30 Day Anime Challenge #4 – My Favourite Female Anime Character

My original intention was to have this post up earlier this week, but since I’ve been really busy with work and have been focusing on writing up some bigger posts, this one’s a little late.

With that out of the way: who’s my favourite female Anime character?

Well… It’s one people have enjoyed bashing me for. Drum roll please…

Asuna Yuuki (Sword Art Online)


“Hurr durr. Asuna is a badly written character who’s sole purpose is to appease to the otaku audiences empowerment fantasy.”

I’m not going to get into defending Asuna as a character, or Sword Art Online in general in this post today. I’ll be saving that for an incredibly lengthy post in the future. But that’s far from the reason why Asuna is my favourite female character.


First of all, I love her character design. It’s incredibly awesome, it stands out from most female leads and it’s adorable but gorgeous at the same time. It’s incredibly memorable and it portrays who Asuna is as a character perfectly. It tells us so much about who she is as a person, something a good character design should always strive to do.

Moving past the amazing character design, I love her personality. She’s an incredibly sweet individual yet she’s very independent and strong-willed at the same time. While most female characters in these types of stories unfortunately tend to play the role of the damsel in distress who always require the lead to step in and save them, Asuna is more than capable of handling herself when the going gets tough. She even saves the protagonist Kirito from certain death several times throughout the series, something that was a breath of fresh air.


Her relationship with Kirito is also one of the few times an Anime romance was actually realised in a believable way and it wasn’t just “tacked on” at the end of the story. She’s always supporting Kirito, even when he’s going through his darkest moments, and she singlehandedly gave him a reason to live for something. She helped Kirito realise that he doesn’t need to be alone, that he can trust someone to help carry all of his burdens, that he has someone who actually cares about him.

Why do I like Asuna so much? Because my real life girlfriend did the same for me. She’s supported me through the darkest moments of my life, she always makes me feel safe in any given situation and, more than anything, she’s someone I can trust with me life. She made me the person I am today.

Asuna is the Anime equivalent of my real life girlfriend, both in terms of personality and the relationship she has with Kirito. It’s a very personal reason and it’s due to my own life experiences, something that only I can really understand.


Asuna is a fantastic character. She has a warm personality, she’s totally awesome and her relationship with Kirito is just outstanding to watch unfold.

And before anyone says it: the Fairy Dance arc doesn’t change any of that. At all.

I apologise for the lack of detail in this post, but that’s really all there is to it. I love Asuna because she reminds me of the person most precious to me. That’s all it took to shoot her up to the number one spot.


Who is your favourite Female Character in Anime?

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