Let’s Talk About: The Code Geass Season 3 Announcement

Warning: The following post contains major spoilers for Code Geass. If you haven’t finished Code Geass, and do not wish to spoiled, read at your own peril.

I guess “Let’s Talk About” is becoming a series now on this blog. I’m cool with that.

This is going to be an incredibly negative post. I’m trying really hard to be usual positive self with this one, but I’m incredibly frustrated by the subject matter and to top it off I’m unwell with the cold, so I’m just going to vent and hope I don’t scare anybody off. I’m very sorry.

Still me

Remember Code Geass? Of course you do. It took the Anime world by storm when it first aired back in 2006. The series was critically beloved by the majority of the Anime fandom for its incredible drama, its intellectual and psychological war games and its exceptional and charismatic protagonist. It was insane. I will never forget the reactions people had every week when a new episode aired. People literally went crazy with the hype. I honestly can’t recall any other show since that generated as much currently airing hype as Code Geass did. It literally rocked the Anime world to its core.

And Code Geass had the same effect on me all those years ago. I used to love this show. I was addicted to it. I marathoned both seasons in a single week. I collected the limited edition DVD’s. I lived and breathed everything about this show. Code Geass was one of my favourite series.


These days I have mixed feelings towards Code Geass. Having seen a lot more Anime since watching it and having been exposed to less conventional and all around better written stories in the medium it no longer feels as incredible and groundbreaking as it did back then. It’s riddled with silly moments, it’s full of plot armour and there are a ton of inconsistencies and convoluted story elements that just don’t make sense at all.

Yet, despite all of the issues I have with Code Geass today, there’s one aspect that hasn’t changed after all these years: the ending was perfect. I still believe that Code Geass has one of the greatest endings in Anime. It was emotional, it was heart-breaking, it was thematically satisfying and more than anything else, it was final. It tied every single loose plot thread up perfectly, it left nothing hanging and it resolved everything. The story was a fairly bumpy road from start to finish, but despite this, it managed to end in a way that is almost unseen in the medium.


Code Geass was over. The story was completed. It had reached its conclusion and there was no more story left to tell.

Or so we thought. Because this was recently announced:


Apparently someone thought it would be a great idea to make a third season of Code Geass, because that’s just what we’re getting with this newly announced project: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Revival.

I honestly have to ask, why? Just why? Why is this a thing? Why are they making this? I don’t understand this. At all.

Code Geass ended perfectly. There was no story left to tell. The war ended, the antagonists were defeated and Lelouch, the protagonist, sacrificed himself for the greater good in an almost unparalleled emotional climax.

Code Geass was over. There was, and still is, no need for a continuation. Yet, despite that, we’re getting one anyway because money makes the world go round and this franchise is a gold mine.

The Code Geass creators right now

What is the story even going to be here? It takes place after the Zero Requiem, so we know for certain that it’s a sequel to the original. Judging from the title of the series, it also looks like Lelouch is back, which destroys the entire purpose of the Zero Requiem and sends the brilliance of R2’s ending into oblivion. I’m sure a lot of people are happy that their beloved Lulu is back and ready for action, but I’m not thrilled in the slightest. Lelouch died. He had to die. He allowed himself to die to rid the world of all evil, cruelty and war. He died an unsung hero and it was beautiful.

Except now, he didn’t die at all. He’s back as the main character, ready to do battle with whoever the heck the new threat is.

Why would I be excited about this? How can I possibly be excited about this announcement when it’s single-handedly ruined one of the greatest and most iconic moments in Anime history.

We don’t know the format of the series, and outside of the poster, the title and some other minor details, we know next to nothing about the plot, but I’m already uninterested in this new series. I couldn’t care less about it, and I’m quite frankly disgusted by how shameless this entire announcement feels.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Revival is not a series for the fans, it is a soulless monstrosity manufactured for the sole purpose of making money. That’s why they’re making this and that’s why I couldn’t care less about it. It is exploitation at its worst.

Am I still going to watch it? Of course I am, but I will do so with immense amounts of scepticism and negativity and I won’t be smiling one bit until I’m proven otherwise.

As a fan of the original and as someone who literally used to live and breathe all things Code Geass, I cannot get excited about this. I am genuinely upset by this news and I do not care for this new projects existence.

There are so many Anime series out there that deserve another season. Code Geass is not one of those series. It is the last show that needs another season.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to be excited about this. I want to ride the hype train as it leaves the station and I don’t want to be left behind. But I just can’t, not until the series proves its worth.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Revival is going to have to do some really extraordinary things to get me on board and if it doesn’t do those things, I’m going to be incredibly disappointed and upset.

That being said, to those that are excited for this series, I’m happy for all of you. I’m glad you’re getting the third season you’ve all wanted since R2 ended.

Hopefully down the line, I can join you in your happiness.

‘Til then!


What are your thoughts on the Code Geass Season 3 Announcement?

19 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About: The Code Geass Season 3 Announcement

  1. I was definitely on the hype train but you’ve convinced me that it might ruin one of the greatest anime of all time (IMO). I want to think it would be amazing but now in sceptical of what could happen.

