The Listless List: 6 Amazing Anime Soundtracks

A quality soundtrack is one of the most important elements of any Anime series. Fitting music always helps to communicate the mood or tone of a scene more clearly. It enhances our emotional connection to what’s going on. From triggering our tears during sad scenes to filling our hearts with joy during happy scenes and all the way to making us fuelled with so much hype we just want to scream our lungs out at our computer and television screens, a solid Anime soundtrack is always guaranteed to enhance the viewing experience of any series.

Today on the Listless List, we’re going to take a look at some Anime soundtrack that I personally find to be outstanding. I’ll be providing some samples from each show mentioned, so feel free to give them a listen!

And remember, these are just my favourites. I’d love to hear what everyone else’s are too!

6. Fairy Tail

I’ve given Fairy Tail a lot of hate over the years. It’s story is fairly predictable, the characters aren’t the most interesting and don’t develop as much as I’d like them to and it’s generally just a really average show that doesn’t do anything I haven’t already seen from other, better Shounen Anime like Reborn! or Hunter x Hunter.

That being said, I can’t deny that Fairy Tail always hits hard in the music department. In spite of its flaws, with its melodic and whimsical fantasy styled soundtrack, the series never fails to elevate the emotional connection it forms with its audience. From its slow, melancholic piano melodies to its high octane, power metal/fantasy hybrid styled battle themes, there’s a whole variety of beautifully composed and epic tracks that never get old and never fail to provide a marvellous listening experience.

I just wish Natsu’s main theme was played more often. That theme single-handedly got me to watch the show in the first place.

Standout Tracks:

  • Natsu’s Theme
  • Dragon Slayer
  • Fairy Tail Main Theme
  • Tsuioku Mezameru Tamashii

5. Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Legend of the Galactic Heroes is considered by a large group of Anime fans to be “the greatest Anime ever made”. While I’m not here to share my thoughts on that particular subject today, I am going to say that the soundtrack is absolutely fantastic.

Fitting with the kind of show the Legend is, the soundtrack is comprised entirely of classy orchestral pieces, not unlike what you would expect from a traditional Space Opera such as Star Wars.

While the music isn’t very high octane or fast paced, it is incredibly epic and does an excellent job of enhancing and supporting the grandiose and ambitious tale that the Legend aims to be.

And that ending theme, my goodness, that ending theme is incredible:

I mean, come on!

Standout Tracks:

  • Galactic Empire Military Anthem: Valkyrie is Thy Courage
  • Symphony No. 3 in D minor – First Movement
  • Across the Bridge of Light
  • Requiem Second Song “Day of Rage”

4. Sword Art Online

There are a lot of polarising opinions about Sword Art Online, but one thing that I almost never see disputed is the quality of its incredible musical score.

Like all Yuki Kaijura soundtracks, the production quality is amazing, and almost every single song is brimming with sheer epicness.

A lot like Fairy Tail, much of the music has a fantasy style, but at the same time, a lot of the tracks are very reminiscent to that of the music from Japanese Role Playing Games such as Namco’s Tales of series or Square Enix’ Final Fantasy games. It does a great job of making the video game setting feel that much more like one.

As a fan of JRPG’s, I absolutely adored Sword Art Online’s soundtrack, and I frequently listen to it whenever I’m in the mood for something truly epic and motivating.

And yes, the second seasons soundtrack is just as good.

Standout Tracks:

  • Swordland
  • Luminous Sword
  • Fight!
  • Gunland

3. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

The above video is literally all I need to explain why this series has such an incredible soundtrack.

Gurren Lagann’s soundtrack is one of the most inspirational collection of songs I’ve ever had the privilege of listening to. It is outstanding. It may sound childish, but this is the kind of stuff that just fills you confidence, that makes you believe in yourself and that makes you feel like you can do anything.

Back in the day, Gurren Lagann was one of my favourite shows. The series rocked me to my core back when I first watched it, and while it’s no longer in my all time favourites, the soundtrack most definitely is. It’s an excellent collection of outstanding music and is filled to the brim with raw emotion and creative energy. It’s the stuff of legends.

