Overall First Impressions + What I’ll be Watching -Winter 2017


Now that the Winter 2017 Anime Season is in full swing and having done a detailed First Impressions post for every series I feel needs one, now is as good a time as any to give my Overall First Impressions of the rest of the season. For this post, I’ll be splitting them into tiers of what I’ll definitely be watching, what I might watch and what I’ll be putting to the side for the foreseeable future. So let’s get rolling!

It should be noted that many of these shows will not be getting watched on a weekly basis, as I have a very strong, personal distaste for the practice of watching currently airing shows weekly. I’m not sure how much I’m going to let that distaste control my watching habits, since I’m trying to get more into watching what’s currently airing, but I suspect it’s going to be a lot like last season where I barely watched anything as it aired and played catch up with the previous season. Anyway…

The Tiers:

  • Incredible – Will Most Definitely Watch: Shows listed under this tier will be shows that I’ll most definitely be watching. These are the shows that currently have me the most invested, that keep me glued to my monitor and that have me literally filled with excitement and suspense from beginning to end, every episode. Shows in here all have the potential to become a member of my favourites (although anything can change over time).
  • Looks Interesting – Will Watch For Now: Shows in this tier will be shows that I’ll be watching because they seem like they could go in interesting directions and I’m looking forward to seeing where they will end up. These are shows that, while they had some issues or didn’t have me fully invested, are still engaging enough to warrant further watching.
  • Decent – Will Carry On For The Time Being: Shows that had a lot of issues or didn’t really grab me will be under this tier. I’ll be watching these for the time being, but there’s a high chance I’ll be stopping and starting frequently and taking my time with it.
  • Meh – Will Watch Begrudgingly: Shows that are just pretty darn terrible but I feel I should watch for whatever insane or ridiculous reason will be listed here. Watching these shows will no doubt be painful, but I need to persevere for whatever excuse that I’ll no doubt forget upon reaching the halfway point. Of course, things can improve over time. Maybe these will?
  • Not Feeling It – Will Not Watch: I never drop shows permanently, because my goal is to watch every Anime ever. I’ll never manage to do that in my lifetime, but I’d love to get as close to doing so as possible. However, these shows made me feel nothing, were completely yawn inducing or just had nothing going for me so I’ve put them to the side for the foreseeable future. I may pick them up again, but it’ll be unlikely to be any time soon.
  • I have Little To Say – The Rest: This is mostly reserved for stuff I generally have no comment on, shows I didn’t check out or second seasons to shows I haven’t seen/have yet to finish.

Now, with all that explained let’s get this under way!

Incredible – Will Most Definitely Watch:

tumblr_o6ouxn7mdp1v2r37ao4_1280Scum’s Wish – As I suspected, this show has been absolutely incredible so far. The emotional stakes are high, the narrative is dark, twisted and interesting and I’m left here wondering just how far this chaotic situation is going to send these characters into complete and utter despair. The first episode was pretty much flawless and I have high hopes for the remainder of its run. You can find my in depth First Impressions for Scum’s Wish here.

ēlDLIVE – Along with Scum’s Wish, this show is currently my Anime of the Season. As a Manga Reader I’m very excited to seeing the later parts of the story get adapted and I’m hoping that it runs long enough to reach the best parts. Currently, the show is very solid, with a fantastic main character, a lot of excellent ideas, some great growth potential story and character wise and it’s all tied together with some incredible directing and scene transition work that is simply outstanding. This show is amazing. You can find my in depth First Impressions for ēlDLIVE here.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinju Season 2 – The second season to one of the best Drama’s of last year. It’s the standard Rakugo Shinju fare: it’s really great so far and I have no doubt it will continue to be great the whole way. I highly recommend the first season if you haven’t seen it yet.

Konosuba Season 2 – Konosuba is back for another season and it’s just as funny, creative and downright entertaining as it was in its first season. While the visuals have taken a bit of a hit this season, everything else feels just as fresh and hilarious as before and I’m looking forward to seeing where the narrative takes us this season. And of course, more explosions are always great.

Looks Interesting – Will Watch For Now:

33d37e1ba084683d4b07b45722ff75791460312022_fullFuuka – This one is a fairly standard Anime rom-com, but something about it had me pretty invested and I’m not sure exactly what. I have a feeling this is all actually going to go somewhere, and while I haven’t had anything spoiled, I’m aware that there’s some kind of “twist” down the line which has me intrigued. I guess we’ll see how it goes.

Seiren – Seiren was kind of slow in its first episode, but it had an air of maturity that a lot of shows this season don’t really have. It’s entire set up is pretty interesting and currently has me wanting to see more. We’ll see if it lasts.

ACCA – In all honesty, I couldn’t tell you much about what kind of story ACCA is trying to tell, but the unique presentation and the positive words I’ve heard from fans of the Manga has me invested enough to continue watching. Madhouse have done an outstanding job with this one so far, and for the moment, I’m very interested in seeing this one develop.

