30 Day Anime Challenge #10 – My Favourite “Fighter” Anime

I’ve fallen a little bit behind with this Challenge. Sorry about that!

As most of you are no doubt aware, I caught a really bad cold over the weekend and it killed all my productivity and crushed any motivation I would have had to do things.

So sorry, I’ll try my best to remain on schedule from now on!

So my favourite “fighter” Anime? I’m a little confused by what this one means. I’m assuming it means “Anime with lots of cool fights”? Maybe battle Shounen or Action?

Let’s go with that. I have a perfect series in mind and no, it’s not Hunter x Hunter. Hunter x Hunter doesn’t count because it’s already my all-time favourite, so I can’t be cheap and use it again.

World Trigger


World Trigger is an absolutely phenomenal series. It has a fantastic and well developed cast of characters, an emotionally driven and compelling narrative, excellent moral conflicts and in depth world-building.

And on top of all this, it has incredible fights.

It’s an adaptation of a Shounen Jump Manga, yet it’s never really caught on. Nobody seems to remotely care about it or give it much thought, mostly because the production values were mediocre in the early episodes and nobody really thought to give it a chance.

Hear me out, World Trigger is honestly great. I’d go as far as saying it’s the best fighting Shounen aside from Hunter x Hunter and it actually has a lot of things in common with it.


I’m mostly just going to talk about the fighting side of things, since I don’t want to review the series in this post. That’ll be for another time and another post.

The most important thing that makes World Trigger so interesting is its two protagonists, Osamu and Yuma. Osamu is useless. He’s weak, he’s clumsy and he’s incompetent at just about everything. He has no talent. He has no special power. He’s just plain old Osamu. But what he does have is a strong desire to help those in need, even when he knows he’s powerless to do so, and this, combined with his incredible intellect for planning ahead make him a very interesting protagonist. Osamu isn’t strong, but he’s got a will of iron and his intelligence allows him to approach situations in unique and thoughtful ways to give him and his team mates slight advantages which help in the long run. On the other hand, Yuma is the complete opposite. He’s a super powerful and highly skilled fighter from another world who literally overpowers everyone who gets in his way and is ridiculously strong. However, he’s completely ignorant of the importance of planning ahead and struggles to function well in battle without Osamu’s assistance as a leader. Osamu relies on Yuma’s combat experience, while Yuma relies on Osamu’s leadership skills. It’s a fairly standard set up, but it works so darn well that it’s difficult to not appreciate. They’re the perfect team and it really shows as the series goes on.

And if that weren’t enough, the fights themselves are simply incredible. They focus heavily on team based combat, with the characters needing to work together and rely on one another’s specialities. No one can function on their own, and must work as part of a squad (aside from Jin, who is an exception due to his unique ability). The fights are all about planning and strategy, which keeps things unpredictable and interesting. Every battle is a Death Note-esque mind game that keeps the audience guessing at every turn, and when the plans of each side come to fruition and close quarters combat begins, the skirmishes are intense.


And, in a similar way to Hunter x Hunter, the power system is based heavily on rules and restrictions. Characters all have a very specific set of skills and special weapons with their own strengths and limitations and they have to make the most of what they have to succeed in combat. Even the mighty Black Triggers, the ultimate weapons of the series, have limitations and are far from all-powerful.


World Trigger is a series with some excellent fights. They are intense, they are action-packed, they are intellectual and more than anything, they are unpredictable. It’s never clear who will come out on top until it’s over, because the protagonists actually lose. They lose a lot, which is a nice breathe of fresh air from the usual fare we see in fighting Shounen series.

If you’re looking for a battle Anime with something a little different, I highly recommend World Trigger. It’s a little slow and the fights don’t really show off their stuff until episode 9 onwards, but if you stick with it, you’ll be rewarded with some wonderful fights.

And no, the animation isn’t as bad as certain people probably told you back when the first impressions for the series were coming out in 2014. The animation is fine and does its job. In my opinion.

This is not bad animation…

I hope I was able to explain why I love this one so much. Thanks for reading everyone!


What’s your favourite “fighter” Anime?

11 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge #10 – My Favourite “Fighter” Anime

  1. My favourite fighter is pretty obvious given I’m a Bleach fan. Yeah, I know there are more interesting fights and better animation elsewhere but I love Bleach and the characters and their weird powers and even their lame speeches mid-battle. It just works for me.
    Thanks for sharing your favourite. World Trigger has been on my watch list for awhile (not as long as Hunter X Hunter but still a fair length of time now). Eventually I will get around to it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Despite the criticisms it’s frequently met with, I still really enjoy Bleach myself.

      The Zanpakuto’s were always really interesting and Aizen was a superb villain along with his underlings.

      And obviously, I’ll recommend watching World Trigger along with HxH. They’re both really great series and worth the lengthy watch.

      Thanks for reading and for your own thoughts!

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  2. I’ve always wondered if I should tune in to World Trigger. I think I might after reading this. I hope you’re feeling much much better! And totally agree – the term “fighter” is used loosely. I wasn’t sure if that meant action or like you’re typical shonen series. I wasn’t sure myself. I ended up going with One Punch Man for mine. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s most definitely worth checking out. It’s a fighting Shounen with sci-fi, technology and dimensional travel as its main elements (since every shounen has one, be it ninjas, pirates etc).

      And thank you! I can finally breathe again, it feels nice. Haha.

      And excellent choice! I may have missed that one, so I’ll be sure to check it out!

      Thanks for reading!

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