30 Day Anime Challenge #12 – Saddest Anime Scene

Disclaimer: This post contains some pretty big spoilers for Hunter x Hunter (2011). If you have not seen the series and don’t wish to be spoiled you probably shouldn’t read this. You have been warned.

…Still here? Seen this Anime? Don’t care if it gets spoiled for you? Great! Today in this edition of the 30 Day Anime Challenge, we’ll be looking at the saddest scene I’ve ever seen from an Anime. This pick is actually the second saddest I’ve seen, but since my saddest is a death scene and there’s a separate challenge later on covering “Saddest Anime Death”, I decided to leave it for that one and pick a scene which didn’t specifically cover the death of a character. So here we go, my saddest Anime scene is…

Gon and Killua Part Ways (Hunter x Hunter)


Gon and Killua are the best of friends. Throughout the entire course of the series they always had each others backs and their friendship was often tested through the most brutal of circumstances and hardships that many relationships would struggle to overcome. Yet, despite the most straining events possible occurring, the two of them managed to always remain friends, no matter what was said and done. Gon and Killua have  one of the greatest, most relatable, most realistically developed and most endearing friendships in all of Anime.


And that’s what makes this scene so heartbreaking to watch. After 140+ episodes of seeing these two inseparable friends stick together through just about everything the world could possibly throw at them and watching them compliment each others personal weaknesses, they go their separate ways, reluctantly, but also because they have to. They have their own goals and dreams to pursue, neither of which has anything to do with the other, and for the first time ever, they need to fulfil their ambitions on their own, without one another’s help.

Their friendship isn’t over by a long shot, but seeing two characters who always relied on one another and had such a strong bond walk away, in opposite directions, with a sad look on their face really shocked me to the core.

And the directing of the scene is what really enhances just how heartbreaking this scene really is. At the episodes end, where the scene takes place, the song that served as Gon and Killua’s “theme”, titled Reason plays in the background, complete with an ending credits sequence made up of clips and screencaps of the most iconic scenes between the two throughout the course of the entire series. In the span of around a minute and a half, we’re shown every memory and every moment these two friends shared with one another and we remember just how amazing a journey Gon and Killua had together. And once the sequence is over, we’re brought to the realisation that this amazing adventure of friendship, commitment, brotherly love and loyalty has finally come to an end with one simple word: “Goodbye”.

Just look at how their faces change… It’s so sad!

On all three of my full viewings of the series, this scene has always hit my hard and it’s always made me feel genuinely upset. I’ve never seen two characters regret leaving one another’s side as much as these two, and if the Manga ever comes back from it’s freaking indefinite hiatus, I hope they meet again some day to take the world by storm and have incredible adventures together once more. That’d be awesome.

But until then, I’ll keep praying for Togashi’s well being and hope that he gets better soon. I’m sure we’ll see the two of them together again some day.


What’s your saddest scene in Anime?

16 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge #12 – Saddest Anime Scene

  1. I find this scene really unforgettable too. But it’s for an entirely different reason, I guess. haha! While the parting scene made me feel a bit sad, I was also happy. Maybe it’s because I’m way too excited for Gon to have some lone moment with his dad and for Killua to enjoy his time with Alluka. And while their faces looked like they don’t want to be apart, it also holds some kind of promise that the separation is temporary.

    I just know they’ll meet again. Let’s be optimistic. And yes, may Togashi-sensei get well soon. (Not just to continue the manga but to give his family some peace of mind too.)

    As to my saddest scene, Itachi’s death still hits me hard.

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    1. I agree, the scene does have a happy side to it as well, since they’re both doing the things they want to accomplish. Gon is finally going to have a heart-to-heart meeting with his Dad and Killua finally has a goal of his own to pursue: protecting Alluka and helping her live a life of freedom and happiness.

      They’ll most definitely meet again. As cruel a storyteller Togashi can be, I don’t think he’d be that evil!

      And yeah, I pray he gets better, both for his and his family’s sake and for the future of the Manga.

      And Itachi’s death was so sad! Especially when you discover he was a good guy the whole time!

      Thanks for reading!

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            1. There’s not a lot of material after the Anime, but there’s about 20 chapters or so, so it’s worth checking out.

              Things have gotten crazy recently, in particular we got one fight between two characters I never saw coming, and it delivers on everything it promises!

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    1. Yeah, I’d definitely put Kite’s death up there as well, especially because of how it twists Gon’s perception of the the world and and his understanding of the concept of right and wrong.

      I’m sure you can already guess who my death will be, since you finished the series 😛

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          1. Oh really? Hmm… for me its still kite’s.. mureum reminds me of romeo and juliet scene of suicidal… maybe you are a hopeless romantic! Yeee..😆 hahaha… though i like their relationship there. And how mureum felt he is a human upon upon playing more with komugi… that made chimera ant arc redeeming or more humane despite of all the violence…

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            1. Interesting, that’s cool!

              I am indeed a sucker for romance, which may have played a part in it. I’d like to think that my main reason though was because of how tragic Meruem’s character arc was. He was a nasty piece of work, but grew to become one of the most compassionate, kind-hearted and genuinely loving characters in the series. It’s even more heart-breaking when you compare his transformation to that of Gon’s, which was the complete opposite. He became consumed by malice and pure hatred and brutally murdered Pitou solely for revenge, while Meruem died peacefully with a smile on his face, full of love and compassion for Komugi, who he’d grown to love in a way we’ll probably never fully understand.

              I could spend hours dissecting the whole arc and its moral themes and messages, but I think you get the point. I’ll elaborate more when I get to the post I suppose! Haha!


  2. I just got shivers all over again seeing how their smiles leave their faces as they turn away. It really hurt to see that. I’ve never cared about an anime friendship so much before or since, because you do see them grow together through their relationship, and with each other’s support. It’s so beautiful to watch.

    I hope Togashi-sensei will get well and that the anime will continue, so we can come to the day they reunite and snot our way through yet another scene like this one. Their separation was bittersweet more than sad, because we know they’ve simply grown up enough to pursue their own goals, and that they will meet again. That moment, if we ever get to see it, will be all the more wonderful because of that.

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    1. Glad to see others agree with my feelings on the friendship!

      I’d love for the Anime to continue when the Manga gets finished, that’d be wonderful! Here’s hoping!

      I wonder how much they’ll change during their time apart. Oh, it’s all so exciting!

      Thanks for reading!

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