Urara Meirochō – This one was pretty fun and had a fairly unique concept for a story. I don’t have much else to say other than it was really fun and I look forward to more.

Decent – Will Carry On For The Time Being:


Masamune-Kun’s Revenge – While Masamune-Kun is fairly mean spirited in the nastiest way possible, I rather enjoyed the premiere episode and it had this incredible blend of genuinely funny comedy with interesting character drama. Sadly, the second episode wasn’t as great as I’d hoped, and has lowered my expectations and excitement somewhat. I’ll be continuing to watch this for now though. You can find my in depth First Impressions for Masamune-Kun’s Revenge here.

Little Witch Academia – I was very disappointed with Little Witch Academia, especially considering I’ve heard so many people claim that it’s the best Anime of the Season. While I don’t think it’s a bad show at all, aside from its fantastic visual presentation, there’s nothing really all that interesting or unique here. This is nothing new or particularly exciting and I really don’t care all that much for the characters or their situation. That being said, it’s a Trigger show, and since they tend to break expectations by doing really weird and unconventional stuff down the line in their shows, I’ll continue watching this solely to see if that’ll also be the case here. You can find my in depth First Impressions for Little Witch Academia here.

Chain Chronicle – It’s a Mobile Game adaptation and it doesn’t do anything to make that less obvious. Despite that, it’s a pretty fun, but fairly generic, Fantasy series that has the potential to do some exciting things. But it probably won’t…

Onihei – This was a decent historical Drama, but it pales in comparison to something like Vagabond. I’d much rather read Vagabond instead. Why isn’t Vagabond getting an Anime? …I guess I’ll keep watching this for now though.

Meh – Will Watch Begrudgingly:

tanaka-kun-02-5Interviews With Monster Girls – A lot of people seem to really like this one so far. I thought it was very mediocre and it didn’t really grab me all that much. I’ll be continuing this for now solely because of how popular it is. I’m hoping it’ll grow on me over time.

Spiritpact – Of course I’m watching this. Just like Bloodivores and Hitori No Shita, I know this is going to be a painful watch. But these Chinese Manga adaptations are just so hilariously uncreative and bland that I can’t help myself. The first episode was very meh. Maybe it will improve over time? Bring it on China!

Handshakers – As I suspect, GoHands still don’t know the first thing about writing a cohesive story, but it seems that somewhere down the line they’ve also lost the ability to make something that looks beautiful. This shows aesthetic was so weird and trippy looking that it actually caused physical pain to my eyes and I had to go lay down for 20 minutes due to dizziness. Still, I’ll be watching this because I’m curious to see if this whole thing is going to go anywhere interesting. I’ll also be using this show as an experiment to see if it’s possible for an Anime series to permanently damage/destroy human eyes.

Not Feeling It – Will Not Watch:


Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Arc – This may come across as harsh, but I hated the original series of Blue Exorcist. It was far too generic and cliche, even by Shounen standards and I really didn’t like the main characters at all. That being said, I gave this a shot and nothing has really changed for me. I still don’t like this show, and I’m not willing to dedicate more of my time to it. Not any time soon at least.

Saga of Tanya the Evil – This show was just shock factor for the sake of shock factor and another entry in the recently formed “magical girl gets placed in the middle of a historically important human conflict” genre. Just, no.

Chaos;Child – Half of the premiere was a recap of Chaos;Head which I’ve never finished. I stopped halfway through the recap. Maybe some other time.

Tales of Zestiria the X Season 2 – As a Tales fan, this Anime offers me very little. I already played the game and it was a far better experience than anything this show could ever offer me. If this is convincing people to go pick up the Tales games though, that’s great. I’ll not be getting round to this any time soon though.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid – Please stop Kyoto Animation.

I Have Little To Say – The Rest:


Gintama.  – I haven’t finished the first season of Gintama yet, but I absolutely love what I’ve seen of it so far and I have no doubts that this season and all the previous seasons are just as great as the 60 something episodes I’ve currently seen. I’m looking forward to getting through all of it eventually.

Akiba’s Trip – I didn’t watch the premiere for this since it had literally nothing that seemed interesting to me. I might pick this up at some point if I hear good things.

Rewrite Season 2 – The first season was one of the worst shows I viewed last year. I didn’t finish it, so I didn’t pick this up.

Super Lovers 2 – I dropped the first season after episode 1. Yup.

Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation – I haven’t watched the previous seasons, but I intend to marathon the whole franchise at some point.

One Room – I didn’t watch the premiere for this one because I forgot about it. Maybe I will if I get really fed up though.

Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club – Yowamushi Pedal with girls. I could just watch Yowamushi Pedal, so I didn’t bother.

And that’s a wrap!

Time for lunch!

What are your first impressions and what are you watching this Season?


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    1. I do surprisingly. I suspect many of these will get put on hold as things go on, but we’ll see.

      I’m strongly considering doing weekly posts on elDLIVE as well, since I’ve decided to watch it weekly. But we’ll see how I feel 😛

      Looking forward to your weekly posts as well.

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