The Listless List: 5 Anime perfect for Halloween

It’s Halloween tomorrow, and many will be celebrating the event by trick or treating, going to parties or resorting to watching scary movies on cable TV or Netflix.

But for those of you who want something to marathon from the Anime medium to celebrate Halloween, today on the Listless List, we’re going to be looking at 5 shows I think are perfect for watching on Halloween.

The shows that made this list did so for various different reasons, some for being generally creepy and messed up and others for being filled with gruesome violence and gore.

I’d also love to hear everyone else’s recommendations, so feel free to post yours in the comments!

Happy Halloween everyone!

5. Infinite Ryvius


I can tell what you’re thinking from looking at the above image, but hear me out. Infinite Ryvius is messed up.

The show focuses on a group of young trainees aboard a space station that through unfortunate circumstances, ends up stranded and abandoned by the government  with all the occupants trapped on board. Unfortunately, all the adults on board that were supervising the trainees, all wind up dead, leaving the teenagers trapped on their own. Now, without the help of the adults, the trainees need to form a functioning society aboard the space station in order to survive.

It’s essentially a Lord of the Flies style of plot, and while that in itself isn’t all too messed up, the things that happen as a result of this set up, are just really twisted and screwed up. Infinite Ryvious presents a very realistic look into the dark side of human nature and the horrible things we as a society are capable of doing. It’s all presented in such a believable way that it’s incredibly disturbing and chilling to watch. It’s a reminder of the selfish and horrifying creatures we can be when pushed to our limits, and in a lot of ways, that reminder is more terrifying than any Halloween monster.

4. Texhnolyze


Texhnolyze is another series that isn’t “scary” in the conventional sense, but it is very disturbing to watch and a lot of the “terror” comes from merely experiencing it.

The first 2 and a half episodes are practically just shots of the main character crawling his way around the setting, trying to stand up, trying to survive, in complete silence. The show itself is incredibly quiet, and generally has a really unsettling atmosphere from start the finish. And this all occurs at the slowest pace imaginable, which, along with the nightmare fuelled directing and gritty art style, further emphasises the creepy and disturbing vibe that the show continuously gives off.

Texhnolyze is definitely not everyone, and it’s incredibly difficult to watch because literally nothing happens most of the time due to the abysmal pacing, but if you’re looking for something incredibly atmospheric, messed up and a little different for your Halloween watch, give it a shot. There’s nothing else quite like it.

3. Hellsing Ultimate


Hellsing Ultimate is a show you’ve all probably heard of. It is incredibly gory, with heads exploding, people being eaten alive and blood splattering everywhere. The show is as messed up as they come, and focuses on a centuries old vampire and the organisation he works for battling against an army of genetically created Nazi Vampires lead by an insane war loving mad man that makes Hitler look tame by comparison.

The action scenes are packed with gore and violence and the monsters that the characters do battle with are incredibly unsettling in both their appearance and their messed up personalities. But the most terrifying thing in the series, is the protagonist himself, Alucard. He is a monster, a freak of nature who decimates all that stand in his way and often transforms into some really terrifying monstrosities that can only be labelled as “horrific”. He’s so terrifying, that even his opponents tend to run and cower in fear when he unleashes his powers, which is truly a scary sight to behold.

The series is very accessible, but if you’re on the squeamish side you might want to give this one a miss.

2. Parasyte -The Maxim-


In Parasyte, small creatures referred to as “Parasites” show up and begin inhabiting the bodies of the regular populace, who then proceed to devour the human species as their food source. The story focuses on a young man named Shinichi, who becomes partially taken over by his Parasite, which only succeeds in taking over his right arm. From there, Shinichi and the Parasite, named Migi, then form a truce and attempt to co-exist with one another.

Parasyte is incredibly violent, and is filled with all kinds of messed up body horror. The Parasites split their heads open to create tentacle blades which slice off limbs, they devour people in large, bloody chunks and they’re just incredibly creepy in almost every way, even their voices.

And that’s not even getting into the themes of the show which, like Infinite Ryvius, focus on the dark and twisted side of humanity and how truly horrible we can be as a species when our survival is threatened. The humans don’t even try to reason with the Parasites, they just start killing them off, not realising that everything they’re doing is instinctual. They aren’t “evil”, they’re just following their animalistic nature.

The mental state of Shinichi is also an incredibly messed up part of the show, as he begins to slowly lose his grip on who he is as a person as the series progresses. He starts to become less and less human as the story goes on, and his kind, warm nature gradually fades away, leaving a cold, emotionless shell behind. This is further enhanced by the fact that he can’t tell anyone about what’s happening to him. It’s incredibly dark and unsettling.

1. Berserk Movie III: Descent


The entire Berserk franchise is probably the most messed up and violent product to ever come from the Anime and Manga world. With bloody battles, scenes of torture, uncensored rape and full blown killing sprees, Berserk is horrifying.

And the third instalment in the Golden Age movie trilogy is by far the darkest part of the story that’s been adapted to animation. I’d also recommend watching the first two in order to understand what’s going on, but this third movie is the one most suited for your Halloween cravings.

The entire film is filled with gore and violence all the way throughout. People lose heads, limbs, organs and just die in so many brutal and horrific ways that it makes pretty much everything else on this list look normal.

But there’s one scene in this movie that takes the cake for the most messed up scene to ever come from Anime. It involves many characters dying in brutal ways while being completely powerless and helpless, the main character being put through absolute hell and a particular character being broken mentally through rape. Which is completely uncensored and almost explicit enough to be labelled a Hentai.

I warn you, Berserk is not for the lighthearted. It is messed up, and it is no joke. If you’re easily disgusted I’d recommend giving it a miss. But if you wish to explore the darkest side of the Anime medium on Halloween, give it a watch.


I hope you all found this list useful. Happy Halloween folks!


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