First Impressions: Attack on Titan Season 2


Hundreds of years ago the majority of the human race was wiped out by gigantic creatures referred to as titans, with the few survivors evacuating behind towering walls in order to survive.

For centuries, these walls acted as the ultimate defense against these monsters, but this peace was not to last. After a long period of calm, a towering titan, the Colossal Titan appears and destroys one of the walls, putting humanity in danger once more.

Witnessing the deaths of his loved ones in the attack, Eren Yeager joins the Survey Corps, a military force dedicated to fighting and killing the titans, and vows to destroy them all in an act of revenge. But there’s more to these creatures than the humans thought and Eren himself is far from normal.

Rating: 4/5


It’s been 4 years since the smash hit Attack on Titan stomped into the Anime world and took the entire community by storm, and ever since the first season ended, fans have been begging for a second season.


And after an agonising wait, a couple of pointless compilation movies, a comedy spin-off nobody cared about and a fan-fiction featuring trains, Attack on Titan is finally back. And my god was it worth the wait.

The first season of Attack on Titan was pretty great. It had an emotionally charged narrative with some intriguing mysteries, there was a tremendous amount of pathos at the end of its story arcs and its characters were all pretty interesting with likeable personalities and decent character development. It was a good time, and it knew exactly how to keep its audience hooked and keep itself interesting.

This second season picks up exactly where the first season left off, with very little recap footage that screams “last season, on Attack on Titan!” This was nice. The season is wasting no time in getting to the point.


And that point is to continuing driving this emotionally charged story home, and so far this season is doing a phenomenal job in doing so. It’s like the show never left.

The premiere showed all of the things that made the first season have such a lasting impact. The drama, the raw intensity of it scenes, and its ability to make the audience want to know the mysteries its keeping under wraps.

The series is definitely playing all its strengths so far, and it’s a promising start to the continuation of a great series.

That being said, I do have some concerns as well.


First of all, there’s that rumored episode count. It’s been 4 years, Wit Studio. I get it, you want to make your mediocre train spin-off, but there’s no reason to make this season only 12 episodes. There’s enough Manga material to cover 4 times that amount and still have content left to adapt. And while 12 episodes is better than none at all, as someone who’s read the Manga I’m deeply concerned that the stopping point for this series isn’t looking good. It’s likely we may not even get a full story arc within that scope.

Which brings me to my next concern: the pacing. The premiere episode was great, but it didn’t cover a whole lot of material from the Manga, and with supposedly only 11 episodes left, I’m concerned how far we’re actually going to get. I’m hoping it’s further than I suspect.


But negativity aside, this new season has already opened a lot of new doors narratively. We’ve been introduced to a new villain with a potentially game-changing perspective that definitely adds to the story’s overall interest, and a lot of characters that were shelved by the main cast seem to be getting some focus, which is fantastic.

And that’s another strength so far. The side characters in Attack on Titan were always far more interesting and unique compared to the lead characters, and they’ll definitely be getting more of a focus this time around, with Eren himself having a much reduced role. We’ll be seeing a lot more depth to these side characters and it’s going to be good.


But I know what everyone’s wanting to know.

Will we get answers?

Yes. You will get answers. This season will likely be packed with shocking revelations that you won’t see coming. I won’t spoil them, but they’re satisfying and are something to look forward to.

Aesthetically, this new season is just as incredible as the original series. The artwork has never been better and the character designs and setting are as detailed and beautiful as ever. The animation is excellent as well, and we’ve already been blessed with some amazing looking and well directed scenes.

The soundtrack is also pretty great too. It doesn’t quite have the punch of the first seasons at this point in time, but hopefully it’ll pick itself up when the series gets to its more impactful moments. The opening is also pretty good. It’s another Linked Horizon song, but it’ll never be Guren no Yumiya. Not many openings are.

As a sequel to one of the most popular Anime in history that created a whole new wave of Anime fans, Attack on Titan Season 2 has some colossal expectations to meet, especially after such a ridiculously long wait. So far it’s measuring up to them quite nicely, and I have no doubts it will continue to do so, regardless of how many episodes we get.

Attack on Titan is finally back, and it’s been well worth the wait. It’s a little disappointing that it may not run for as long as we hoped, but the very fact we’re seeing it return at all is a blessing in itself.

Here’s hoping we don’t need to wait another 4 years for Season 3.


8 thoughts on “First Impressions: Attack on Titan Season 2

  1. Reduced Eren sounds nice though there’s still plenty of information about him that probably needs to be addressed. I’m interested in where this is going. The first episode of this season was enough to get me back on board but it didn’t leave quite the impression of the first episode of season 1, so I’m hoping that this manages to continue to draw me in.

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    1. There’s definitely more character to be explored with regards to Eren, although I’m not sure if this season will reach far enough into the Manga’s storyline to get to any of that.

      There’s definitely a lot of interesting things coming though, with one of the biggest mysteries getting revealed in the next couple of episodes.

      I agree with you there, although an episode like the first episode of season one is a once in a decade kind of episode, so I’m not too surprised. But so far this seasons been doing great!

      Thanks for reading!

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  2. I already noticed the lack of Eren in the first episode, seeing he only had a very small part in it. But that really isn’t a problem at all for me. It really is cool that the series will focus on some of the side characters this time around. I did not know thiscsecimd season would only have 12 episodes. That really is a shame 😦 But besides that, I agree, I loved this first episode as well, and can’t wait for the next one. Great post 😀

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    1. Yeah, I really enjoyed when the Manga shifted its focus to the side characters, so I’m happy to see it happening in the Anime to.

      Maybe we’ll get more a couple of seasons down the line. Hopefully! D:

      Glad you’re enjoying the show!

      Thanks for reading!

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