Overall First Impressions – Fall 2016

With the Fall Anime Season now in full swing, and having done in depth First Impressions for all the series I feel warrant detailed posts, I figured it’d be a good idea to list some brief thoughts I have on the remainder of the titles currently airing this season, as well as provide an update on the shows I’ve already posted about.

It should be noted that aside from Lostorage Incited WIXOSS, Yuri!!! On Ice and March Comes in like a Lion, I’m not watching most of these shows weekly, since I simply don’t really enjoy watching Anime on a weekly basis outside of getting a feel of a series from the first few episodes.

I’m also curious to see what everyone else is into this season, so feel free to share your own thoughts in the comments.

Drifters – You can find my in depth First Impressions for this one here. This show has been shaping up rather nicely and so far has been delivering the senseless violence and carnage that it promised its audience. The directing has also remained top notch throughout, and while the animation is fairly clunky, the presentation is of an excellent standard and the directing is phenomenal. Unfortunately, the humour of the series is very out of place, and the storyline and characters just haven’t been that interesting. All in all though, it’s living up to its expectations: its a gorefest, it’s mindless entertainment and it’s not pretending, nor ist it trying, to be anything deeper than that. And that’s perfectly fine with me.

Occultic;Nine – This one has been a humongous disappointment. I’ve not actually finished Steins;Gate yet, but I loved what I’d seen from it and since Occultic was made by the same people, I was pretty excited for this one. But it’s an incomprehensible mess. The story has no structure, there are far too many characters and the writing is all over the place. Nothing makes sense at all, and as if that weren’t enough, everything is just so boring. Nothing has me hooked. I’m not invested at all. And since it’s now been removed from Crunchyroll, I can’t even finish the series if I wanted to. It’s safe to say that I probably won’t be going back to this one any time soon, which is a real shame. Guess I’ll go finish Steins;Gate instead.

Haikyuu!! Season 3 – I haven’t watched anything Haikyuu!! related before, so I don’t really have any thoughts on this one. It seems like I’d really enjoy it though, and I’m planning to get around to watching the first season sometime soon since it’s bound to get picked by my random number generator at some point. Yeah, moving on…

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 2 – I never finished Season 1, but it was pretty cool. The visual presentation was nice and the action scenes were spot on. I was always put off by the fact that the characters were all references to Japanese literature though, and since I know nothing about Japanese literature outside of Edogawa Ranpo, a lot of what probably makes the show “great” and the many things that likely construct its symbolism went right over my head. Still, I’d like to pick the show up again sometime, solely because it looks fantastic and seems like it gets really cool later on.

Keijo!!!!!!!! – That’s a lot of exclamation marks… This show is actually pretty hilarious, and it’s surprisingly entertaining despite appearing trashy on the surface. The fan service is a bit too much for my liking, and I’m not a fan of the visual aesthetic nor am I keen on Xebec as a studio, but it’s enjoyable at least. I doubt I’ll pick this up again, but I had an alright time with it.

Izetta The Last Witch – I actually thought I was going to wind up doing an in depth First Impressions of this one, but I honestly don’t have an awful lot to say about it beyond “It looks pretty” and it’s “mildly interesting”. A lot of people seem to be really into this one, but beyond the lovely visuals it just seems underwhelmingly average to me. I’ll definitely be picking this up again once it’s over, but I’m not really feeling it. It’s okay.

Yuri!!! On Ice – This one surprised me. It’s a Sports Anime about figure skating with super hot guys, yet it’s so much more than that. The directing and animation are out of this world in almost every scene and the character dynamics and the focus on their inner desires and feelings are portrayed excellently. Unfortunately, there’s been quite a bit of Yaoi undertones, which I’ve been fearful of since the beginning, and the rabid Fujoshi fanbase certainly haven’t been helping. But it’s been keeping its focus on what really matters, and the series has yet to become the Free! clone I was expecting, so as it stands, it’s currently among the best of the season. You can find my in depth First Impressions for Yuri!!! On Ice here.

