30 Day Anime Challenge #3 -My Favourite Male Anime Character

Who’s my favourite male character in Anime?

Many would assume it’s Tanaka-Kun because he’s the face of my online persona, but no. It’s not Tanaka-Kun. Although I do love Tanaka-Kun.

Killua Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter)


I guess before I get started on this one, I should apologise in advance: there’s probably going to be a lot of Hunter x Hunter in this Challenge. A lot of my favourite things and moments in Anime are from that show. I have no idea how much of the questions are going to relate to this show, but I’m going to apologise in advance in case it winds up too much to the point it feels repetitive and boring. So I’m sorry!

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get into why I love Killua so much.


First of all, I love his character design. It’s literally the most awesome character design ever. It’s striking, it’s unique and it’s my favourite kind of character aesthetic. It conveys and sums up his character perfectly. I mean that hair is awesome.

But beyond this superficial reason, the main reason I love Killua is because he singlehandedly holds the entire narrative of Hunter x Hunter together. A large chunk of the show is based around the friendship Killua has with the main protagonist Gon. While  Gon tends to act like your typical Shounen lead: full of energy and quite the knucklehead, Killua is level-headed and calculating and acts as Gon’s “better half”.

But what makes this even more interesting, is how Killua develops as a person over time. When we’re first introduced to Killua, he has a very innocent exterior, but he’s really not that at all. He’s a child assassin and was raised by his family, and trained by his brother, to be a killer, and shows no remorse or empathy towards those who stand in his way. Throughout the entire first arc, he kills several characters in cold blood , sometimes for petty reasons, often flipping what he refers to as his “switch”, turning off his feelings and going in for the kill. Killua has no real goals, with his only motivation in the beginning being that of rebelling against the family that raised him.

But as the series progresses, Killua becomes close friends with Gon, and he develops immensely as a character, slowly abandoning his dark upbringing and gradually becoming a better person through the friendship he and Gon share.


Eventually, Killua finds a goal of his own: he simply wants to be friends with Gon and nothing more. And that’s why I love his character so much. He doesn’t want to be the best or chase an impossible dream, he just wants to have a friend, and I find that truly remarkable and extremely relatable.

And what’s even more satisfying is that we, as an audience, really see the lengths that Killua goes through to achieve this goal. No matter the hardships that befall them, he’s always with Gon, every step of the way. He’s always got his back, even when he hits his lowest and darkest point. He even goes as far as conquering his greatest fears and even faces odds he would normally never dare to challenge all for the sake of proving his loyalty to his friend. He goes out of his way to change the person his family shaped him into in order to be a more ideal friend to Gon, and it’s just so satisfying to watch unfold.


Killua is a fantastic character because his development is gradual. It feels believable and realistic, as opposed to a lot of similar characters from other series who just magically change their views and philosophies in a single episode or event.

And how could I talk about Killua without talking about his awesome fighting capabilities. So here you go! Have some awesome gifs:

Awesome hand-to-hand combat
Tree destroying Yoyo’s
Control over electricity

Killua is amazing. Killua is badass. Killua is the best.

Killua my favourite character, and I’m yet to find a character as lovable, well developed or downright awesome as he is.

Now if only the Manga would come back from hiatus, maybe I’d get to see more of him. Here’s hoping!

I hope I was able to explain exactly why I love this character so much. And as always, I hope you all enjoyed reading!


Who is your favourite Male Character in Anime?

6 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge #3 -My Favourite Male Anime Character

  1. haven’t finished HxH yet but Kilua is hands down my favorite character in the show, he’s so great. I don’t think I could pin point my favorite male character off the top of my head, but Killua is great XD


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