Weekly Watch ēlDLIVE – Episode 8


Note: I’m back from Rome and I have a lot of catching up to do posts wise. Expect a post almost every day in the next week (I’ll try!)

The previous episode of ēlDLIVE left us on the most frustrating of cliffhangers. Nina was under the control of an unknown enemy’s SPH and was totally destroying Chuta and Dolugh in a very unbalanced power struggle which ended with Dolugh receiving a new look and an upgrade in strength.

And this episode picks up right from where that cliffhanger left off and we get to see what Dolugh’s new upgrade is all about.

Basically Chuta’s speed has increased due to sprouting some wings on his back which assist his mobility and his Sympathy power has become stronger than before and is seemingly more adaptable in terms of what it can create.

Considering Chuta’s power of imagination has been pretty lacking and some what underwhelming in its use since he first acquired it, I welcome this upgrade with open arms. With it, we finally get to see Chuta do some more interesting things with his seemingly limitless power, such as creating blades of energy to cut through SPH like onions and creating a net of SPH to prevent others from entering a specific area. Chuta’s powers have gotten far more flexible and interesting, and this episode marks a turning point action wise as a result.

So with a short, but fantastically choreographed action scene, Chuta unsurprisingly manages to defeat Fake Nina and cuffs her before Dr. Love uses his anti SPH cannon to remove the mind control from her.

But ēlDLIVE’s problems are far from over, as the person responsible for the mind control is still at large, and somewhere aboard the headquarters. After talking with Dr. Love, Chuta manages to uncover the culprit: Beralgo’s assistant Dali, who was previously interrogating every single member of Laine’s crew. It turns out while interrogating the crew, he cast his SPH on each and every one of them, in an attempt to control as many compatible people as possible, and unfortunately a large chunk of the crew are now under his influence and are relentlessly attacking their comrades.

I really enjoyed this set up. While Dali isn’t the most exciting of villains, his plan was pretty ingenious and well calculated. Without drawing any attention to himself, he managed to take control of a large portion of Laine’s crew and cause complete chaos while he casually swoops in to achieve his goals. A pretty clever plan indeed.

Laine manages to catch wind of Dali’s involvement thanks to Chuta and proceeds to warn Beralgo, but winds up doing so too late, and Beralgo is killed in cold blood, with Dali taking his authority as a Mothers Investigator granting him access to the most restricted parts of Laine’s headquarters. Surprisingly, Beralgo doesn’t miraculously survive. He’s gone. Didn’t see that coming.

Chuta and Dr. Love return to HQ to offer their assistance, and are met with complete chaos due to their comrades being controlled by Dali. However, Dr. Love assures everyone that they are not the real threat and that Dali is merely using them as a distraction to avert attention from his real goal.

It turns out he wants access to Misuzu’s memories. Why? It’s yet to be made clear, but there’s obviously a lot more to Misuzu’s missing memories than meets the eye and it can’t be for anything good. Things just keep getting more and more curious.

Naturally just as Dali is about to access Misuzu’s memories, Chuta manages to show up and blocks off her cell with a net made of SPH. I really liked this ability. As I said before, it seems Chuta is finally getting the hang of his new powers and is really flexing his creative muscles since Dolugh’s upgrade. Nice one Chuta!

This then results in a chase scene, with Dali running away like a complete coward, since his SPH is useless against Chuta as he isn’t compatible with it. And in the complete chaos that is the chase, Dali accidentally opens a hatch that leads to the worst place he could hope to escape to: outside the ship.

I guess he’s not so smart after all.

Unfortunately, this gaping hole in the ship begins to suck Chuta and Dolugh out into space as well, with Dolugh barely being able to hang on to the interior of the ship to prevent them from falling to their demise.

But just when it seems it’s all over for our heroes, Laine shows up in a space suit and manages to get them back on board safely. Dali on the other hand dies in space due to a lack of oxygen. Ouch.

Afterwards, Misuzu is proven innocent, and all charges against her are dropped and Dr. Love decides to stay with the ēlDLIVE team, much to the higher ups distaste. I’m glad he’s staying!

Misuzu also finally wakes up, completely unaware of everything that transpired while she was unconscious and Chuta has been instructed to tell her nothing of what really happened, since she herself has no idea that she was involved in the Taklamakan Project, and Laine would like to keep it that way. We then get what seems like a heartwarming scene between the two, before Misuzu comments that she wishes Chuta would “upgrade” just like Dolugh did and claiming his SPH smells worse than ever before. It’s nice to see ēlDLIVE is still able to maintain its sense of humour, despite the more serious tone the series has been maintaining recently. Poor Chuta. I’m sure Misuzu will acknowledge him some day!

The episode then wraps up with the Shounen typical revelation that Veronica, Nina and even Dr. Love will now be enrolling in Chuta’s school as new students due to them now all being placed on the same team as one another. While this is very standard of the genre, I’m not all that fussed. I’m glad that all of these new characters haven’t simply been tossed to the side and forgotten about and are now a part of the main cast and narrative.

This episode was excellent. The stakes remained high, Dali’s plan was brilliantly executed and the story progressed in some very interesting ways with Chuta getting some more development in the form of his new powers and competency.

My only concern is that we apparently only have 4 episodes left, and if this turns out to be true we won’t be getting to the Something Missing arc, which is by far the best arc in the entire Manga thus far.

I’d love for the series to continue and get to that arc, but if it isn’t meant to be, I’m at least hoping we’ll get to the arc before it. That would still be great.

I guess we’ll need to wait and see. The show is just getting to its most interesting material and it’d be a shame if it were to end so suddenly.


10 thoughts on “Weekly Watch ēlDLIVE – Episode 8

  1. It was good to see Chuta finally doing something useful with his power and the villain’s plan was reasonably well thought out compared to some others that we’ve seen. Still, the overall tone of this show makes it difficult to take any of the danger particularly seriously and Laine getting to the door just in time to catch Chuta smacks of convenience (I know he was heading toward the bad guy already, but how did he know that he’d try to exit out of that door?).

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    1. I definitely agree that Laine showing up in the space suit was a little too convenient for its own good.

      As for the tone, I personally don’t mind it so much, although that’s likely because I’m a fan of the Mangaka’s sense of humour. Reborn! was pretty similar in its tone, albeit nowhere near as frequently shifting.

      Still, provided the Anime gets to the New Darkness arc, then we should be seeing the first major turning point in the story. I’d love things to go beyond that, but it’s very unlikely at this stage.

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      1. I definitely think the anime is going to need more episodes if it is ever going to be anything more than kind of watchable. There’s a lot of potential in the story and it is getting better as it goes, but yeah, more episodes needed to get there.

        Liked by 1 person

            1. I for one really hope so.

              If it were to adapt the Something Missing arc we’d be seeing the stakes really going up. But it’s still ongoing in the Manga and has been for over 3 volumes now, so it’s unlikely.

              There’s also an anime exclusive character being introduced at some point apparently, which worries me that they’re going to throw in a filler ending of some kind. Although that could also mean a filler arc to help the Manga get to the end of that arc so it can adapt the whole thing. I’d be open to that.

              It’s really up in the air what will happen, much like World Trigger was back it was still airing.

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