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    1. I could be entirely wrong here. There’s a chance it could wind up being great.

      But my biggest concern is that because they brought Lelouch back, all the tension that made the original series so great might be gone. If he survived that, of all things, the chances of him ever being in danger are slim to none, especially if the immortal theory proves to be true.

      This reminds me an awful lot of Aldnoah.Zero, where they “killed” the main characters at the end of season 1 only to have them all come back in the first episode of season 2 stronger and more powerful than before.

      But like I said, this is all merely speculation. Hopefully Sunrise know what they’re doing and make something great.

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  2. I can’t definitely agree more with opinion.. Even I thought this was gonna spoil my opinion of the series.. This series is purely for making money.
    There were fanfics like Lelouch being alive and all…. But adding more to original story, which ended perfectly, as you said. They literally spoiled the main point of the story. Still, I do see most fans online saying ‘Been waiting for this for a long time’ huh? I don’t mean any harm here. Just, I don’t know how to look at the Revival series myself.

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    1. I’m glad other people can be excited about the series. A lot of people really wanted this for a long time and I think it’s great that they’re getting what they always wanted.

      But I don’t understand how so many people are struggling to see why this series could be a huge middle finger to all things Code Geass.

      I hope it turns out great and that I’m wrong, but until then I will remain sceptical.

      Thanks for reading!

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  3. I’m kind of in agreement with you. Even though the conspiracy theories have been around forever the Lelouch didn’t die the ending was perfect. Dead or not, we had this beautiful dramatic ending where the world perceived that Lelouch was dead. Anything that undermines that is just going to ruin the story (much like Black Butler 2 completely undermined the ending of S1 which is why I have resolved to never watch it again).
    That said… I will probably end up watching season 3 of this just out of morbid curiosity. I will probably hate what the ydo and wonder why they did it but I’ll still watch it. And, if they actually manage to convince me this was a good idea than it could be actually amazing (though there is only the tiniest possible chance of this happening).

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    1. Exactly. While the theories were out there and there was lots of analysis put into proving/disproving them, they were just that: theories. The series left it ambiguous as to whether or not Lelouch survived and that was part of what made the ending so compelling. Knowing what happened ruins a lot of the magic.

      And Black Butler 2… *shudders* I barely remember that series since I purged most of it from my mind due to how much is ruined the first season for me.

      I will definitely be watching this new series regardless of my thoughts at the moment. I could be completely wrong here and it could turn out to be amazing, but I won’t get my hopes up. The whole thing just reeks of milk. It’s obvious why they’re doing this.

      But maybe Sunrise knows what they’re doing. Maybe it’ll turn out amazing. If they can convince me this can work, it’ll wind up being amazing, just like the original series.

      Guess we’ll just need to wait and see.

      Thanks for reading!

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      1. I purged Black Butler 2 the first time I watched it and then somehow convinced myself I was being too hard on it and watched it a second time (right before I reviewed it). Nope, it really does destroy pretty much everything the final of season 1 succeeds in achieving. Never again.

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  4. This post makes sense. In fact this was just the kind of reaction I had, when I first heard about it. We all want our beloved series to never end, but in this case, I don’t think I would have enjoyed this series as much if it would have continued. I doubt it would have even become my favourite.
    Even so, this third season has still been made by the same masterminds behind the first and second season(?) and so I’m pumped to see how they continue the story without disappointing the fans. I think I will only be able to form an opinion after I see it lol.
    This was a nice post!

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    1. It’d be great if every series could go on forever, but everything must eventually come to an end and Code Geass came to an end at the perfect moment in the best way possible. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who feels this way about a sequel.

      And yeah, it’s still being made by Sunrise and CLAMP and I assume the director will be the same as the original so it’ll be interesting to see where the original visionaries who brought us Code Geass will take the story. I just hope it doesn’t disappoint.

      At the end of the day, that’s all there is to it. We’ll just need to wait and see, and hopefully it’ll be great.

      Thanks for reading!

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  5. I thought this was an odd idea too, despite being excited and curious about it more than anything else. I had visions of the Black Butler II body in the suitcase shtick too, I really hope they’ll find a means for the resurrection that befits the tragic grace of Lelouch’s story thus far.

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  6. I can understand your frustration, I was a little excited when this was announced but after thinking this over the idea of lelouch really not being dead and the way the last season ended makes this announcement a disappointment in a way. all for the money sadly the whole announcement of this was.

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  7. yeah, that pretty much sums up my reaction. i definitely had a negative immediate reaction to this announcement, but i want to remain hopeful here. code geass is probably the show that really propelled me into the anime world, so i still love it despite its flaws. i dont think having more code geass content is necessarily a bad thing because there are still a lot of aspects of geass that can be explored, but the “lelouch of the revival” part was what really left a bad taste in my mouth. i know there are a lot of fan theories that say that lelouch survived the ending, but i agree with you that i feel the ending means a lot more if lelouch dies. we’ll just have to see how this all turns out, i guess…it’s hard to say


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