Standout Tracks:

  • With your Drill, Piece the Heavens!!
  • Row Row Fight the Power
  • Underground
  • Trust

2. Hunter x Hunter (2011)

As you’re all likely aware at this point, I adore Hunter x Hunter. I love this Anime and everything about it. It’s my favourite series of all time. It’s an absolutely breath taking experience from start to finish, and the soundtrack is one of the many reasons why.

Like the series narrative structure, the soundtrack is incredibly varied and covers so many different genres, allowing the music to cover a wide range of different tones and atmospheres.

The battle themes pack a punch and are full of energy, the sad songs are incredibly heartbreaking, but my favourite of all would have to be the upbeat and adventurous tracks. Those tracks are the ones that really convey the message of the series and perfectly capture its sense of adventure and wonder.

I still get chills when I listen to this soundtrack. Many of the songs here remind me of some truly amazing memories and moments from my life that I will always treasure, and many of them just give me a spring in my step on the way to work in the morning, keeping a smile on my face, even when I don’t want to get up at 6 a.m.

Standout Tracks:

  • World of Adventures
  • Hunter March
  • Overture
  • Reason (Instrumental)
  • Hyori Ittai – Piano Version
  • Hisoka’s Theme
  • Killua’s Theme
  • Hunters Are Evil

1. Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

Personally, I find this to be the greatest soundtrack in the Anime medium. Tsubasa Chronicle takes the top spot by a mile.

When I first watched the show, I was completely blown away by the amazing quality of the music and how beautifully it conveyed the raw emotion of each and every scene perfectly.

Every track is memorable. Every song stands out. And each and every one of them compliments the emotional, character driven narrative that is Tsubasa’s story.

I was in awe when I first heard this amazing soundtrack back in 2006 and I am still amazed today every time I hear it. I’ve yet to find a series with music that has even come close to topping Tsubasa, and I’m doubtful that such a series will ever come to be.

Standout Tracks:

  • A Song of Storm and Fire
  • Hear our Prayer
  • Lost Wings
  • Break the Sword of Justice
  • Storm and Fire
  • Ship of Fools
  • I Talk to the Rain


What are some of your favourite Anime soundtracks?


14 thoughts on “The Listless List: 6 Amazing Anime Soundtracks

  1. Unfortunately, none of my favourite animation soundtracks made this list. I would place ‘The Vision of Escaflowne’ and ‘The Twelve Kingdoms’ at joint first place, followed by various other works scored by Kanno Yoko and Ryo Kunihiko.

    But perhaps my favourite soundtracks were composed too long ago and are therefore no longer well-known. All the animation series on this list appear to be quite recent!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sorry to hear that.

      The Vision of Escaflowne and the Twelve Kingdoms do indeed have amazing soundtracks, unfortunately they aren’t my favourites, although I’d put Escaflowne in my top 10 for sure!

      Fear not, your favourite soundtracks are most definitely not forgotten.

      Also, Legend of the Galactic Heroes is from the 80s. It’s actually older than The Vision of Escaflowne 😛

      Thank you for reading! I’d love to see what other OSTs you really enjoyed!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah, you’re right. Silly me! Thank you for pointing that out about ‘Legend of the Galactic Heroes’.

        My favourite animation composer is probably Kanno Yoko, so I enjoy music from the Macross soundtracks as well. I have a soft spot for Kajiura Yuki, but she strikes me as being rather inconsistent in the quality of her work. My favourite animation soundtrack from her is ‘.hack//Sign’, but ‘Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle’ is also a high-quality score of hers.

        My favourite Japanese composer overall is Uematsu Nobuo, although he doesn’t often compose for animation series.


  2. Some of my favorite anime soundtracks would be…

    Haibane Renmei
    The Tale of the Princess Kaguya
    Key the Metal Idol
    Read or Die
    .Hack series (I’m not a fan of the anime, but the music was amazing)

    Liked by 1 person

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