatively soon as well.
  • I’ll be aiming to wrap up the 30 Day Anime Challenge which I’ve been neglecting to focus on once again. Sorry!

So yeah! There’s a lot of stuff coming to the blog over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for all of that, and more!

…Shameless Self-Promotion… Maybe…:

Finally, I’m also considering setting up a Patreon for the blog. I’m not 100% decided on doing so yet, for various reasons, but I’ve been thinking about it for a while.

If I do decide to do so, I’ll be sure to make a post about it and I’d greatly appreciate any support I receive from you guys. Obviously it’d be completely optional and there’d be no pressure for anyone to donate, but I’d be forever grateful and be likely to reward any contributions.

If I decide to go for it. I’m a little torn as of now. We’ll see what the future holds!

Anyhow, that’s all for now folks! I’m going back to my short hiatus for a while.

I look forward to returning!

Thank you once again for the support. You’re all amazing!



19 thoughts on “200 Followers! + Updates

  1. What can I say? You deserve it: so first congratulations. Seriously! 😊 Your blog has always been a joy to read. The fun thing about your blog is that besides the reviews, there are also a lot of pieces that I think are just very well written and very thoughtprovoking. But I guess that I am not the only one that sees that as you have now reached more than 200 followers. Awesome…trust me…you are going to reach even more, as more and more people are going to discover your fantastic blog. Keep up the great work, and for now enjoy it 😊 Looking forward to all the future posts 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you consider my blog a fun read, it means a lot to hear such positive feedback!

      That’s what I’ve always been aiming for, to write thought-provoking pieces, so I’m glad that I give that to you (and hopefully others!).

      I hope so! That’d be great. You also have a fantastic blog that I really enjoy reading and I look forward to your future posts as well!

      Thanks for the support! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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