30 Day Anime Challenge #15 – Favourite Anime Sidekick


You aren’t seeing things.

You aren’t imagining it.

This is a 30 Day Anime Challenge post.

I know it’s been about two months since I last did one of these. That’s mostly due to laziness and being far too focused on publishing other posts, especially since I’ve started doing Weekly Watch and Readers Recommendation.

That being said, with a whole bunch of new series making their way to this blog soon, I figured I should get back to this whole thing before it’s too late. I want to finish it and I was having a good time with it, so I’ll be aiming to get these out as regularly as I can. Apologies to those who were enjoying my Challenge related posts.

Anime has a lot of sidekicks. The medium is full of them. You’ve got your kid sidekicks, your animal sidekicks, your fairy in a pocket sidekicks, your magical creature/summoning sidekicks… There’s so much variety out there. But who’s my personal favourite sidekick character in Anime? Well, it’s none other than…

Mokona Modoki (Tsubasa Chronicle)


Mokona is a handy little guy in the world of Tsubasa Chronicle. He serves as the means for the characters to travel between the parallel worlds in their interdimensional quest as well as the detector for the various memory fragments that they are journeying to find and collect.

He’s a nifty little guy with all kinds of uses. He can travel across dimensions, he can locate magical items, he can be used as a communication device, he can be used as a translator and he can store a seemingly endless amount of items, from swords to clothing to just about anything else useful, inside his tiny little boy. Outside of these uses he also has 108 “secret techniques” which are sometimes useful and often bizarre and silly such as “making friends” and “immunity to bad luck”.

But Mokona is more than just a useful creature who accompanies the characters of Tsubasa, he’s another member of the team with his own personality and even has a few decently explored character arcs and moments that have always made him stand out from other mascot-like sidekicks.

He plays a key role in the story of Tsubasa, not just because of his many uses, but also due to the fact that he’s one of the main characters and actively does everything he can to help our heroes out. Be it through attempting to boost morale with his cheery, happy go-lucky attitude or through genuinely helpful actions, Mokona always does what he can to turn the tables in the groups favour. He even gets a full episode to himself where he has to save the protagonists by himself, and while he has some fun with the whole situation, he manages to rescue them successfully.

He’s also really cute. Like super cute. As simple as it is, I love his character design and I love how freaking adorable he is. I want a Mokona plush. So bad. He looks so cuddly! Even his voice is cute, and for once, it’s not irritating.

I also love how Mokona interacts with the characters on a personal level. He has a fantastic chemistry with everyone, especially Kurogane, whom he, along with Fai, constantly poke fun at for being overly serious and brooding, giving him cute nicknames like “Kurgy” and “Kuro-Tan”. Moments like those never failed to bring a smile to my face, even when I was in the sourest of moods.

It’s been years since I first watched Tsubasa, but since then, Mokona has always remained my favourite sidekick character in Anime, despite having seen hundreds more in many other shows since then. Perhaps it’s a case of nostalgia, but he’ll always have a special place in my heart and it’s unlikely he’ll ever be dethroned from that spot any time soon.

Mokona Modoki ready to go!

…To sleep

Who’s your favourite Anime sidekick?

4 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge #15 – Favourite Anime Sidekick

  1. I love Mokona (though Kuro from Blue Exorcist and Nyanko Sensei from Natsume would probably beat him). “Mokona Modoki ready to go!” is actually the start up phrase I have displaying on a number of my devices at this point because I think it makes me smile everytime I see it.

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