Trickster – I mentioned Edogawa Ranpo above, and funnily enough, Trickster is a series based on the stories of Edogawa Ranpo. It’s more of an alternative retelling of the stories, since they take place in a wonderfully constructed science fiction setting, but unfortunately, it’s failed to capture the grim tone of the original Ranpo stories. While Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace had it’s flaws, that show did a fantastic job in portraying the dark, gruesome and unsettling nature of Edogawa Ranpo’s stories through clever use of lighting and visual effects, but Trickster just doesn’t have that at all. The setting is beautiful and the production values are stunning, but the tone is all over the place and the story itself has yet to give me any real reason to care about anything. I’ve already seen Ranpo Kitan, and while that show was riddled with issues, it did a far better job at portraying the original stories and making me give a damn about what was going on on top of having really awesome visual metaphors. Trickster just has a cool setting and nice backgrounds. I doubt I’ll continue with this any time soon.

Nanbaka – Meh. It’s a juvenile comedy that doesn’t appeal to me at all. I didn’t care for Prison School, and while this show is fairly different in a lot of ways, I don’t care for this one either. Prison comedies just aren’t my thing. Except the live action show Orange is the New Black. I can watch that instead.

March Comes in Like a Lion – The tone and atmosphere as well as the character exploration have been amazing so far, and the familiar combination of director Akiyuki Shinbo and studio Shaft is as fantastic as it’s ever been. The series is extremely relatable and seems to be continuing down its intended path, which is great. You can find my in depth First Impressions for this one here.

Ajin Season 2 – Considering Netflix has the rights to this one and due to the fact there doesn’t seem to be any good torrents or fansubs for this one yet, I haven’t been able to watch this at all yet. But the first season was one of the best shows of this year, so I’m looking forward to more.

Hibike! Euphonium Season 2 – I hated the first season. It was nothing special at all. Just your average low stakes, cute girls doing cute things show that looks kind of decent because it’s made by Kyoto Animation. I have a unhealthy dislike for this studio and everything they stand for and I didn’t finish the first season, so I won’t be watching this. Ever. It’s just K-ON! again, and it’s just not for me.

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda – It’s a show about a Fujoshi and it’s by Brain’s Base. Not my thing at all. I don’t have much else to say.

Magical Girl Raising Project – I was kind of hoping that this would have its own identity instead of just copying Madoka Magica, but I guess I raised my expectations too high. While Madoka wasn’t the best, or even the first, show that deconstructed Magical Girls (that was Princess Tutu) it’s ridiculous how many shows have been trying to cash in on the craze that Madoka made popular. It doesn’t help that we have a new WIXOSS this season which outshines this one even more.

WWW. Working!! – A-1 Pictures. Slice of Life. Some kind of reboot/retelling of a show I didn’t watch maybe? Pass!

Okasuma ga Seitokaichou! +! – This was kind of funny. But that’s about it. I’ll probably not pick this one up again. It’s just standard ecchi and not my thing at all.

Natsume Yuujinchou Go – The fifth season of a show I’ve never watched. I’ve been meaning to, but I never got round to it. From looking at it though, the presentation looks absolutely phenomenal and the concept of the story seems very interesting. All the positivity surrounding this new season has also convinced me to give the previous ones a shot. Seems like a solid show and I’m glad the fans are getting more.

Bloodivores – The overall concept of this show, while done before, is super interesting and there’s a lot of potential for some excellent storytelling and theme exploration, but so far we’ve been getting nothing of the sort. The show just isn’t investing at all. I don’t care about anything and the production just feels uninspired and soulless. I’ll be picking it back up in the end because I’m interested to see where it winds up, but this is easily the worst of the season for me. You can find my in depth First Impressions for Bloodivores here.

