Let’s Talk About: Yuri!!! On Ice Episode 7

Disclaimer: This post contains major spoilers for Yuri!!! On Ice. If you haven’t seen up to the end of Episode 7 and do not wish to be spoiled, read at your own peril.

I guess you could call this an attempt at a potential new series of posts on this blog. I’m not sure if this will be a regular thing, but the content of this particular post wasn’t quite broad enough to be considered a typical Lethargic Ramble, nor did it fit any of the criteria or my other series, so I ended up with this. I guess we’ll see how it goes!

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the Episode 7 of Yuri!!! On Ice. In particular, let’s talk about the scene that has Tumblr and the entire Fujoshi fandom completely losing grip of their sanity and already minor ability to reason with the rest of the communities perspective on what this series, and others like it, truly embody. Yes, that scene.

I’m here to talk about what’s really important, because everyone seems too distracted to really grasp the real significance of this scene.

Because this happened:


And everyone proceeded to lose their minds.

If you follow me on Twitter, or talk to me at all, you no doubt already know my interpretation of this scene.

I don’t think they kissed. I am adamant that they didn’t kiss. Because they didn’t. People have had the audacity to tell me that I’m wrong, because they are too blinded by their own bias to understand how to reason with other people. So allow me to present my interpretation of the scene, because everyone has their own perspective and every perspective is equally valued:

They ran towards each other and the visual cues, the slow motion and the camera focus on Victor moving his lips towards Yuri’s certainly suggested and heavily implied a kiss was on its way. Then they fell to the ground in each others arms, and their lips were not touching. They were hugging on the ground.

I mean, look at the frame where they apparently “kissed”:


Look at Victors face. It is drawn behind Yuri’s to indicate that their lips are not locked. His face is on an entirely different plane than Yuri’s is. This could be down to how the scene is drawn, but Yuri on Ice!!! is such a fantastically constructed series in terms of its visual aesthetic that I find it hard to believe that a kiss would conveyed in a way as visually poor as this. It looks like a hug. It is a hug. It will continue to be a hug until the series proves otherwise in later episodes.

I want to make it clear that I have nothing against everyone else’s interpretation of the scene. I want them to kiss. That’d be great. But I’m not going to twist what I think I saw into what I want to see. Why would I lie to myself? That’s not gratifying at all.

But whether or not Yuri and Victor kissed isn’t what’s important here. Everyone is completely losing their minds over how this is a game changer, but it has nothing to do with the fact that they “kissed”.

That’s not what makes this scene a game changer.

Regardless of whether it was a kiss or a hug, the scene was effective in delivering its intended message: Yuri and Victor have real, deep, romantic feelings for one another. This isn’t about fan-service, this isn’t about appeasing to the rabid Fujoshi fanbase by having two attractive, bishounens “kiss” one another and this isn’t about fighting for the consensus acceptance of Yaoi within the fandom. This is about two characters, Victor and Yuri, showing the world, showing the audience, showing each other, their true feelings. This is about them coming to terms with the true nature of their romantic relationship that, until now, had yet to be made clear.

Since Day 1, I’ve always considered the relationship between Victor and Yuri to be one of the shows lowest points. It’s always felt incredibly shallow, fan-servicey and always gave the impression that it was there solely for the purpose of, excuse the term, “queer baiting”. But with this scene, their relationship has been shown in a new light and has transcended beyond the realm of mere fan-service. This isn’t a joke or a running gag any more, this isn’t pandering to the Yaoi fans any more, this has the potential to be a truly realised romance between two characters, and that’s a breath of fresh air for Anime as a whole.

There’s a chance that we could wind up with something spectacular here. I can’t wait to see how this develops and what this means for the remainder of the series.

My past experience with Anime romances tells me that by the end of the series, there’s a chance this whole thing is going to be null and void, that none of it is going to matter and that the whole thing was just bait for Yaoi fans, but I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

I’ve never wanted to be more wrong.

You’ve stepped up your game Yuri!!! On Ice. You’ve set up a lot of expectations for everyone. And you better not let us all down.

And Tumblr. Please. Calm the [expletive] down.


What are your thoughts on Episode 7 of Yuri!!! On Ice?


5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About: Yuri!!! On Ice Episode 7

  1. Given the series’s propensity for teasing its viewers with the “Are they really?” schtick, I agree that we should be skeptical until proven otherwise–though it IS nice to imagine, and though I was very much swept away by this episode while watching it. But yes, contrary to past eps this hit me right where it counts in terms of whether there was viable romantic interest or whether Victor was just being a coach of sorts to motivate Yuri or whether it was all just watchbait or [insert other interpretations and mixtures of interpretations here]. Though it’s been a source of frustration for me, I am now cheering the both of them on very much.

    Thanks for your thoughts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s one of the reasons I’m so sceptical at the moment, but I’m hoping it eventually goes all the way and drops the subtlety.

      It’s definitely been frustrating to watch, but from here on out it looks like we might finally be getting somewhere with the relationship and maybe it’ll blossom into something very real and genuine.

      Only time will tell!

      Thank you for reading!

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  2. Well, you know this episode was my tipping point from enjoying Yuri on Ice to making it my number 1 and it wasn’t the ‘kiss’ (or lack of it) that tipped the scales rather the episode as a whole and how it built to that scene.
    I’m just hoping they don’t knock Victor off at the end of this series or something equally trite at this point.

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    1. Exactly, the scene itself was only as effective as it was because of everything else before that built up to it. The episode as a whole was fantastic and as you said this was the final tip of the scales.

      I’m also hoping that they avoid doing something like that, but past experiences are clouding my usual optimism. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

      Thanks for reading!

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