Weekly Watch: ēlDLIVE – Episode 2

So it looks like I’ve decided to break tradition and am now watching ēlDLIVE (and possibly other shows) on a weekly basis. So what better way to celebrate this sudden decision by writing some weekly posts for each episode that airs? Let’s give it a bash.

In the first episode, we were introduced to the world of ēlDLIVE, its protagonist Chuta and a whole myriad of interesting ideas and concepts that came together in a very typical, yet well executed Shounen fashion. Episode 2 of ēlDLIVE has so far continued going down the standard Shounen route by showing us more of what the world has to offer, both in its setting and its characters.

The first half of the episode serves primarily as a way to give some insight into the world of ēlDLIVE and how the Space Police operate, with Misuzu giving Chuta, and the audience, a grand tour of the headquarters and its various facilities. Through this we also get to learn a little more about Misuzu as a character, she’s fairly disconnected and honestly can’t stand Chuta, and unlike the typical Tsundere nonsense we tend to see from the average Anime, she doesn’t seem to have any kind of hidden soft spot for him in the slightest. She genuinely can’t stand him at all. Chuta even feels the same, realising that his idolising her from a distance was based primarily on exterior appearance and that as a person, Misuzu really isn’t compatible with his personality at all.

It’s a very minor and easily overlooked detail, but it’s something I really appreciated and it’s great seeing the two of them interact, even if it is fairly genre typical in a few ways.

The second half of this episode focuses more on the action side of things, with Chuta and Misuzu getting caught up in a fight against an escaped alien convict. We get treated to some solid action with Chuta showing a more selfless side of his personality by putting himself at risk and trying to save a civilian relying on Misuzu to rush in and save the day with her SPH powers.

What made this fight so interesting was that despite Chuta having the power to turn Dolugh into just about anything he wants, his ability has been shown to already have its limits. It’s severely restricted by Chuta’s own power of imagination as well as how practical the item or power he conjures up actually is against the type of enemy he’s facing. It’s a simple, yet completely genius and sensible way of limiting a seemingly limitless power and I’m glad the series is establishing this concept so early on.

And of course we finally get to see what Misuzu is made of. Her ability is based around throwing glowing rings of energy, sort of like chakrams. It’s a fairly simple, but really cool power, complete with an angelic looking outfit that may or may not be fan-service. Regardless, it’s pretty darn awesome looking.

The narrative for this episode was pretty solid. As a fan of the Manga, I’m definitely not disappointed with the adaptation so far. It’s more or less accurate in every single way and while we’re still at the early and formulaic stages of the story, we’re already edging closer to the better and less typical stuff that occurs later on. Even without acknowledging the later parts of the series, this early material is still very solid on its own so far. It’s standard Shounen, but that’s part of what makes it so strong. The standard exists for a reason: it works and ēlDLIVE’s first two episodes have taken full advantage of everything that works to create an engaging first couple of episodes.

However, I did have some issues with this episode as well, mostly on the visual side of things. While the scene transitions remained as ingenious as the premiere episode and the character designs, background art and use of colour remained both excellent and consistent, it definitely felt like the animation quality took a severe nosedive this episode. The fight was exciting and emotionally engaging, but the animation could definitely have been better and it was a pretty major step down from that of the first episode. I’m hoping that Pierrot are saving the better production values for the more impactful scenes and important conflicts that occur later in the story. Let’s pray that’s the case.

All issues with the animation quality aside though, this was a very solid episode that further introduced us to the world of ēlDLIVE and gave us a better idea of what we’ll be in store for as the series goes on. By building a solid foundation and further establishing the shows two main characters, this episode hit all the right notes and I can’t wait for the next one.


I hope you all enjoyed the first post of this new Weekly Watch series. This was really fun to write, and I look forward to doing more. I appreciate any feedback you may have.

Thanks for reading folks!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Watch: ēlDLIVE – Episode 2

  1. I’m really not loving this. While I still find the basic concept intriguing, Chuta himself is not really selling the story and Misuzu has so far been given nothing to work with. I’m hoping this picks up still but so far I’m not really sold.

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    1. As a big fan of the show I’m sorry to hear that. It’s unfortunate, but Chuta is a character who will take some time to win you over due to his insecurities and other issues tending to dictate the things he does and how he acts.

      With supposedly only 10 episodes left, I’m deeply concerned we won’t be getting to the more interesting arcs, but the introduction arc is almost complete, so hopefully we’ll get to the first major conflict arc before the show is done.

      Of course, I do totally get it the show just isn’t your thing either. Just like Hitman Reborn, it’s a hard sell.

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