All Out!! – This show is this seasons version of DAYS to me. I didn’t care much for DAYS and likewise, I don’t care much for this one either. There are just better, deeper and more inspiring Sports Anime this season, like Yuri!!! On Ice.

Poco’s Udon World – This is essentially the Fall Season version of Sweetness and Lightning and it’s been an incredibly charming and laid back watch so far. It’s not doing anything grand with its story or characters, but its a relaxing series and very calming and that’s all it needs. Will I finish it? Probably not, but it’s not bad at all.

Flip Flappers – This show is purely a visual spectacle. It’s kind of random and all over the place, but it looks amazing and artsy as hell. I’ll be picking this up when it’s over, solely for the production values.

Girlish Number – It’s Shirobako only it’s about Voice Actors. It has the potential to be a nice in depth look at the Voice Acting side of the industry while still having a compelling narrative. At the same time, it could become New Game! which would be terrible. So far though, it seems to be going down the route it should be, which is great news. I’ll be picking this one up again.

Fune wo Amu – I haven’t watched it because Amazon. I will probably never watch it because Amazon.

Cheating Craft – It’s been fairly disappointing so far, but it has the potential to be witty and entertaining. I just hope it stops with the infodumping soon (I’ve only seen one episode).

Gundam: Iron Blood Orphans Season 2 – I’m a massive Gundam fan, so I’m looking forward to getting round to this. I loved the first season of Iron Blooded Orphans and it was a great return to form for the franchise. I have no doubt this season will continue to be the same.

Lostorage Incited WIXOSS – This is the best Anime of the season for me. Nobody will likely agree with me on that, but I love this franchise so damn much and it resonates with me so well. Sure, the card game doesn’t make a lot sense, but it’s not meant to. The card game is a backdrop for what is really intended to be an in depth character study. While that may not appeal to a lot of people, it appeals to me a lot more than anything else this season, and so far, Lostorage has maintained this focus, while still being vastly different from its predecessor. WIXOSS continues to be the best magical girl/card game deconstruction in the medium, and I’m hoping this one ends well. You can find my in depth First Impressions here.

Brave Witches – I didn’t care for Strike Witches. I don’t care for this.

Stella no Mahou – It’s New Game! again. Only this time it’s about Doujin games. No thanks.

Uta no Prince-Sama Season 4 – Glad to see more of this, but I haven’t finished the first season yet… Haha.

ClassicaLoid – This is fairly entertaining and it’s by Sunrise which means it looks nice. I don’t have a whole lot to say other than I’ll be picking it up again. Eventually.

Long Riders! – Hey look, it’s Yowamushi Pedal only with cute girls doing cute things. No. NO. NO!

Bubuki Buranki Season 2 – I didn’t watch the first season.

Show by Rock!! # – Apparently hashtags are all the rage now. Ehh, it looked nice but there’s not much else for me here. I didn’t care for it.

Tiger Mask W – This is pretty cool. It has a retro aesthetic and it focuses on wrestling, which is a far more interesting sport than 99% of all other sports. It’s been enjoyable so far and deserves more attention. Nothing deep or complicated, but it’s a fun watch.

Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On – Why is David Production making this instead of a Hokuto no Ken remake? I have no idea because I didn’t watch it. I like Monster Hunter though.

Chi’s Sweet Home – I love cats. I have a cat. My cat is adorable. I love my cat. My cat would probably like this show. Therefore I’m going to watch this show with my cat. Because it’s about a cat.

I think I missed a few, but that’s pretty much it. This is a pretty solid season!


What are your Overall First Impressions of the Fall Season?

One thought on “Overall First Impressions – Fall 2016

  1. Haven’t seen the majority except Izetta which is basically a fictional version of Europe and WWII. Reminds me a lot of Valkyria Chronicles. I did enjoy scharwesmarken. Keijo!!!! and Udo as well. Occultic nine, I agree it is a mess. Watched one epi and just haven’t gone back to it. Might give girlish number a shot.

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